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Longest session
  • I was wondering how long some of your longest sessions were. Along with this what did you do during this session (just sit or lay there or were you able to go about your normal day.) and were there any negative side effects?
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    With me, it depends upon how you define "a session". If you consider that 30 minute breaks are a part of a session, my longest are about 12 to 14 hours (I have to sleep every now and then). If taking a break ends "a session", my longest are about 2 hours with 30-45 minutes being the average.
  • Love_isLove_is
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    Hi JIH, :)

    I've gone up to five hours straight a few times. But now my norm seems to be somewhere between two to three hours.
    I always lay in bed for my sessions. I am usually either on my side, or with my lower torso twisted so my crotch is flush against the bed. Or somewhere in between those two.

    During the sessions I am consciously doing some combination of the following: Relaxing, taking deep breathes, allowing involuntary anal contractions to occur, rocking my hips back and forth so the tip of my Helix rubs against my prostrate, reading some erotica/porn, briefly consciously contracting my anus, or focusing on the sensations from my prostrate and anus.

    The only negative side effects that I have run into is when I was using a glycerin based lube. One time I didn't pre-lube enough and had a long session where I switched Aneros toys. When I inserted the second one, it didn't feel like it was sitting correctly. So I just left it to sit there and tried to relax. But it got really uncomfortable. So I ended the session and removed it to find it was completely dry! Apparently I had unintentionally stretched something in my anus from that. So it took three of four days of letting it heal before I could have another session.

    Love is Peace
  • generally, my sessions are 2-3 hours. Sometimes, if I find that the magic isn't working (usually because i am exhausted), I fall asleep with it still in....but I won't count that as a session!

    Longest session to date: 6 hours straight. I don't advise this unless you have a lot of time to recover afterwards....can a body take that much pleasure in one go? Mine struggles!

    Occasionally I have to get out of bed during a session for one reason or another, and I can quite comfortably walk around with it in, but to my mind, a session can only be a session if you are at rest, i.e not going about your normal daily activities.

    As JIH was saying, it's ok to take breaks inbetween sessions, and a very good idea. Beyond three hours and I can start to feel uncomfortable or tired, or both. A 14 hour stint? Man, where does the stamina for that come from?! :shock:

    I would suggest trying out different positions to lie in and see what works best for you, you'll find plenty of guidance on the forum.
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    Yep. At least 14 hours. I have gone from the time I wake up in the early morning until I go to bed (to sleep) at night. I take a lot of breaks though. I do not intend to have a day like this, it is just that I may have a session for an hour or two, get tired and quit. 30 to 45 minutes later my prostate starts talking to me and it's back to the bed for another couple of hours. I have actually spent 3 days in a row on this routine before. I do get sore though. I have found that when I begin getting sore I can place a condom over the Aneros and lube it with Astroglide X to smooth things enough for me to continue on. After one such "extended" session last week, I was so sore I was having trouble removing the Aneros. I tried to wiggle it backwards and forwards as I was pulling it out. Doing so, I pressed it against the prostate and caused a strong involuntary contraction while standing up. The contraction was followed by a long steady squirt of cum which ended up on the bathroom floor. It was unexpected and surprised me but felt very nice and it relieved me enough to quieten down my prostate and allow me to go to sleep. Anyone else addicted like this?