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Finding the "sweet spot"
  • Hi,

    I started using the aneros since 1 month. The feelings are getting much better, but I don't know if it is touching my prostate.

    Reading through the wiki and the forum, I read a lot that finding / using the sweet spot is very important.

    But I am not sure where this spot is located. As I have searched as described in the wiki but I don't think that I've found this magic spot. I think that the aneros don't touches my spot, that this thing is to near to my anus and not on the periphenum...

  • Hi phischi,

    The sweet spot seems to be different to different people, where it may be very close to the anus to some, it may be much higher for others. The Aneros, may or may not hit that specific spot for you.

    You should use your finger to try and find that spot.. you can slide up and down from the front of your anus all the way up until you almost touch your balls.
    Feel that entire section, and see if you get to a specific spot that just seems to have a tingle to it!!

    try it! :lol: