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Keeps getting better
  • It has been more than a year of use now. I have been alternating sessions with aneros and with nothing at all. I am finding that the anerosless sessions are teaching me a lot about how to get the best performance out of the aneros and visa versa.

    Last night was one of those toyless sessions that just blew me away. My wife was away overnight so I was alone. I went to bed with the thought of playing during the night and half heartedly tried by doing my routine ...placing the underside of the corona of my soft penis on the sheets and focusing on the building sensations. I wound up drifting in and out of sleep for an hour or so and had no great results. I woke up at 1 am feeling nice . . . but no cigar. At that point I focused my attention on the feelings I was getting. I didn't press hard against the bed ...just ever so lightly pushing the underside of my cockhead against the sheets. Within a minute the tickling started and then it changed to trembling and throbbing - contracting waves of building pleasure.

    I have learned what everyone has been preaching about relaxing and not pushing it ...that is what I did. I relaxed and got into feeling the building wave of pleasure (to quote Rummel's CD). I just followed it. I maintained a very very gentle light contraction ...more just like holding it . The vibrations then started, followed by rhythmic clicking in my rectum and twitching of my penis. My cockhead was getting super sensitive and each cock twitch elicited increasing shocks of exquisite pleasure in my penis. My penis felt engorged but not hard or stiff as it twitched. After a while everything blended together into involuntary contractions. Again I just relaxed and followed it. Everything was building ..I envisioned water filling a bucket as the sensations grew.

    Without dragging this out anymore ....what ensued was a 5 hour session of unceasing dry orgasms, involuntaries, chills, gripping contractions of my balls / penis and perineum, 3 or 4 super o's and more pre cum laid on the bed than I have ever done before. The contractions were reverberating back and forth between my penis and my prostate ... afetr a volley of 5 or 6 they would end in a throbbing convulsion of my perinum as if I was coming but niothing came out. Then the volleys or contractions would start again and the cycle would repeat itself. This went on for an hour and a half. It felt like an internal ping pong game. The whole thing came to an end with a super o that was like a finale at a fireworks show. It had me grunting, arching my back and cursing. I was a sweaty mess laying in a pool of slime. My bed was covered with at least an eighth of a cup of pre cum.

    I have been listening to podcasts on orgasmic meditation. This has helped me to focus on the feelings I am have and it has also helped me to train my mind where to focus the feeling of sensations. I can now direct the feeling of sensations from my penis to my perineum to my anus and my prostate. Focusing on each different area produces different feelings and sensations of orgasms.

    If I felt things fading I would jerk off just until I got hard so that by cock head was super sensitive and then placed it lightly on the sheets again. That kicked me into fast track involuntaries and mounting repeating dry orgasms. As soon as the orgasm started, my penis went soft as a noodle and stayed that way right thru the orgasms.

    Also thinking really filthy thoughts helped . . . . things that I would never do in real life ...or at least unless I was really drunk and really horny.

    All I can say is that after 5 hours of nearly non stop ecstasy I was drained. My asshole is trembling and worn out now and it is five hours later.

    I will wait at least three days until my next session . . . that one will be an aneros one ...probably my helix.

    Two days after Christmas my wife is going to her sisters to stay for a week. I will be home alone.
    That will leave me time for at least 3 -4 sessions. My penis is getting hard just thinking about it.
  • vivement noel :D
  • Love_isLove_is
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    Holy cow! That's awesome bigguy!

    You give me inspiration and something to look forward to!
    Thanks :D