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Last night's session with my progasm
  • Last night was pretty wild, I must have done a good three hour session and then fell asleep, waking again at 6 to pull out my progasm and then get another hour or so in bed before my alarm woke me up again! Needless to say I was a bit late to work...this thing's going to get me fired. Oh well, to hell with it!

    In my last few posts I have advocated moving away from masturbation and trying to let the session stand alone....but I haven't followed my own advice. Yesterday, I must have masturbated for about an hour and really got myself sexually charged for a session. This mightn't be such a bad idea because I had a really great session last night. I actually like the mix of penile stimulation followed by prostate! I would admit that it is probably counter productive to the re-wiring process though, thoughts?

    One other point I wanted to bring up, and I'm not sure if this is true of other models, but for me, the p-tab of the progasm is like a vice grip to the point where it actually hurts after a short while! Even if I relax right down, the pressure on my perineum seems intense. I can usually withstand it because I am in the throes of intense pleasure too, but I'm wondering how necessary it is to have the p-tab there, because it doesn't seem to be massaging very well! Perhaps it is just taking the brunt of my conscious and unconscious contractions.

    The k-tab, fair enough, its's there and it usually doesn't get in the way, and sometimes it can fire up some tingling at the base of the spine too which feels good. I remain unconvinced about the p-tab though, I view it more as a safeguard from ejaculation than anything else, maybe there are others on this forum that can provide some insight or experience about it - would my experience be similar with other models?

    Putting down my experiences of last night are suddenly a lot more daunting than I expected, it seems vague, and dreamlike - I tend to have a lot of my best sessions when I am inbetween the realms of consciousness and subconsciousness. There does come a point though, during a session, where pleasure is almost inevitable and the most intense pleasure is often felt by a thought that all control is being wrenched from me by the progasm - and at 2am in the morning, my body is more than ready to let go. The frustrating thing is that I'd love to push my body further but tiredness gets the better of me and I fall asleep! When I talk about pleasure here, I refer to floods of orgasmic energy usually released as orgasms of all shapes and sizes. Last night was an incredibly heated and tense session which left me, as always, a little frustrated - I still haven't gotten used to the lack of ejaculation!

    thanks for reading, take it easy, magma1984
  • Magma1984, thank you for taking the trouble to write this and all your other contributions, this one in particular, was just in time information for me. I read it early yesterday evening and particular phrases came back to me having awoken with the Peridise still within (larger of advanced set). I had inserted about 9.30pm, had some lush pleasure and must have fallen asleep, woke about an hour later, wanting a pee and vaguely remembering it was still there, took it out, was going to go back to sleep after pee, and hovered on whether I should re-insert, well I did, recalling, well if Magma can handle 3 hours, maybe coz I was sleepy I didn't feel too fearful when the butt buzz seemed to go to another level - the phrases, "just let go", "acceptance" and "relax" and knowing you have experienced at even greater levels than what was hitting me then, just allowed me to go for it, and I began to experience a deepening in the pleasure waves. And interesting the aftershocks today have been much calmer and more in the background, almost as if allowing myself to go deeper, let go into this experience is the instinctive route to follow.
  • Love_isLove_is
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    Hi magma1984,

    You bring up some good points about the pleasure really starting when the conscious part of your mind gives up control.

    As far as the P-tab goes, I only have the MGX and Helix. So I can only tell you of my experience with them. The MGX P-tab has a very firm push on the perineum. I can get pretty sore from it if I use the MGX for a few hours. Because the P-tab is closer to the anus than models like the Helix and the Eupho, it seems to pivot much more on it, thus causing a firmer pressure point as your anus muscles contract harder.

    If you feel uncomfortable with the P-tab on the Progasm. I would guess that trying any of the models with the new MGX style P-tab, which includes the Maximus and the SGX would probably be worse for you. As the P-tab on the Progasm from what I understand is considered to much softer and tolerable than other models. The P-tab style on my Helix, which includes the Eupho, is much lighter and more tolerable for me over longer sessions. But with hard anal contractions, I can still feel it to be slightly uncomfortable. But much less so than my MGX.

    But also keep in mind that in the "Milestones" section of the Aneros WIKI, two of them are:

    No P-tab discomfort when relaxed
    No P-tab discomfort when contracted

    So perhaps this may also be an issue of your body getting used to it.

    I also remember reading a post here in the forum saying one of his Aneros has no P-tab on it anymore. And he is able to have super-O's with it. So it may not be entirely necessary. But keep in mind that you do have to have something there from keeping the Aneros from slipping completely into your rectum. Don't let yourself be one of those people that has to go to the Hospital emergency room to have a foreign object removed from their rectum! :lol:

    Love is Peace
  • hapticbear - good on you man! my breakthroughs have come when i least expected them, namely when i have been sleepy and sometimes not 'in the mood' for it...and you may want to try the reverse if you haven't already - do a daytime session, at a time where you are at your most energised - i had some great results this way too. I'm a pretty firm believer that if you continue practicing going into the state that you describe, your results can only improve.

    love_is - thankyou for your advice on the other models and you make a fine point regarding the aneros wiki - i hadn't read that. It's weird though, i have had sessions where i feel absolutely no discomfort and i haven't even felt the progasm inside, or the pressure from the p-tab. My last session though, left my perineum...well, i'll spare you the details...needless to say, i'm having a few days rest! I'm going to put it down to overuse and a milestone not yet reached!
  • magma1984 said:

    My last session though, left my perineum...well, i'll spare you the details...needless to say, i'm having a few days rest! I'm going to put it down to overuse and a milestone not yet reached!

    Oh my! Details, details, O Insightful One ....

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    I've actually done something similar by manually pressing on my perineum very hard with my fingers during some previous Aneros sessions when I was just starting to find pleasurable sensations from it. The end result is a very sore and considerably swollen perineum for many days. And sitting in a chair feels a little weird because of it. So, needless to say, I don't do that anymore.

    Here's the interesting thing, I get a similar result from sitting too much on a conventional bicycle saddle/seat in addition to the blood supply strangled to my genitals, which causes them to shrink and become numb. Which is why since last summer I've started trying out different saddles with a deep center cut away. I love bicycle riding. But I want my manhood to be healthy and work properly much more!

    Love is Peace
  • update: my perineum is still a little bit uncomfortable but feels a lot better. I think I got a mosquito bite on it or something...ouch! Anyway, I couldn't stay away for too long, so I had another session last night - it was a dud. But I tried again in the early hours of the morning and started getting some nice results...but I just couldn't relax, it's freezing cold here - I had to get out of bed to turn the heater on, I was constantly shifting around in bed - I just couldn't get comfortable.

    The thing about penile masturbation is, it's really accessible, and even when it's bad, it's still pretty good. Aneros sessions on the other hand....when they're bad, they're just bad! I guess I have to get better at recognising when I'm in the right state of mind to have a great session. There have been plenty of times where I have approached aneros sessions in the same way that I approach masturbation (i.e. anytime is fine). It's just not true.

    Hey love_is, I read your latest blog - congrats man, it definitely sounds like you're back on the right path and I could identify with a lot of the experiences you described in your session...let's just hope that this sheep (yours truly) can find it's way back to multi orgasmic pleasure (hmm...that metaphor didn't quite work!)
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hi magma1984,

    Thanks man! :D
    It's quite a relief to feel like I'm getting there. As I have gotten to the point where I don't seem to get much of any satisfaction out of masturbating like I used to before I started getting results from the Aneros. It's almost like the peak of masturbating has become more the ejaculation event, rather than the orgasm. I dare say I get more pleasure out of the stimulation of my penis during masturbation, rather than the orgasm/ejaculation. When you know that the only sexual relief you are going to get is from your Aneros, but the sessions are not going well, and masturbation is not cutting it, it can leave you pretty unhappy.

    I know what you mean about being more selective as to when you have an Aneros session. I also noticed a couple sessions back that the temperature is an issue for me also, as it is freezing cold in my neck of the woods. It was an early morning session before I had turned the heat up in my apartment. And like yourself, I was continuously distracted and unable to relax very well from shifting around a lot to try and stay warm under the covers. Needless to say that was a dud session. But you're absolutely right about not being to approach Aneros sessions the same way as masturbation.

    Although, what I have found for myself, is I listen to more of how my body and mind feels, rather than my level or state of arousal to judge whether to have an Aneros session. If my body is aching or hurting, or something that happened earlier in the day is bothering me and I can't let go of it. That is my cue not to have a session. On the other hand, I've gone into some Aneros sessions completely un-aroused and have been very pleasantly surprised. Keeping in mind that I still have to read some erotica/porn during the session to get me aroused. As I went back and read this, it occurs to me that this seems like the opposite of the prerequisites for masturbating. Go figure! :lol:

    Love is Peace