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Major Progress but broke one of the rules
  • About me:
    I am 28, a professional athlete, and a molecular biologist with pre-med training.
    I hope this doesn't sound cocky, but my sex life is great- i am sharing this not for attention, but because i am exilerated and excited- and i have not heard much about the only way that i have gotten this to work- by using it manually. I am having a bit of a hard time matching what i have experienced with terms i see on here. I have never posted anything here, because i half thought that they did not work because i could not get it to work. Also, i apologize about the atrocious spelling\grammar; the checker in ms word is a crutch for me and my other computer is 'toast.'

    I have four of these darn things, the first for as long as a year and a half. I wonder a little if I am shaped differently inside as the Progasm hits places that the Maximus couldn't hit, and the Maximus seems better than the other two (MGX, and Eupho.) I used these according to the dirrections for six months with nothing better than a stronger regular orgasm after a couple hours. I tried the directions most of the time in many different positions, and occaisionally added alchohol and or poppers with slightly better results. I also have tried various devices, both vibrating and not, and found the best results with the aneros. When I started using them manually (MGX) six months ago I found I could cum after minimal physical stimulation (at this point, hands off the penis) and 5 minutes of manual use of the aneros. About three months ago, I noticed that if i manually used it in a certain fashion, muscles down there would try to push the aneros out without my intentional control. Additionally, I also found that it felt better to be manually using it while bearing down. Knowing anatomy, I 'know' where the 'sweet spot' is suppost to be, but i cannot feel anything there- believe me i have searched- extensively!

    Again, I am pre-med, and have some training as to what can damage tissue, but have always been careful. I have never seen blood in urine, semen, or on the aneros, and have always aimed for the middle lump to hit the prostate, seminal vesicles, or cowpers gland. That said, I had a major break throuh last night, and could mostly replicate it this morning, but think really I just need to rest up a little before giving it another "college try."

    Last night, I held as an absolute rule that I would not touch my penis. I cleaned myself, turned on porn, drank a good deal, used poppers throughout the session, and bearing down, manually used the progasm at a fast pace and found this:

    When my body, outside of my control, tried to push it out, i would keep the pace up, triggerig additional repetitive contractions. After a couple contractions, I felt like i was squirting something out of my penis. When manually using aneros, i have seen both white (prostate derived) fuild and clear (cowpers, I am guessing?) When I checked later, I had soaked through the towel i was on, and left a wet spot the size of a soccer ball on my futon. This morning on the second round, i placed a cup down to catch the fluid as it came out. It was clear both times, coming out in spurts with each contraction. Again, it was clear between the fingers both times, but had a slight yellow tinge in the cup. It was viscous, and am sure that at least half was not urine... none may have been, but without a test, who knows. Additionally, there was a small white streak through the fluid, which i am guessing might have been a small amount of prostatic fluid. The morning session did not include the alchohol, and a short nights rest probably was not a lot of time for my body to recreate the fluids.

    So... first question! Is the clear sticky fluid from the cowpers gland? i have seen videos with guys leaking a whole lot, but never have been able to do 1/30th of the volume until last night.

    I did also notice when i was not manually using the aneros, my thighs were quivering. That was about as far as the morning session went. The previous night however had some other suprises. My heart rate was quick from the poppers, but only when i used them, and they do not last long for each sniff. I found that as the time between contractions decreased, my pulse quicken as well, without the poppers. also, i found that i was automatically rhythmically breathing (I have tried many types\schemas for breathing over the last 1.5 years, but those were all intentional- these last night were not intentional.) A cycle would go as follows, while pushing the aneros in and out: exhale, inhale, (hold breath?,) contraction, squirt of sticky clear fluid, increased pace of thrusting, end contraction, back to regular pace, exhale, repeat.

    As the cycles with the squirting continued, tingling first in only the genitals and later the rest of the body slowing increased. it was nothing compared to an orgasm, but each felt\made me feel... 'fuzzy?!' I felt like i could keep going, wanted to and did for a little. Watching this was the least of my priorities, but it did seem to feel that as time went by, the volume of each squirt (at this point 30-45?) felt minimal which slightly diminished the pleasure, but only slightly so as the pleasure seemed to increase. it is something that i plan to keep an eye on in the future. i had several large twitches (arms, legs, torso.) i'm not sure why... out of being tired i think was only a little of it, but i finally wacked off, and came (considering volume, it was average but nothing spectacular... considering feelings, i did feel like there was a second that i was aware of anything, and was my whole body was moving uncontrolably for several seconds, both of which have happened like twice ever.)

    The 'fuzzy' feeling with the squirting was not powerful (before i made myself cum,) but it did feel like it was building, and did build significantly. When you are training for something as an athlete (running, swimming, etc.) you can tell what you are running up against if you are having problems. I know if my issue is a cardio issue, or a 'build muscle strength' issue, and if i if posess the capacity to incease it. With the tingling feelings, i felt like there was vast room to expand them. I guess what i am saying is that i did not feel like limits were within any noticable range, which is exciting. Additionally, they felt like they were ramping up in a direction and i felt like i had just barely tasted it turning into something new and signifigantly (mind blowingly? not sure because it seemed just out of reach) pleasurable.

    Items i have learned last night:
    don't touch the penis!
    push out\bear down
    those anal contractions are not useless! they are what the next step is built on
    the breathing helps

    Sooooo- I know at least one, and probably many people are going to scold me for using these manually, but with the whole new world that is available after 1.5 years of using these things and with the medical knowledge i posess, i do not feel in danger, and am blown away with potential. Has anyone else experiences what i have with manual usage? has anyone else used these manually with any sucess? If someone has time who is familiar to these forums can label some of these things that i experienced it would be helpful.... i see a lot of terms, but am not sure for one of many examples if the anal contraction that pushes the aneros out is an 'involantary," or if the building tingling is a 'p-wave.' anything else i am missing out of the big picture other than 'Don't use it manually!' I really think last night was the best 'sex' i have had.

    Thanks\Let me know!
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    very interesting post and sound like great progress. I don't understand what you are doing when you say you use the aneros manually. what do you mean by that?
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hello westwoodbeachguy,

    And welcome to the Aneros forum! :)
    I can't answer all of your questions because I don't know, or don't have experience in those areas. But I can comment on what I do know.

    Manually manipulating my Helix by kind of vibrating it with my hand was what initially got me to have some pleasurable results from my sessions. But then after two or three sessions of that, I learned to completely relax my anal muscles and allow involuntary anal contractions to do that job. It is much easier and I find the results are better. Plus if I want more prostrate stimulation I can either rock my hips back and forth, and/or flex and hold my PC muscles causing my prostrate to move closer to my Helix.

    As I understand it, an anal contraction is only involuntary if you are not consciously doing or causing it to happen.

    I'm sure there will be some other forum users that will answer your other questions.

    Love is Peace
  • in response to thhn:
    You asked 'I don't understand what you are doing when you say you use the aneros manually. what do you mean by that?'

    By manually, I mean that i push and pull it in and out of my body with my hand.
  • In response to Love_is:
    Thanks for welcoming me... i have read a little over the last year or so, but never really had any questions to ask or wondered if what is starting to work for me has worked for others.

    In terms of anal contractions, the only ones that I experienced that night were involantary in that i was pushing the aneros into myself with my hand... is that what people are calling 'an involantary' on here?

    Thanks for your help!
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hello again westwoodguy,

    Thanks for welcoming me... i have read a little over the last year or so, but never really had any questions to ask or wondered if what is starting to work for me has worked for others.

    Your welcome. :)
    And feel free to ask questions as they occur to you.
    There is a good group of supportive and respectful guys here that are more than happy to help out.

    In terms of anal contractions, the only ones that I experienced that night were involantary in that i was pushing the aneros into myself with my hand... is that what people are calling 'an involantary' on here?

    No. That would be just voluntarily operating your Aneros with your hand. Please don't take offense, but perhaps it might be helpful for you to look at the meaning of the word involuntary in the following link.

    With that in mind, as I understand it, when guys here refer to having an "involuntary". I believe they generally mean that they had involuntary anal contractions. Meaning the flexing and relaxing of the anal muscles, independent of their own conscious will or direction. Does that clear it up for you?

    Also have a look in the glossary section of the Aneros WIKI for definitions of terms like these. In addition to all of the other useful information contained within it.

    Love is Peace