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Rough Sex
    Posts: 70
    This afternoon, my Aneros decided it likes rough sex. It almost threw me on the floor. What a trip. Wait... I think I hear it calling me back to the bedroom. Later all....
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    Yes, Mistress Aneros does look sooo sexy in her white Gee, but did you notice that her Black Belt (well earned no doubt) was leather? Hmmm, does that tell you something about her play preferences? :lol:
  • This is funny...JIH,
    rumel, I like the leather part...The Mistress can get things happening for sure... :lol:
  • Im starting to understand what you guys mean. She is starting to call me too and she doesnt quite give me what i want, yet i keep coming back for more!