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After a month....
  • I have had both my Helix and Progasm for over a month now. The first week i had some very pleasant feelings and came close to a mini o. But after that i have had only a little reaction.
    Last night whil in the bath,i used the Progasm with little feeling,even after a cleansing and such.
    After a half hour of relaxing,i noticed a bit of precum starting.The,all of a sudden,a small glob of semen came out.I didn't feel it or really notice at first. But i didn't even feel the Progasm touching my prostate. Why? Not sure.
    After another hour in bed trying to get to some point,i realized i was not going to have any progress.So a Super T was in order .And it was one of THE best i have ever had. Lots of semen and double the length of the orgasm.

    I have resigned myself that it is going to take awhile to get to Super O's. But if the Super T's are going to be all,i would be content!!

    The journey continues!!

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hi Handlebar, :)

    Yes, be patient with it. It sure has been a step by step journey for me also. And I think I just had my first super-O's using my Progasm for the first time. So that would be just over two months of regular practice. (Generally every other day) But probably a year and a half in total from when I first bought my Helix.

    It's nice to have those super-T's during a session. Particularly when they are really intense. But don't rely on them or make it a regular practice during a session.

    That is interesting that some semen came out. I don't think that has ever happened to me. But then I'm not sure I would notice anyway as it would just end up on my towel I put over the bed. Along with the wet spot of all the pre-cum that spits out. :lol:

    When I get to a point in the session where I feel like I'm not making any progress, or nothing much is happening. I have to ask myself if it is because of expectations that weren't met, or because I am really done. It can be either for me. It's certainly good to question what's going on in your head. Because if it is expectations, I can often times relax and let them go and continue having a pleasurable session.

    Best of luck man!
    You'll get there! I know it! :)

    Love is Peace