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Toe Curling Orgasm Issues
  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    A current problem I have has to do with my left foot curling / clenching fairly tightly during orgasms. This started about a month ago. At first I thought it was cute as you hear women often curl toes during orgasm. But now during a session even while mildly stimulated it starts curling almost involuntarily. If I consciously think about it I can quickly uncurl it, but lots of times it will curl. It's also gotten to where it starts doing this during the day many hours or even a day or more after a session. Perhaps my body is in a stimulated mode that I am not fully aware of and this causes it to curl. Not sure, but it worries me a bit. I wonder if it's a sign of some type of brain disorder. The right foot / toes don't seem to want to curl at all. I've read that studies of orgasm typically (particularly in women) show it occurs in the right brain or the frontal lobe amygdaluh (or however you spell it). So perhaps right brain orgasm explains why my left foot curls as your body parts / brain are opposites / cross. Anyway, anyone have any thoughts or similar experiences with toes curling during sessions?
  • All my toes curl - on both feet. It's not really involuntary, but the pleasure all down my legs and in the soles of my feet is so intense during orgasm that I naturally clench my feet.
  • Relax those toes during an orgasm and you'll be amazed at what happens. All of my toes curled too but once I learned to relax them and other clenching parts of body during orgasm I was amazed at where it went. Another one that the coach helped with!
  • Many thanks Rodman for your advice. I'll try it out next time and provide feedback. It may be a couple of days because I'm trying to have a short break to recover from my severe chronic multiple super-o syndrome!