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I like J-Lube because...
  • ScorchScorch
    Posts: 35
    After exploring MANY lube options I now consider J-lube to be the best option for me.

    I like J-lube because:

    #1 It's from a local company here in Colorado.
    #2 I can buy a 284 gram bottle from the feed store two blocks from my house for $13.00.
    #3 284 grams of the powder can produce several GALLONS of lube.
    #4 I can mix to whatever consistency I want.
    #5 It lasts a very long time before any reapplication is needed.
    #6 It washes easily including dry stains.
    #7 It contains no chemical preservatives.

    I mix a master batch in a condiment bottle then use glue bottles which, with their precision, twist to close, tip are perfect for dispensing this type of lube. And the small "school glue" bottles are perfect for travel.

    For more information check out the J-lube FAQ:
    (A service to the unlubricated masses.)