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Just got 1st Aneros in mail (MGX)
  • Over the past week I've been using my old toothbrush while waiting for my Aneros.

    Well, I just got it in the mail and excitedly ran back inside and tore it open. My enthusiasm quickly turned to horror when I saw how BIG this thing is! I'm actually kind of scared about trying to put that "in" My toothbrush took some real getting used to. God dammit. I didn't think I was going to have to stretch my ass out to help my prostate ugh. :x

    Well the lube and the aneros are warming in the sink right now. Got my towel laid out and about 2 hours to throw away (because I'm not allowing any expectations)

    I'll post later, wish my ass luck :shock:
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Good luck Buttmasterflex's ass!
  • Hi buttmasterflex,
    I don't think you will have to many problems with you using your new toy!! use plenty of lube!!
    You can get rid of the toothbrush now!
    Good luck with your ass!! :lol: :lol:
  • Thanks guys.

    Hmmm... didn't really seem to hit the spot like the toothbrush did. With the toothbrush I'd hit spots and my eyes would roll back in my head, this didn't feel like that great of a massage and nothing pleasurable BUT I have had it in for just over 2 hours now and with the toothbrush I'd do it for maybe 45 minutes because it required constant hand manipulation.
    Perhaps I'll implement both.
    I first laid down in several positions watching porn, now I'm going to eat. I'll probably leave it in for another hour and take tomorrow off.

    Will I be sore? :?:
  • Hello Buttmasterflex,

    You may be a little tender for a day. But I honestly think the Peridise would me much better for you. It is the Peridise that has led to my severe case of Chronic Multiple Super-O Syndrome :lol:

    Also I don't recommend porn; it's more of a distraction to really enjoying yourself.

    Best wishes,

  • I don't know, to be honest I'm not impressed so far.

    At no point did I feel like I was getting direct prostate massage, which I was able to achieve consistently with the tootbrush.

    Toothbrush $3

    MGX $40 some odd.

    I'll continue to use it though as my lazy ass doesn't want to hold a toothbrush that's half up my ass for an hour.