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Spiritual Orgasm via Aneros and/or KSMO
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi All

    This is an update on the Polls on the subject of Spiritual Orgasms, the topic of a slowly coalescing conversation here, at KSMO (Jack Johnston's ), Taoist and Tantric sites and elsewhere. The first of these Polls has had some responses and comments and shows an interest in pursuing this topic further. If you haven't visited, voted and commented, you can at:

    Pan, who provided a great overview article on The Quest for Spiritual Orgasm by Taoist Michael Winn, noted that I had focused on Aneros and Tao/Tantra inter-practices in the first Poll above, but what about KSMO???

    Ergo: the second Spiritual Orgasm Poll on Aneros/KSMO here:

    It has only three votes in to date; one for Separate Practices – Almost/Brief SOs (Spiritual Orgasms), and two for Mixed Practices – Regular SOs. 60% of voters in the first Poll on Interest and Achievement expressed interest, so it appears this could be another dimension here at Aneros, growing out of and beyond our Calm Seas floating bliss Aneros orgasms.

    Let's see if there are any further interest/experiences now the the Aneros/KSMO SO Poll has actually been announced as available.

    all the best on all journeys

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hi artform,

    I already voted and posted in the Spiritual Orgasms poll. Definitely interested, and hope I'm getting there! :D

    The poll with KSMO involved I could not vote as I have yet to try the KSMO method. Maybe in the future I will have something to add.

    Thank you for posting the link to "The Quest for Spiritual Orgasm", I've already read a portion of it and have book marked it for continued reading later. It's very interesting reading so far. Like he says in the article, I to wonder about the nature of my own sexuality and how it plays in spiritual evolution/unfoldment.

    Love is Peace