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Compy's Post-Use Questions
  • Well, the old thread was getting crumbly, so let's make a shiny new one, kay? I'll probably use this one for now, until maybe like two months later or something.

    Anyways, I got my Helix today! Yay for me!
    Here's how my day went today.(12/17)
    - Woke up late, because I didn't have to go to school until late. Parents left me home alone, and my brother was at school.
    - Called up my friend and asked him to deliver the box to me at 10. Initially he said he was busy. He called back at 11:30 and said he could. So I had him do that. Felt a little bad about lying to him about the box's contents because he was harrassing me about it a little. Joking-friend-harrassment sort of way, but I feel bad about everything...
    - Box delivered to me at 11:37ish. I put it in my room, hidden of course, then spent about half an hour showing him Fallout 3. I dodged all his questions about the box, and when he started suggesting things I was like, "Yeah, hahaha."
    - Went to school for about an hour to take a final. I think I did decently actually. I hope I did anyways. Came back home.
    - Talked with friends on the computer, complained about Steam being down for a while yesterday. This was because my mother was back home at the time.
    - Mother left around 3:45-4:00. I brought in the trash can real quick, then opened up the box and was half expecting it to be missing something because it was so small. (Take 4 DVD cases stacked for reference.) Though everything was in there. I had a good chuckle at the lube applicator. On the side near the plunger it says "For oral use only." Anyways, I opened up the Helix, the lube, the lube applicator, and found a good hiding spot for them all that nobody would look at. The old Gameboy case I had houses them all, and the closet houses that.
    - Washed the Helix up, even though it was brand new and all, then prepped to use it. In my anxiousness to use it I skipped the "relax" part, where you just take 15 minutes and relax before you start anything. I lubed up and put it in at about 4:00-4:15.
    - Had a decently enjoyable first session with it. Was suprised at the results, but they were nothing close to a super O, or even a regular O for that matter. I'm glad I put a towel down on my bed regardless.
    - Session lasted until 6:30, at which point the pleasure was decent, nothing much was happening, but it was still a pleasurable feeling. "Finished up" and cleaned up, even though penile orgasm is discouraged. Might as well do it at least once more, yeah? Ain't going to do it next time for sure.


    So there was my day, at least the related parts anyways. Anything afterwards isn't too important... Well I guess this part is...

    Anyways, to my comments and questions.
    1. Wow, the size of the Helix suprised me. It's quite small compared to what I thought it would be. Oh well.
    2. Contrary to it's actual size, it felt big going in. I don't think I used enough lube at the "door" unfortunately, and I was kind of nervous doing this for the first time. So that part got a little sore by the end... Oh well, I'll live. I think...
    3. At the end something inside felt a tiny bit sore when it was bumped as well... Prostate? Should it feel sore first time?
    4. Did I screw up at all, other than skipping the relax period? I can give details as needed.
    5. I had other questions, I forgot them though. I'll post them later.
  • penile orgasm is discouraged.

    What a strange idea that is! I think it is *very* mistaken to privilege tertiary and perhaps phantom varieties of orgasm at the expense of ejaculatory splendor, esp. of the youthful type.

    In my experience, the aneros is best used in conjunction with a cock harder than a roll of quarters and a *fulsome* load to finish.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,335

    hallelujah! one odyssey is done, and the next begins.


    next time, don't skip the relaxation. totally understandable that you did, but, really, it is the most important part.

    about internal soreness: avoid it. either means you were contracting too hard (were you?) or went too long. whichever it is, back off. will most likely fade away.

    you'll probably have trouble avoiding a wet finale. don't worry to much about that, like shooter says. if you don't you might find yourself in something of a horny state. either way is fine.

    sounds like a pretty good first session. that you were getting pleasure at all is a good sign. it takes some guys a while to get just there.

    hate to sneak backwards into the old odyssey, but, what's going to happen to the box that is at the post office? (you had aneros re-send, right?) don't you think you should get it? maybe you're friend will suddenly find himself with a copy of the mysterious package in hand....

    good luck dude, and really glad you finally got it.

    keep us posted.

  • You mean that it felt sore while taking it out? That's something I've noticed with the helix. It helps to use a really thick lube with it, jelly like. Part of the reason I actually prefer my progasm is because, despite it's size, it feels gentler than the helix does especially when it's time to take it out. Also, you may not be pulling it out correctly, make sure you curve it a tiny bit when taking it out, following the slight curve of the device itself.
  • Shooter -- Oh... I thought I saw somewhere that it was discouraged when using this... Well... Oh well. Haha, cock harder than a roll of quarters. What a great metaphor.
    Thanks man.

    darwin -- *nodnod* I'll definately go for relaxing and arousing before I start.

    I may have been contracting too hard? I dunno... Though, it will go away, it only really felt remotely sore when it was touched, and since there's nothing touching it, there's no pain at the moment.

    "Horny state"? Oh, you just mean where basically all I want to do is something related to sex. Heh, orgasm denial. Powerful effects sometimes, powerful effects.

    Yeah, it wasn't much, but it was there. I could tell that much.

    Old odyssey, errr... You've come to the wrong conclusion. I've had the post office resend the box, not Aneros. So there is no mystery box there anymore, that's the only box that I've gotten and ordered.

    I'm pretty happy about it too. Can't wait 'til next time, but have to. It may be a while before I get another chance with Christmas coming up and all. Maybe I'll use it on Wednesday again, late at night instead of from 4 to 7, if I can relax. Ugh, I have a dentist appointment on that day and I have to get three teeth drilled. Damn teeth ain't holding up like they used to... Oh well, hopefully I don't get any more. I'm trying to cut away from massive amounts of sugar, pop, etc. etc.

    Will do darwin.

    newbieuser -- I gotta get some better lube, in fact that's one of the questions I have that I'll post in a few minutes here. Let me finish up this, then at the bottom here I'll put new questions. As for the take out method, alrighty, I will do that next time. I think I screwed up putting it in too. I had it tilted waaay too far one way when I was putting it in.


    Comments and Questions
    1. Lube! I remembered some of the questions that I had yesterday. I know Love_is suggested Shea Butter, and I may use that if I can find it, but if not.. Do you believe a general store or gas station would have lube? I have a Bag n' Save and a gas station within walking distance of my house. That'd be convienient to be able to get some there. I think I may go wandering around Bag n' Save later today. Maybe I'll pop into the gas station too, since that's hardly any distance away from the store.

    2. Okay, so which kind of lube can I not use with the Helix? It's like... latex-based, isn't it? Honestly I don't think that the water-based stuff that I have now(Marksman) does much good other than last a few minutes, enough to get it in, but that's about it. I'm considering buying something else for sure.
  • compy...

    Nice hearing that your Helix was finally delivered. It would appear that your first time was productive. As far as the size of the Helix I found it a good one to start with, it is easily moved around once it is in and will put you on your way to where you probably want to Supper-O go.

    As far as getting a little sore - it looks like your first session was a little over 2 hours. You may want to cut the time back a little until your ass muscles get use to working the Helix. Darwin is correct in commenting "you'll probably have trouble avoiding a wet finale."

    You already know about relaxing . First time use - is there anyone out there that relaxed the first time?

    Good vibes to you...
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460
    (Note : Underlined Text is a Hyper-Link)


    Now that you have your new toy (early Christmas present to yourself? :lol: ), if you still have the PM I sent to you last month when you first joined, now is a good time to re-read that information.
    Your Helix is safe to use with any type of personal lubrication, it is not a latex based material. I strongly recommend you read the Lubrication section of the WIKI for some guidance on that issue.

    I do discourage going for a traditional ejaculation with you Aneros during the learning stages until you have obtained a Super-O. IMHO, I think this selective abstinence hastens your progress and does not short circuit or cross-wire you to the detriment of the Super-O path.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    I agree with Rumel. It is important for the new guys to understand the relationship/difference between the orgasm and ejaculation. It is a tough lesson to learn for some. It is virtually impossible to have ALL of your sessions without an ejaculation, but I think that you need to experience some sessions enjoying the orgasmic waves without going for the wet ending. It is during those times that you will be able to nurture those sensations into the Super O. With ejaculation, you are done.

    It is the same logic with KSMO, don't ejaculate the same day as your practice.

    Just another viewpoint.
  • You don't need any special kind of lube for the aneros itself. Anything will work. I actually spent a lot of money on lube cause I bought two kinds that I didn't like: warming KY (not thick enough and I don't like the warming, was an accident) and astroglide (not thick enough.

    The two lubes I have now that I both really like are Wet silicone based lube (never tried another brand, I'm sure all are good) and good old fashioned thick KY jelly from a tube. Both work quite well, though the jelly is easier to get in. The silicone lube doesn't have the scent of KY though, and its somehow more erotic I think. Despite the fact that it is thinner, it still lubricates extremely well unlike the other two I mentioned earlier. It also doesn't get gummy but I haven't had that problem internally with KY, just externally. I use both probably about equally. Also, IMO you don't really need to worry about any sort of shooter. I even bought something for that but I don't use it anymore. All I do it rub gently with a lubed finger on my anus and then with the toy. I also take it out after a minute and then add a bit more lube on. The idea is to try to get as much inside you as you can and as little on your cheeks. A shooter device can help with that, but I find that cleaning it is more hassle than it's worth.