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Amazing Success
  • I have been having *amazing* success with the progasm over the past week, and I felt I just had to post. Basically every night for the past week I have had a session with the progasm lasting between 1 and 2 hours with amazing orgasms, some of them have been in the "best of my life ever" category, and that is really saying something because I've used an aneros for over a year now and had amazing sessions. One would almost have to write poetry to describe what I've been feeling. Last night was like "laying in an ocean of bliss with waves of intense orgasms washing over me."

    While I have had amazing sessions in the past they have been "hit and miss". I have certainly never went a whole week having amazing ones every night... so I want to tell what I've been doing.

    First of all, I've been putting a lot of preparation into it. I have been taking fish oil, 5 pieces of Dove Promises Dark Chocolate a day, and I've been taking that super goat weed supplement that darwin recommended. Although, the only thing *new* as far as my diet goes is probably that supplement. I purchased it from walgreens, it was easy to find. I have no idea if it is helping or not, but judging from the continuous streak of awesome sessions, it can't be hurting anything.

    Another thing I've done, is I ejaculate once about 8 hours before my session... someone suggested they have their best sessions within 12 hours of regular masturbation. I purchased a fleshlight a few months ago, and I have been using it for this. I highly recommend it. I try to use it slowly as I think it seems to build sexual energy if you edge a little.

    Finally, there is a third thing that I have slowly perfected via LOTS of trial and error over the past year, and it seems to make a huge difference. It has to do with the exact way I insert the progasm and place the P-tab. I really don't know how to explain what I do without going into a lot of detail. (If some people here request that I make a guide, I will try). Basically, I pull the P-tab up as far as I can without it being actually on my scrotum, sometimes pulling my scrotum up too, but there is a little more to it than that. Sometimes it takes several tries but When I get it position properly it makes a world of difference in success.

    So, anyway... I actually think I need to take a few days or a week off (probably shouldn't overdo it this much), but I'm afraid I will lose the streak of success I have going, so I'm not sure where this will lead.

  • thhnthhn
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    Congratulations on your success - I am quite envious of you. You say you have been at it over a year.... at what point did you have your first super O? What model was that with?
    I have added the horny goat weed to my diet as well - can't say that I feel any different but it's worth a try. got mine at wallgreens as well. I have been looking for a good place to buy the dark chocolate in bulk but am yet to find one.
    thanks for the tip about the progasm - that's my favoriite model right now
    Best of luck with next week!
  • Congratulations with your success!!
    I hope it continues, because your posts are always entertaining and informative.
  • Hi binaryfellow,
    Sounds like your have great success for sure! congrats!
    I have been taking Omega 3 for a very long time and it helps immensely.
    I always have a great deal of energy now. and it has helped clear up my dry skin. It has so many benefits.
    I take Horny Goat Weed, but don't need to take it daily to get its effects.
    I know it has helped my libido, all one needs to do is ask my wife.. :lol:

    I take dark chocolate also, I buy it in a bulk bar from a store called Trader Joe's.
    It is there own brand name , and from Belgium 72% dark. it is in a 2 pound break-apart.
    I dont know where you live, but T.J.'s are all over the USA these days.
  • Love_isLove_is
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    That's great that you have had such good success binaryfellow!!!

    I'm envious, as I've yet to reach super-O's. But you've also given me some good ideas to try. I'm gonna see if it is possible to shift my Helix and thus the P-tab down closer to my perineum since it sits to high above it. Which would seem that it would also move the Helix closer to my prostrate. That would be ok with me.

    That's interesting that you get such good results shifting your Progasm that way. As you are moving it further away from your your perineum, but also the body of it would seem to be pulled away from your prostrate also. But hey... whatever works for you. Who says it has to make sense? :lol:

    Love is Peace
  • Edit
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    skeeter_g said:

    I take Horny Goat Weed, but don't need to take it daily to get its effects.
    I know it has helped my libido, all one needs to do is ask my wife.. :lol:

    I'm curious how long it took you to notice an increase in the libido after HGW? Have thought about starting it but it seems to vary as to people that take it "regularly" or simply before sessions, intercourse or aneros.