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true or wrong??
  • true or wrong
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    Thanks too for this link plantation.

    In my late teens and early twenties, I had several bouts of prostatitis and had exactly the treatment illustrated by a vigourous proctologist who pushed on my prostate harder than you want to imagine!, and produced the three or four drops as described. It seemed to work and did not seem to produce any damage.

    Butt that is just one person's experience, and I know others here have reported prostate injury from treatments too.

    In later life, on a couple of occasions, I have again had prostatitis and had it treated successfully with antibiotics instead.

    Now aneros (or mrs. a!) does my prostate massage, relieving the restricted flow and urgency of the chronic BPH, which untreated can induce prostatitis. Oh happy day!

    safe and rewarding prostate massages for all