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sexual energy chi machine
  • hello all I have a Aneros MGX after a scéance of Aneros think you do a little chi machine to circulate sexual energy into useful cerait we thank you for your reply :?:
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hello plantation, :)

    If you are wondering why you have received no replies to your last three messages you have posted. Well, I suspect it is because the computer translation into English from your native language does not work all that well. In all of your prior three messages, which includes this one, I have no idea what you are saying or asking.

    The forum members here are generally more than happy to answer questions. But we cannot do so unless we understand what is being asked. I would like to answer your questions, but until your comments and questions are able to be properly translated into a readable form of English that makes sense, then you probably will not get much, if any response from the people here. I hope you are able to read this. As I do not want you to think that we are purposely ignoring you. We just can't understand what you are saying.
  • Hello Plantation,

    I think you are asking about circulating chi (energy) during an Aneros session.

    The answer is yes. I do it all the time. I massage my pubic bone area and as I feel the pleasure there then I massage my navel area and draw the pleasure and energy up my body, and then on to my chest, collar bone, and into my head. It is very energizing and extremely pleasurable. It is important to finish by touching your tongue to the roof of your mouth to let the energy flow down from your head back towards your abdomen. I think the energy flows up the back and down the front around the microcosmic orbit.

    I discovered this by doing the "Male Deer" exercise, and realized that I could extend the pleasure all the way to my head; hence my "Extended Male Deer" exercise you can read about here:

    Best wishes,