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Sex and Eroticism
  • marmotmarmot
    Posts: 80
    Are sex and eroticism different? I'm curious how the members of this forum would define these terms, especially with Aneros use. I tend to see sex as an act in which one is attentive to events outside of the body, either with other individuals, with porn, or with fantasy whereas eroticism is attention only to inner sensations.

    Some members begin Aneros sessions by viewing porn to become aroused and see arousal as a key to a Super O, whereas others (such as myself) relax into an inner meditative state and watch the arousal develop on its own. Sex, eroticism or both?

    Some people begin edging with porn, but once they get into the zone usually stop the porn and just tune into the pleasure. Sex evolving into eroticism?

    I was asked this question recently at a party and wasn't sure how to answer it. I've been looking at Joseph Krammer's work involving what he calls spiritual eroticism - massage and genital pleasuring while focusing only on the experience. I'm aware that many on this forum - including myself - feel that the Super O can be a transcendent, spiritual state.

    I think this is more than just semantics but defines two distinct aspects of ourselves, much the way orgasm and ejaculation are an event but made of two very distinct parts.

    What are your thoughts?

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    I agree with your definition that sex is a physical act that is performed either by oneself or with others. I wouldn’t however restrict it to an experience outside of the body. Certainly intercourse for a woman is an intensely interior experience, as is being a ‘bottom’ or receiver for pegging. Eroticism encompasses thoughts of all sexual activities but also embraces sensuality of the body and the psyche. I think eroticism is a state of mind. The biggest difference is the fact the act we call ‘sex’ has not changed over the millennia, whereas eroticism is a changeable state of mind subject to cultural values and individual proclivities and desires. That's my thinking anyway.
  • PhilSPhilS
    Posts: 32
    It seems to me that "sexual" has to do with distinctions based on sex such as "sexual orientation" or "sexual orientation." "Erotic" has to do with sexual activities of any type which bring arousal or pleasure. Further, my personal opinion is that "erotic" becomes spiritual for many people and that spirituality is but an extension of experience beyond the beginning "erotic" pleasures. At any rate, it is all wonderful and perhaps enhanced by not overdoing the analytical approaches which is what I have just done here.