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ejaculation Event
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    An interesting (and enjoyable but disappointing) ejaculation event occured this morning. Normally I take a long time to cum during sex. So long that I rarely masturbate because I get sore before I cum. Fortunately I never have have to wait long before having sex with my gf. She loves to give blow jobs - it is her fetish and I have trouble keeping her off me. Therefore I have trouble going for long periods without ejaculating so that I may enjoy an Aneros session with a full prostate. I travel in my work and I have been able to go about 10 days recently, while traveling, without an ejaculation. I am typing this from my hotel room. This week, the Aneros sessions have been great and they have gotten better each day. (10 days since I last ejaculated.) This morning I decided to edge myself to see if it would improve tonight's aneros session. I have little practice edging but the idea seems logical. I layed down and poured on the ID glide. I manually stroked my cock only about 4 or 5 times then BOOM! I felt an orgasm hit me that I did not want or expect. As soon as I felt like an orgasm was cumming I stopped stroking. It was too late. I actually hollered out "Oh shit!" very loudly.With complete hands-off, the cum started flowing. It was thick and it was a lot. I had 4 huge loads with complete hands-off. They felt great but I am disappointed that I ejaculated. Now I have to start over. This is the first time in my 61 years that this has ever happened. It can only be the result of my Aneros workouts. Only an Aneros can make a man want to stop ejaculating.
  • It's perplexing isn't it?
    It feels sooooo good to succum to an ejaculatory orgasm!
    But leaves you feeling a bit drained~
    Happened to me on the 3rd this month and buddy I have never squirted with such velocity!
    I have found that the longer you go without ejaculation when it actually does happen by accident or whatever it doesnt bring me down as much as it used to.
    So my theory is the longer you go without ejaculation the milder the refractory period.
  • My experience has been absolutely the same! I have started to move away from masturbation altogether, but on the evenings where I do decide to happily stroke away, it doesn't last long! At first I put it down to fatigue at the end of a long working day, and there's an element of that for me, sure, but the sensations in my penis have become finely tuned. The combination of the two means its probably a better evening all round if I just go to bed with my aneros :lol:
  • Magma, so how long do you go without ejaculating?
  • I occasionally have such accidents if I’m tired or stressed out. Sometimes I use my Fleshlight STU and Peridise at the same time for a “dual control” session. Longest dual control session without expenditure is two and a half hours. Shortest is two and a half seconds. Cum happens :lol:
  • Only an Aneros can make a man want to stop ejaculating.

    HAAAA!! :lol:
    So true!!
  • Edit
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    Now this is a true sign of complete re-wirings. We sound as if we are failures when we ejaculate and previously that was the big prize. Now it seems like the base hit compared to a home run!
  • Love_isLove_is
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    Indeed ohmy06!

    I know that from the mini, to small dry orgasms I've had so far. I always worry in the back of my mind if I'm ejaculating as it happens. Before using Aneros toys, I never thought that there would be a chance in hell that I would stop masturbating. Let alone worry about ejaculating! :lol:

    Love is Peace
  • rumelrumel
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    There may be an alternative approach to “… clear the pipes …” other than ejaculation. That alternative is prostate milking. You can borrow a page from the BDSM & D/s playbooks and use it to your advantage.
    Since orgasm and ejaculation are separate events, why not take advantage of that fact to your benefit? The normal order of those two events, however, is orgasm first which immediately leads into ejaculation. Prostate milking relieves the pressure to ejaculate by draining the prostate in a slow relaxed way eliminating the normal orgasm precursor. After milking, a man may be just as aroused mentally as he was beforehand but will not be able to experience a normal penile based ejaculatory orgasm until such time as his prostate replenishes the fluids and fluid pressure is restored. This is the basis for its use as a control technique in the BDSM & D/s communities. While this technique does lessen the physical arousal component leading to orgasm it does not affect the mental desire for orgasmic relief. It this aspect which will allow you to still enjoy mini-O’s, dry-O’s and perhaps Super-O’s. Once you have a normal ejaculatory release, your regular session is pretty much done. Milking may make it possible for you to still have a good session and have the health benefits of flushing the prostate.
    The Aneros was not designed as a milking tool but it can be utilized safely in that manner if one doesn’t apply hand manipulation – STAY WITH SPHINCTER DRIVEN MOTION. It may take some time to develop your muscle ability to provide the strong, sustained repeating contractions to accomplish this. it can be done, along with some penile stimulation as in edging technique.