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ED or loss of sex drive
  • Last evening a friend (I know you already think it's me, but no it's not) confided in me that he had a loss of sex drive. I asked the usual questions but in the back of my mind I was wondering if the Aneros helps with loss of libido or if some one has ED.

    Does anyone have experience with either of these and should I recommend the Aneros to him? I really don't want to tell him about my experiences unless it'll help him.

  • Have I stumpled upon a topic that is taboo here? I would think that with all the members here at lest one would have some knowledge on this subject.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hello Dana,

    I don't think it's a taboo subject. I haven't answered previously because I don't know the answer to your question. I suspect that the guys that can really answer this are, B Mayfield, Rumel, or Aneros Support via E-mail. Give it a few more days and see who else posts here.

    Love is Peace
  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    Usually loss of libido, and emergence of ED occurs as we get older and / or as we men become less healthy. You need to determine the cause in order to really find the appropriate cure. I started to go down that route a bit, but without to much of a problem and it had to do with numerous health issues over time. I've been turning it around by addressing my health issues and applying fixes to those problems. In addition to that I have lost substantial weight and for some years now have a been steadily increasing my aerobic and resistance training exercises. Now I am very strong with lots of get up and go, and can perform at 80% to 90% max heart rate for an 1, 2, hours or more.

    In addition I try to eat healthy - like The Zone by Dr Barry Sears, I take a lot of fish oil, and yes use the Aneros.

    For me the Aneros is a culmination of other treatment and appears to have improved my prostate health and helped a bit with libido and ED. However I'd say that taking the fish oil supplements probably have a much bigger responsibility for those improvements and most likely the other health improvements have overall helped things.

    In other words there is no 'magic bullet' cure. Sure fish oil and the Aneros may give you a jump start, but your friend needs to look seriously at the big picture - assess what it is and soberly address those issues.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    Taboo topic on this Forum? :lol: I don’t think so!
    In response to your questions – “Does anyone have experience with either of these and should I recommend the Aneros to him?”
    Member ‘OH!!’ pointed out a number of factors which all can have a significant impact on libido and E.D. and I concur with him on suggesting your friend deal with establishing a healthy physical condition first. Just getting to a healthy body state may solve your friend’s problems. I have experience with medication induced E.D. (treatment for hypertension). I also suffered a psychological toll due to the loss of my previous healthy sex life and this also impacted my libido.

    Psychological conditions can also be a prime cause of E.D. There have been volumes of literature discussing these conditions so there is no need to try to iterate those issues here, suffice it to say any external device or drugs are not going to provide a cure for the underlying causes. They may temporarily ease the symptoms but not elicit a cure. In severe cases professional counseling may be needed to resolve issues.

    Having said the above, I would recommend telling your friend about the Aneros for several reasons. 1.) Use of the massager may have a healthful physical effect on his prostate. 2.) He may gain some physical pleasure from its use which may in turn re-kindle a tired libido. 3.) You will be increasing the level of trust between you, deepening and strengthening your friendship. 4.) You will be contributing to his personal growth by providing a new base of knowledge, launching him into a personal journey of his own to explore.
  • PhilSPhilS
    Posts: 32
    Remember too that medications can play a huge role in sexual ability. Look particularly at blood pressure lowering meds but there are a lot of others that have sexual effects. The web can help anyone check out such matters. Also, try to identify if there was a change in medications or the addition of one at the time the person noticed a decrease in functioning. This has been one of my problems and there is often little that can be done since the drugs are necessary. And finally, always question your doctor about the effects of your medications on your sex life.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi insearchofme and all you guys.

    I have medication induced ED. I have to take a Beta-blocker drug and my cardiologist, when I asked about this problem, says all Beta-blockers can cause ED.

    Prostate stimulation definitely assists with this problem, as my urologist found out when he was poking around on my prostate too long, and suddenly something else was too long, despite my mental effort to prevent it! :roll: :lol:

    Yes, helping to mitigate the ED was part of my early interest in Aneros, along with BPH therapy, and OH YEA!!! something about orgasmic voyaging possibilities... ...because I have been a prostate massager/stimulator solo since my teens, and knew what that could do for an erection up to a point.

    insearchofme, you also might want to recommend to your friend David and Ellen Ramsdale's book Sexual Energy Ecstasy and the sexual energetics techniques. Once a guy is focused on the orgasmic energy flows and being able to call up and direct them, erections, as they are in our Aneros rewiring phase, can be somewhat beside the point.

    I found that a semi-erection, what I've called in other posts here a "leatherman", is equally effective for Super-T-ing to fabulous fluid finishes, AND MORE IMPORTANT, preferred by mrs. a (and others research confirms, other women) for gentle G-spot focused intercourse, and still times, and penile energy jolts to your partner!!!, that can go on for a couple of hours... ...all with the sustaining stimulus of my Eupho while Super-O-ing and Calms Seas-ing... Mrs. a also likes the feel for her if I give my prostate a "bump" gently with a voluntary anal/rectal contraction.

    Yes, Aneros can be a great boost in getting beyond ED as a barrier/worry in sexual performance, if the male is open to a wider variety of techniques and erectile states. The truly powerful phallus does not have to be a rock hard erection all the time, or even most of the time, in actual orgasmic voyaging and multiple deliveries. Hallelujah!!! :D

    all the best orgasmic energetics to all

  • PhilSPhilS
    Posts: 32
    Mood also can significantly alter sexuality. Anger, stress, anxiety, and depression are terrifically good at that. The medications usually given for these feelings can interrupt the usually sexual functions. Check with your doctor. Often alternatives work better for a particular person.
  • ericeric
    Posts: 4
    I have ED myself - unable to get an erection without prostate stimulation - and Viagra, Cialis etc. is next to useless for me.

    I use the Aneros Progasm and the Prostate Cradle regularly. When I have some alone time, I use the progasm. Otherwise, I use the Prostate Cradle, as there is no cleanup and it can be used with clothing on - very handy.

    The Progasm and the Prostate Cradle allow me to experience the pleasures of orgasm and the release of seminal fluid independent of an erection. However, when using either device, I find, quite often, that I can get an erection.

    Armed with this knowledge, I will sometimes tease myself with the Prostate Cradle, then if things are going well, grab the Progasm and say to my wife - Honey, I think I'm up for it! My wife will lube me, lube the Progasm, insert it, play with me a bit, and get me up and running. Needless to say, these prostate devices are a big hit with her! and, with me!

  • I'm guessing the longterm effects of the aneros will probably help with such things, however.

    When I use the Aneros it makes it virtually impossible to get an erection. Even after taking it out, it is much harder to get and maintain an erection. But possibly that's like doing a lot of chest presses and then having a harder time doing flys. Meaning, it's exercise and if I give adequate time in between both will get better together?
  • First, you have to diagnose the cause of the problem: There are physiological and psychological causes for ED. The problem needs to be evaluated on both levels. A simple physiological test...prior to going to bed, take a connected bunch of postage stamps (from a roll) and wrap them LOOSELY around the based of the penis, moistening the end to fasten the one end of the stamps to the other to form a joined loop around the penis. If the stamps are ripped apart in the morning, the problem is more likely psychological in nature.

    Regardless of the cause, I do thing the Aneros can help but it won't be a miracle cure. If it's physiological in nature, I think Aneros can help improve muscle tone and blood flow to the pubic muscles and blood vessels involved with erections. If it's psychological, a change in pace and the added sexual excitement of Aneros experimentation could open up new vistas in the sexual arena.

    But, the cause still needs to be evaluated by a professional. ED can be an early indicator of severe cardio vascular problems or depression.

    I'd encourage your friend to speak with a physician about his problem.