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Got the Helix in the mail today. Do I aim for Prostate?
  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 434
    And I was actually disappointed with its size! WTF. I´m new to analplay and could barely reach my finger in last month, now I'm wishing sextoys were bigger. WTF@me? I can understand, almost, how some guys on here feel when they say: "this toothpick is gonna make me O?!". It almost makes me feel like I am ready for the experienced toys (although I know I am not).

    But at least it has a more bulbous tip. So again, no expectations. I'm not even gonna lay out a towel. Just gonna see if I can get pleasurable sensations. I will read the wiki again.

    Anyone new to Helix? How has to gone for you. What maximizes results (however small)? When I insert, I don't conciously "aim" for the prostate, I just get it in and hope it hits it with contractions, etc.
  • Right, no aiming needed. You're over thinking this whole thing though. Just stick it in and stop worrying about it.
  • hueyhuey
    Posts: 1
    Thanks MyTurn,

    I was pretty dissapointed as well... but not with the size or configuration, I was disappointed with the workmanship. This device is supposed to provide pleasure... well, I am really certain that if one of the makers of the device inserted my Helix, they wouldn't experience much in the way of pleasure.. the seams from the injection molding process were never buffed off, the seam lines on the Helix, especially on the P-Tab were sharp enough to scratch my skin off... NO, I didn't use it before I "tuned it up" with some fine sanding... but still, for the money, I would have thought it would have been more finely finished. Not really impressed.

    All that aside, I too still haven't had much, ~any~, pleasure from the device. I have spent a number of hours.... at it, but nothing... I know - patience - but I haven't felt anything...

    Seeing as I originally purchased the device to help me improve my prostate health through massage, the orgasms are basically an "added benefit" but I am not certain that my prostate is being massaged... I don't have any signs of seminal fluid etc and I haven't really noticed any increase in quantity etc of my ejaculate.

  • My Turn,

    Welcome to the forum. I wouldnt worry about the size or placement - the aneros is designed to seek out your prostate on its own! even if it might not feel like it it will always hit your prostate. The only bit of fiddling would be finding your p spot if needed.

    Just insert the devide 2 3rds and the anus will draw it up automatically from there. No futher manipulation is necessary.
  • Huey,

    Rest assured your prostate is being massaged. I remember that when I first started I had the same concern. Its almost imposible for it not to massage your prostate if inserted correctly.

    Dont expect imediate results because as I now know, I had no idea what results i was looking for in the first place which made them impossible to find. Let them come to you. Chances are uve never felt this kind of pleasure before you have tune into it to be able to recognise it. But trust me its so worth it!
  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 434

    Its almost imposible for it not to massage your prostate if inserted correctly.

    Hi, thanks for the emotional booster, but I guess that last sentence fragment (bolded) jumped out at me. As long as the P-tab is on the perineum, it should be inserted correctly, right? Say if, the main massager unit is too short or too long? I can see problems with both:

    Too short: it won't reach the prostate.
    Too long: The P-tab won't be able to snuggle into position without deeply jabbing into the prosta....although, isn't that a good thing?

    I will just keep trekking along on this journey. The way I see it, until I see any benefits, I don't have to let my girlfriend in on it, so ha, take that, JOURNEY. ;)
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hello MyTurn, :)

    As long as the P-tab is on the perineum, it should be inserted correctly, right?

    Not necessarily. I've done a few incorrect insertions where the Aneros did not get past the last ring muscle in my anus and just stretched it lengthwise as I pushed it in all the way. The good thing is that I noticed something didn't feel right down there almost immediately. As my anus would start to reject it outwards. The trick I've found to avoid this problem is to wiggle the handle of the Aneros during insertion as it gets close to being all the way in. This allows the head to find its way through the last ring muscle, rather than just pushing off to the side of it.

    Not to discourage you from asking questions as you need to...
    But these are really basic questions that you will find the answers to as you practice with your Aneros on a regular basis. I'm sure the Helix hits your prostrate at just the right spot. (It does for me) You just have to rewire and learn to feel the new sensations.

    Love is Peace