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great position (courtesy of Billy East)
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,313
    i was randomly reading the testimonials and came upon this post by Billy East:

    in it he describes an excellent position i hadn't tried.

    he said:

    One of my favorite positions is on my forearms and crossed knees using my inner thighs to stretch my scrotum. I rock up and down on my pelvis occasionally rising up on my hands. This motion nearly drives me out of my mind. As the sensations intensify, my wrists contort inward and my fingers splay while I uncontrollably grunt and moan in sexual agony. My toes and arches curl. As the buildup becomes more intense, my penis gets rock hard and literally mercilessly begs for manual attention that I deny as I prefer to leave my Helix in the driver seat. I feel like a passenger along for the ride at this point. The expression on my face is the hardest to describe as my entire face contorts, my mouth is agape and as I approach a hands free super O, tears begin flowing down my cheeks and drool appears from a corner of my mouth. The circumsised head of my penis is engorged to its absolute magnificent maximum. At this point I’m so horny that I scoop up and swallow any clear pre-cum that appears. Finally after 20 minutes or so of wonderful excruciating sexual torture and whimpering, I cum very very hard, my penis erupts (normally I’m a straight shooter) and like a volcano gobs of cum flow down my super erect member.

    (color added by me)

    i couldn't quite get the crossed knees part.

    but, i did try getting on my forearms and knees, with my balls stuffed through my thighs (similar to the the manufacturer's instructions for a hands-free ejaculation).

    the scrotal/perineal stretch gives a great turbo-charge.

    so far i have only done it w/o the aneros.

  • Ill give this a try later today! one possition i have not yet tried.

    Thanks for the heads up ill keep you updated on how it goes!
  • I have been using that position with arms crossed (perhaps that was what he meant?) pushed down to the knees and shoulders and head on a pillow. I do not stretch the scrotum, but the position created a good pressure on the aneros.