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Eskimo-3, OptiZinc, l-Arginine, fresh pineapple juice, and
  • a head of romaine lettuce. You're taking roughly a tablespoon of Eskimo-3 every day, one or two tablets of OptiZinc as well, sucking down a full teaspoon of l-Arginine on an empty stomach when the big day arrives, and you haven't forgotten, last night, to drink the juice of an entire pineapple with your simply dressed head of romaine.

    Now you are ready to shoot a remarkably sweet load that will seriously gillespie her while she sucks that cock and your aneros is a quite pleasant stick of inserted fire.

    Someone wanted to know about my experience with the Aneros from my weightlifting thread and that's been the best of it. Not big on solo antics. And I come prepared. Chipping a V (take a tenth of that viagra with a razor blade) is appropriate if you want to shoot a few of those thick doubles over the course of a night.