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Progasm - raised casting seam on body
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hey People,

    I received my black Prograsm yesterday. And in my excitement to try it I did not notice what might be a defect on it.
    What I noticed, is that it has a slightly raised seam all along the edges of it where the two halves of the casting mold meet. In some areas it is more pronounced than others. Anywhere from hardly there, to obviously there. But this doesn't seem normal to me. On both my MGX and Helix the seam is scraped away and sanded smooth.

    Can anyone here that owns a Progasm verify that this is the way they are made?
    Because if not, I need to contact support and discuss this with them. I don't want to risk any possible damage to my skin and internals.
    Thank you.

    Love is Peace
  • hey love is,

    yes, i can confirm that the progasm has this and I always figured that this was just how it was made...but it didn't stop me from also thinking that they could manufacture it better. I hardly notice the seams when I'm using it, but they are there!

    From your description, it sounds like you got one that hasn't been put together well. The raised seaming is probably inevitable, but it SHOULD be barely noticeable, like mine. If it isn't, get yourself a replacement.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,312
    sand it off.

    see this thread:

  • Hi love_is,

    darwin is correct.. sand it off.

    I personally do not have that problem with mine, it is smooth (mine is blue now). however, this is the second progasm I have had. The first progasm was white and just like the others in the type of plastic. (I decided I was going to modify it and shape it the way I wanted).. anyway it is gone now!! :lol:

    The blue one is smooth, but it is getting discolored, only at the top section, I suspect it is the type of plastic and the reaction to the lube... heaven know I don't use it much.. :twisted: :twisted:

    I will just sand my blue one, and make it nice and smooth again. :wink:
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Thanks for all of the responses guys.

    From looking more closely at my Progasm. It does appear that either the two halves of the casting mold may have been slightly misaligned, or the mold was not made correctly. Some of the seams that I can feel, you only can feel by moving your finger across it in one direction. Meaning one half of the cast is higher than the other. In other areas you feel it in both directions.

    While I'm not opposed to making modifications to the Aneros I buy, as I've done it already by removing the handle/tail on both my Helix and MGX. I don't think that I should have to correct quality control problems on High Island Health's manufacturing line. And I don't think it is to much to expect no less than the same level of quality that I received in the previous models I bought.

    So I think that I will e-mail Aneros support and see what they have to say.
    Thanks again.

    Love is Peace
  • Hey! I confirm that I had the same reaction as you did when I took the product out of the package and noticed the seam, which was more prominent in comparison to the Helix and MGX. However, the halves were not too misaligned for me to be too concerned.
  • Mine was perfectly smooth so I would contact support.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hey Guys,

    I just heard back from support tonight. They were appreciative to have some feedback about the manufacturing quality of their product, and offered to replace it. Very nice of them. :D

    Although at that point I had already decided to fix it myself. I figured between the cost for me to ship it back and the time it would take to get there and for a new one to ship back(3 to 4 days each way), it would be quicker, and not cost me anything to fix it myself.

    I used a very sharp razor blade to scrape the seam down smooth. And then used my Dremel 395 with the small felt wheel at the lowest speed setting to buff it smooth. Unfortunately, the plastic used on the Progasm either has a lower melting point, or just behaves differently when at melting point. I found this out as I had to very lightly apply the felt wheel, and keep it moving across the Progasm, or otherwise it would catch and make a rough melted spot and indentation. The plastic on the other models did not behave this way at all when I removed the handle/tail from my MGX and Helix. I actually used higher speeds on the Dremel, and I could leave it in one spot and press a bit if I needed to. It would just make the spot really smooth, and also take off some of the material if pressing in one spot.

    So I wasn't able to get the areas that I scraped on the Progasm to be as smooth as I would have liked. But it is sufficient, as there is no longer a raised seam. It's obvious from looking at it that it has been worked on. But it's not a work of art that I will place in a frame for everyone to see! :lol:

    My point to all this, is that if you need to correct or modify your Progasm, you should not use a Dremel on it. Do it all by hand with continually higher levels of grit sandpaper like is talked about in the link that Darwin posted earlier. You'll surely get much better results that way. I may do that in the future if I get bored enough. I'm more of the mind for it to be functional and safe to use, not for it to just look pretty. So there you have it!

    Love is Peace