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Peridise questions and observations.
  • So, I've had a progasm and a helix for a little while now and I wanted to try the peridise. There is little information about the device, so I wanted to share my basic experiences and get some feedback from you guys.

    I ordered the advanced set, and got it a few days ago. What I've noticed is that it doesn't really give me involuntary contractions, it does seem to make pc contractions much easier to do in rapid succession. It's like, it feels like it gives me better control over my pc muscles because it makes each contraction flow easily and smoothly into the next. Does that make sense? Like, I can stop contracting at any time, but at the same time it's adding something to my contractions that wasn't there before. When using it, if you were looking at my behind you would see my hole twitching and the peridise moving about 3/4 of an inch in and out two or three times a second. I've found that it's helped me a bit to extend the feeling of using it (which I would describe as feeling like an almost circular pulsing, if that makes any sense to you) even when not in place. For example, I can sit in class and induce rapid pc-anal contraction that feel similar to what I do when it is in place, and I get pleasure from that. I also find that it's not the device itself or it's movement that seems to be pleasurable to me, but rather the rythmic contractions it allowed me to make. I haven't used either my progasm or helix since I got the peridise, since I have been mainly just using that, but I cannot wait to apply the new style of contractions I've now learned to that.

    Is that basically what you guys experience? If anyone else would be willing to provide a detailed description of what using the peridise feels like to them, please post in here because I would like there to be more information about the devices.
  • Oh come on, more than a hundred people have read this and not a one of you will respond?
  • rumelrumel
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    I found 189 threads in which users had made postings with reference to the Peridise in them. Much has already been written about these delightful little devices. I encourage you to make use of the ‘Search’ function to find relevant information from past posts – here are a few that I thought were particularly relevant to your query.
  • Oh come on, more than a hundred people have read this and not a one of you will respond?

    I believe when you yourself go and check into your own post, the counter captures you as a viewer.