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KSMO question
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hello Aneros users that have also been practicing KSMO.

    I've been wondering this for a few days now, and thought I would just ask it.

    If KSMO and Aneros prostrate massager's are both different paths to the same result. Why would you choose to do both? Particularly if you started with KSMO. My example being: If I had heard about and started with KSMO first, and was successfully able to use it. As a straight man with no previous interest in anal play before I started using Aneros toys, I think you'd have a difficult time trying to convince me to stick a plastic device up my butt to achieve the same thing I can do without it via KSMO.

    So tell me what doing the both together adds or creates, to or for, the orgasmic experience. As I know there are guys here that do both. Thanks.

    Love is Peace
  • In my case, I had already purchased 2 Aneros models before trying KSMO. I think if I had started with KSMO though, I probably wouldn't have bought an Aneros at all which is ironic because I first heard of KSMO on this forum. But since I have them and they provide me with pleasure I continue to use them. Even though it's been almost a year since I started KSMO, I have yet to combine it with an Aneros.

    I have heard that an Aneros induced prostate orgasm is different than a KSMO induced one, and that is reason enough for me to want to try combining them sometime.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Well Love_is, like a lot of questions on this Forum I think the answers may be as complex and varied as the individuals who have chosen to pursue both practices; KSMO and Aneros.

    I began with Aneros and like many newbies and their questions and frustrations with lack of progress, I had to learn patience. That came as a surprise to me because i had practiced prostate massage for decades and yet the aneros responses still took their time to establish in me. :?

    Comments from hlaser99 and others who practice both KSMO and Aneros attracted me, partly because I had used sounds tuned to vibrate my prostate on occasions before beginning either K or A. The other attraction was the intuitive sense that KSMO might accelerate rewiring for me.

    So, relatively soon after beginning Aneros, I explored Jack Johnston's site and we bought the full KSMO Library set. Again I followed my intuition and mixed the two practices together, not the recommended approach, but lo and behold, the Key Sound immediately amplified the weak involuntaries and p-waves I had been getting irregularly during my Aneros sessions then, and amplified them significantly!

    I also was somewhat cautious because of the chronic pains that I must manage. I found out as things began to progress and accelerate for me with Aneros, that I am a convulsive during Super-Os and that can quickly trigger great pain that distracts and dampens down the experience quickly. :cry:

    Soon, using both or either practice I was getting to the "above and beyond" Calm Seas Orgasms that Old Wolf was documenting about the same time. This added to my sense of following what my body or rather body/mind was doing intuitively and beginning early this year: great orgasmic energies and fireworks without the convulsions and pain!!!

    Add rapid development of Echo Effects from KSing and Day-After Effects from Aneros sessions beginning with Butt Buzz up into the O-Zone and Hlaser-like Chairgasms and Cargasms!!! These continue to expand through the variations of the spectacular whole-body inward Mitochondrial Orgasms, where the unique pleasure and body resonance is driving a scientific search for greater understanding of the biology of this particular variant!

    If you haven't yet, you might find my blog helpful:

    There is third element in all this, and that is that my wife and I and our mutual prostate practice was also developing as THE major focus through all of this, and Aneros and KSMO were both added right into that, with me taking the lead on both. And the effects on me or releasing and amplifying these glorious orgasmic energies were something that easily transferred physically and powerfully to her and cycled between us... often for hours!!!...

    BF Mayfield and others have written about the Aneros models being like "training wheels", and I second that assessment whole-heartedly. I still get wonderful adventures from direct use, butt I don't need to use them and frequently get there without. Similarly, but not quite the same, I learned to internalize and get the Key Sound effect of triggering, amplifying and ultimately being able to direct these energies, without actually making audible sound: the Silent Key Sound. 8)

    Are the two techniques direct parallels between which one can choose and get the same responses? No, not in my experience. They are highly complementary in my case and did accelerate the rapid development of our practice this past year! Hallelujah! But this is a unique case and may not work in the same way for anyone else. Or for some it might. Who knows... ? :roll:

    The fourth element is that half or more of my solo Aneros practice has been and REMAINS through all this wonderful orgasmic energetics adventuring, the medical therapeutic function that the aneros was originally designed for: treating the chronic Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia I have suffered for years... :wink:

    The fifth element is love, just like the movie. Dear mrs. a and I have boosted each other through these experiments and the great journey thus far and our greatest heights to date have been whole spiritual body, light body, union/travel, out of this world...

    Ironically, now I/we are in varying degrees going back in a sense, to explore whether individual practice separating KSMO and Aneros can enhance, refine or significantly add techiques or extensions to the skills and and the continuing journeys... :D

    Aneros and KSMO for us have been the best thing in years and by far the best investments over the last year, almost two!! As you can tell we are still sorting this in reflection, while pushing onward together intuitively!

    Details at 11:00...

    Until then you might like to try this:

    Being able to switch from left brain to right brain easily back and forth is a definite advantage in all of this!

    all the best to all either/or or both/and

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Thank you Justn_Otherguy and Artform for your thoughtful replies.

    So it seems there are some differences in the what is experienced between the two approaches. Perhaps at some point I may want to look into purchasing the KSMO CD's. For the time being I'll stick with Aneros.
    Thanks again! :)

    Love is Peace

    P.S. - Artform - Thanks for the links to your blog and the turning girl IQ test. I read your blog and left some comments. Very interesting experiences, and I'm very much envious! :lol: So far I can only make the turning girl go clockwise, so right brain function. I guess I'm not a genius. :lol:
  • Love_Is, This is how I feel about it.
    First, both KSMO and Aneros do the same thing!
    Both programs in the end are awakening your "mind and body"(Very important)
    to "receiving" pleasure or rather allowing sexual energy to flow.
    What is so cool about the two however is that even though they are both ultimately doing the same thing, Aneros takes a physical approach and KSMO takes an almost purely psychological approach.
    So what's kool is this, say you are only used to the Aneros Progasm(As I was) Even though I experienced much pleasure from using the device I reached a limmit or progression slowed after an initial burst. That is where KSMO picked me up and finished the equation so to speak.
    Combining KSMO with the physical Progasm usage absolutely set me on fire! And now, especially since I have become very comfortable with the KSMO, I don't always use the Progasm when I am practising. I believe the opposite would be true as well, that is if you started with KSMO adding a prostate massager would be like a sledge hammer orgasm happening for most!
    So both systems aim I believe is the same but since their approach is different they complement each other perfectly.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Thank you for your reply Tiphereth.
    It never occurred to me that someone might use KSMO as a way to get them over the hump to super-O land if they reach a limit in results from Aneros practice. I'll certainly consider it if I find myself in that situation.
    Thanks :D

    Love is Peace
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    At the moment I'm doing them seperately, also coz I'd read that it was recommended that way, you take turns with the Aneros and KSMO every other day.
    So I was wondering how you practise together, do you do 20 minutes of KSMO with the Aneros already inserted, if so how long have you had the aneros in for, or after ....what is the chronology?

    I read it could hamper your progress if you did the KSMO more than 20 minutes or more often than once every 2 days, have you experienced this and have you adapted your Aneros use accordingly?

    I'm really curious I did the KSMO yesterday and even now I feel a tickly feeling and slight involuntaries, but nothing near an makes sense that adding a physical element to the practise could push me over the line in this rewiring.....

  • I think most people agree that you should do them seperately for a while at least to get a good grasp
    of how both feel and so forth.
    If I use the Progasm I will incorporate the KSMO but the majority of the time KSMO by itself.
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    Tiphereth said:

    If I use the Progasm I will incorporate the KSMO but the majority of the time KSMO by itself.

    So how do you do that? After the KSMO, before, at the same time? And have you used Aneros and KSMO every day or every other day?

    I feel like using the Progasm now, but I hesitate coz I'm really curious if combining KsMO would help but I'm not sure how to combibne it, and I'd like to hear from ppl that have succesfully (Super O or more) combined them how/what works best
  • As far as how I use KSMO with Aneros ..I dunno I just do= )
    Umm I use my progasm every Saturday ritualistically and occasionally other times when I realy get worked up!
    The KSMO I use EVERY day! So I have extremely satisfying orgasms every day and then I jack myself off once a month.