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A very merry christmas
  • After an extended break from my favourite forum, I'm back for one quick dash visit before I leave you all once again for another short break!

    I haven't posted in a while, even though I've wanted to, but there hasn't been much to report on really. I've used the progasm once in the past couple of weeks. It was late, I was tired, I put it in and fell asleep. I woke up, took it out and went to work. That's how exciting it was. :shock:

    Last time I was here, I was beginning my experiments with anero-less orgasms which has been really interesting...but that's not really the word you want describing sexual experiences. 'Oh, I had sex last night...and it was really...ummm...interesting.'

    My basic ritual for these experiences has been watching porn, masturbating a little...sometimes a lot, and then lying flat on my back with my legs spread a little and pretending that the aneros is inserted. I try to control my breathing and my heart rate, but this can be hard, especially when the sympathetic nervous system is the puppeteer - I have to dance to her merry tune. This can be quite a turn on though, just imagining the subonscious as a hot lady that's going to take care of your orgasm for you! Usually, I can start to generate the same feelings that the aneros gives me quite quickly, and if I close my eyes and block out all other thoughts, except the crazy sexual fantasies running through my head, and the movement of the imaginary aneros in my butt, I can get to the brink of orgasm/ejaculation without too much trouble.

    However...the mental focus to get to this point can be quite strenuous for me, and to get beyond that point...requires a mental focus that I just don't possess yet.

    I sense that this is the problem for a lot of aneros users. Just being able to focus on one goal, one objective, one sexual fantasy, one single little thing, can be a daunting task. I only need to recall the countless occasions where crazy and often quite random thoughts abruptly pop up into my head during sex for absolutely no reason.

    It is exactly the same as people's inabillity to unplug from work. The number of times I have seen people balancing laptops on their knee on the metro, or calling the office on the way home to sort some things out which they apparently couldn't achieve in the eight or nine hours they have allotted for work related duties during the course of the day is quite frankly amazing. These are exactly the same people that will accept a mid-coitus business call - 'Just leave it Sandra!', 'No Jonathan, I have to take this!'

    I once had a girlfriend that told me to 'hurry up' during sex, presumably she just had other more enjoyable things to get on with! We are just very strange creatures.

    Anyway, I digress...I'm looking forward to a return to aneros-use after wandering off the path into the jungle without a guide. I still intend to continue chairgasms, and working towards a kind of 'on demand' orgasm/ejaculation, but also squeeze in some aneros sessions to provide a full set of sexual meditations to take place during the day and the night!

    I wish you all well over the christmas period. Sit on your aneros and watch 'the great escape'.
    Let's not have any puns on that please, we're all adults here. 8)

    Thanks for reading, magma1984
  • i forgot to mention, i found an article about the science of orgasm...might be of interest:,0,4954575,full.story

    hope it's ok to post the URL here, i'm sure the forum moderators will let me know one way or the other.