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How much is too much or too often?
  • WOW.....I think I just had my first Big O this afternoon during my 3rd session in 3 days with my new MGX. My question is this - I'm sitting here wanting more!!!! All I can currently think about is having another session. Is tonight too soon?????? Here are my experiences.
    Bought the MGX on Wednesday after reading about prostate massage as an alternative to the usual stroke and cum.
    1st session - planned on 1 hour. This session was just to get acqainted as I did not know much about this thing. I inserted the MGX and precum started immediately......I then laid on my back trying to relax but found it hard as all I was thinking about was how much fun this was going to be. After 20 minutes, I forced contractions....I could feel the p-tab on my sweet spot and it felt good but nothing else would happen (I'm sure my frame of mind was the problem) and I started wondering if this was just another anal toy that I would end up throwing away (LOL). After the session, I discovered this forum and read ALOT of the posts.....very helpful.

    2nd session (yesterday - LOL) - I planned 1.5 hrs and INJECTED 5ml of astroglide (which I did not do on the 1st sessiojn). I easily slipped in the MGX laying on my side then flipped to my back. I slightly bent my knees and tried to RELAX. After about 15 minutes, I got the hand mirror and playing with the p-tab a bit to be sure it was positioned correctly. I then started slight contractions and could feel the Aneros inside me...but...not sure if it was hitting my prostate. I did this varying the contractions for another 15 minutes and not much else was going on but it was fun watching both the precum and also the unit in the mirror. I then decided to try other positions....on all fours, standing, sitting....not much happening. Then...I rolled onto my stomach and slightly bent one leg. I laid with my head on a pillow and decided to close my eyes and relax. After 5 minutes or so I tried the contractions again...this time they were different and not before too long I noticed that they were happening on there own. I also found that if I placed my hand with a finger ever soo slightly touching the unit they intensified (kinda like getting more excited watching porn or something I guess). I then placed my legs together and found that the contractions continued and I could really feel the Aneros inside me if I concentrated on it. After 10-15 minutes of this that was it.....nothing else happened so I rolled over and stroked to orgasm all over my chest.

    After this session, I was highly encouraged and all I could think about was doing it again....but....I decided to wait until today - figured I needed 24 hrs between sessions!?!?

    Well.....this afternoon was my 3rd session. This thing is taking over my life as all I want to do is lay in bed with it!

    3rd Session - I allotted 2 hrs this time. I readied the bed and precum was already occurring before I even inserted the MGX. Did basically the same as session 2 but only laid on my back with the mirror (!) and after about 30 minutes flipped to my stomach. Again, contractions started and I had more and they were intensified by me touching the unit feeling it go in and out. I could also feel the unit move inside me. After 5 minutes or so, I brought my legs together and could feel the unit move deeper. Contractions were off and on.....I laid my head on the pillow and really RELAXED closing my eyes and thinking about what was inside me and envisioning it rubbing against my prostate. I then beared down a bit more forcing a contraction deeper..........that when I think it all started. I REALLY felt the unit rubbing inside me and it felt good. I wanted more so I did it again concentrating on holding the unit tight inside me while ever so slightly moving it. WOW...good feelings. This was different. Then.........all of a sudden the unit was pulled into me harder and tighter than ever. My hand was feeling it and I lost the feel of it as it was pulled VERY deep into me and my cheeks were rock hard tight. I starter breathing heavy and even was moaning (which I NEVER DO). I tried to concentrate on where the unit was and how it was rubbing me. This lasted awhile - I have idea how long but it was at least 30-60 seconds. I also felt like I was starting to ejaculate but I didn't - I never get hard during any of my sessions. Then I relaxed and tried to do it again....I was able to do it again after a couple minutes but it didnt seem as intense. THE FEELING WAS SOMETHING THAT I NEVER FELT BEFORE and its hard to explain/describe. All I know is that I want MORE!!!!

    Is tonight too soon? Please give me some feedback as I feel like I'm really addicted!!!
  • rumelrumel
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    Mistress Aneros has already got you hooked, hasn’t she? You’ve become addicted like so many of us, she's started re-writing your neural code and now you're powerless to prevent the sweet seduction of her siren call. Congratulations upon obtaining such early success, you are one of the lucky ones to get to a Super-O this quickly. You may like to check out the user Poll ”Frequency of Use” for other members thoughts on this topic. Personally, I think one should take at least one day off between sessions, but every individual must decide for himself. You may also be interested in this Poll, ”How long to ride the Aneros?”.
  • Thanks and YES I think I'm hooked.....seems to be all I can think about lately!

    I do have a couple questions related to my experiences.

    I decided to not do a 2nd session on Friday and waited until Saturday afternoon.

    I allotted 3 hrs this time and did all the same preparation as before (precum was dripping again even before I laid on the bed - talk about anticipation!).'s where I think I went wrong. I was soooooo ready to have the same experience as before that I really couldn't relax and tried to force things - I think I've learned that you must be RELAXED and let things progress on they're own. After about 1.5 hrs I was just about ready to give up. I decided to really try and just lay still, clear my mind, close me eyes and kinda go into let's go to sleep mode.
    Well - thats where things changed again. I find that if I lay on my stomach and slightly lean to one side, slightly bend a leg, and reach around ever so slightly touching the unit, I get involuntary contractions.
    They started after I laid there about 5 minutes. Mmmmmmm....thats what I was waiting for. After about 15 minutes, the Aneros was drawn VERY deep into me and held there.....I concentrated on the unit inside me and the contractions were lasting a long time - like at least 30 seconds initially. Then......the contraction started and would not let go.....I tried to release but could cheeks were glued tight together and I could feel the unit deep inside. I was frozen from the waist down - knees locked and toes curled. Very intense. This subsided after about what seemed like a minute or so (hard time telling as time seemed to stand still). After this initial intense contraction, I decided to keep my session going (there was no way I was stopping). After very brief rests (like about a minute) I was able to do this another 4-5 times but without the same intensity as the first. I never ejaculated with any of these. Precum was also minimal.
    I decided to stop when it seemed like my prostate (or something else down there) was feeling sore - like a dull ache. I rolled over and stroked to a great climax.

    My questions are this - Am I experiencing the Big one? or is what is happening mini's or something else?
    Also, is it somewhat normal to have a dull ache? I found this to be true at times when the unit was drawn VERY deep in to me (maybe my initial sessions are too long and too close together - taking today off - LOL). Sometimes the deep contractions felt good - other times I felt the ache. I also noticed a bit of an ache occurring last night watching TV.