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11/9 Aneros Chat Event "Sexual Health" Transcript
  • Hi Everyone,

    Here is a transcript of the "Sexual Health" chat event. Thanks!

    Aneros Support

    [19:59:45] handlebar: Greetings
    [19:59:59] rumel: Hello handlebar
    [20:00:31] handlebar: hi rumel.My name is Jim
    [20:00:44] [email][/email]: Hello handlebar, rumel!
    [20:01:00] handlebar: good afternoon!
    [20:01:13] rumel: Hi Support
    [20:01:32] [email][/email]: welcome to the Aneros community, handlebar
    [20:01:34] rumel: Hi skeeter
    [20:01:45] skeeter_g: Hi Guys...
    [20:01:47] handlebar: Hi skeeter
    [20:01:57] [email][/email]: hi Skeeter!
    [20:02:11] skeeter_g: Hi Support1!
    [20:03:08] [email][/email]: good to have you guys here today, hopefully we'll have some more folks joining as we go along
    [20:03:59] skeeter_g: Well if we dont have others we always have a good time!
    [20:04:03] [email][/email]: so we wanted to try another "theme" chat event. the ksmo chat got a great response
    [20:04:33] [email][/email]: so the focus of this event will be "Aneros and Sexual Health"
    [20:04:38] handlebar: This promises to be fun.
    [20:04:49] [email][/email]: and of course we'll open it up to whatever you guys want to discuss as well
    [20:05:20] skeeter_g: So Do you have a bit more of a descripition support
    [20:06:01] rumel: support - Has HIH done any studies regarding health aspects of Aneros use?
    [20:06:25] [email][/email]: more of a description to the topic? yes -
    [20:06:50] skeeter_g: Good question Rumel.
    [20:06:56] [email][/email]: rumel, the answer to your question is "yes", which we will get into as well
    [20:07:09] skeeter_g: cool.
    [20:07:30] [email][/email]: skeeter, so we all know about the immediate sexual benefits that can be attainable with our products
    [20:08:20] [email][/email]: with the "ultimate goal," if you will, being the Super-O. and the journey to the super-o is itself unique to each individual
    [20:08:32] [email][/email]: and a worthwhile undertaking
    [20:09:15] [email][/email]: however, we'd like to throw out for discussion whether or not you all have enjoyed/experienced any other "benefits" to your
    [20:09:17] skeeter_g: Ok , support, I understand.
    [20:09:24] [email][/email]: other sexual activities
    [20:09:29] handlebar: Likewise
    [20:09:48] skeeter_g: I see..
    [20:09:58] ichi: hi
    [20:10:16] skeeter_g: Hi ichl
    [20:10:19] Love_is: Hiya Folks! :)
    [20:10:20] [email][/email]: whether it be renewed energy, increased erectile function, stronger sex drive, healthier ejaculate
    [20:10:28] [email][/email]: hi everyone!
    [20:10:39] skeeter_g: Hi Love_is
    [20:10:50] [email][/email]: welcome to the Aneros - Sexual Health Chat Event
    [20:10:54] handlebar: Greetings Love_is and ichi
    [20:10:55] ichi: I for one have seen an increase in labido
    [20:11:22] skeeter_g: Well.. support.. Yes. I have for sure.
    [20:11:23] Love_is: Nice to see some familiar names. And also new ones too.
    [20:11:37] [email][/email]: that's great ichi! so before we dive deeper, why don't we start with some intoductions?
    [20:11:49] Love_is: Definitely also here...
    [20:11:57] handlebar: I have only used one for a few days and already have increased my feelings and libido
    [20:11:57] [email][/email]: let's start from the top with Love_is
    [20:12:11] skeeter_g: more drive, a much happer being in general...
    [20:12:23] skeeter_g: more emotional
    [20:12:44] Love_is: Ok, what do you want to know?
    [20:12:48] [email][/email]: Love_is, can you give us an introduction? maybe age, where you are located and how long you've been using the Aneros?
    [20:12:50] skeeter_g: and the wonder of the body, and what it can produce
    [20:13:00] rumel: Hi ichi, Love_is
    [20:13:02] Love_is: Ah ok, can do
    [20:13:06] [email][/email]: and favorite model?
    [20:13:13] Love_is: Hello Rumel :)
    [20:13:49] Love_is: Male, like you ahven't guessed. LOL 37 years old. Vermont, USA.
    [20:14:06] Love_is: Been using it for a little over a year now.
    [20:14:27] Love_is: I have MGX and Helix. Much prefer the Helix at this point.
    [20:14:46] [email][/email]: great! okay, handlebar you're up
    [20:15:28] rumel: Hi thhn, thickmeat - Welcome
    [20:15:33] handlebar: Well i'm a newbie to the Aneros lineup
    [20:15:43] thickmeat: hello all
    [20:16:11] [email][/email]: hi thhn, thickmeat, we're going down the line with some introductions
    [20:16:14] Love_is: Hello thickmeat
    [20:16:14] skeeter_g: Hi thhn, thickmeat..
    [20:16:19] handlebar: I have only had the Helix and Progasm for three days nowBut I have used both and am on my way to learning a lot.
    [20:16:27] Love_is: Hello thhn
    [20:16:46] thhn: Hello to all, gald to be back again
    [20:17:02] handlebar: I admit that the Progasm sure gives a full feeling.I'm 42 on tuesday and live in Washington state
    [20:17:05] [email][/email]: great handlebar, you are at the right place for some questions, which we'll have plenty of time for
    [20:17:17] handlebar: Wonderful!
    [20:17:24] [email][/email]: ichi? your turn
    [20:17:30] ichi: Male, 34, NC...been using my helix almost daily for 4 months now. thinking about getting a progasm.
    [20:17:59] [email][/email]: thank you! okay Rumel
    [20:18:33] rumel: I'm 61, from Sac. CA. been using for 19 months.
    [20:19:01] ichi: you are the cd guy right rumel?
    [20:19:05] [email][/email]: Rumel is also the creator of the hypaerosession cd :smile:
    [20:19:29] ichi: I have a copy
    [20:19:36] ichi: ;)
    [20:19:56] rumel: Thank you, how has it worked for you ichi?
    [20:20:14] ichi: pretty good
    [20:20:33] ichi: I do not use it every time though
    [20:20:55] [email][/email]: okay Skeeter_g?
    [20:21:03] skeeter_g: 59 , Northern Calif (Wine county), using for over 2.5 years, have all the models :bigtongue:
    [20:21:34] skeeter_g: Love to try and help if possible.
    [20:22:00] handlebar: He has really helped me a lot
    [20:22:03] [email][/email]: And Skeeter, we have some news to share about the peridise, which I'll do later in the session
    [20:22:17] Love_is: I'll atest to that!
    [20:22:19] skeeter_g: OK...
    [20:22:28] [email][/email]: okay thhn, you're up next
    [20:22:38] thhn: I do like the mxg but right now the progasm really gets me humming - I've been at it for almost a year
    [20:22:47] skeeter_g: Thanks guys..
    [20:23:05] Love_is: No prob skeeter_g :)
    [20:23:14] [email][/email]: thhn, where are you located and what's your age?
    [20:23:40] thhn: I'm 53 and live in NY
    [20:23:58] [email][/email]: cool. okay thickmeat, an intro please
    [20:24:42] thickmeat: 36 in wi have the maximus use it not as often as I would like. love the sensations... got it in now... kind of a rookie
    [20:25:06] Love_is: Wow! Practicing at the same time!
    [20:25:09] [email][/email]: excellent!
    [20:25:20] [email][/email]: okay so as far as the agenda for this event -
    [20:25:24] skeeter_g: Rookie is OK...
    [20:25:37] [email][/email]: we'll spend the next 45 minutes discussing "Aneros and Sexual Health"
    [20:25:38] thickmeat: lol yes why not put it in and looked at the site and saw the chat was going thought I would stop in
    [20:25:50] thickmeat: thanks
    [20:25:58] skeeter_g: everybody has to start somewhere.
    [20:26:13] Love_is: Indeed
    [20:26:33] [email][/email]: and then the rest of the time for general discussion, and for the last few min we'll share some product news
    [20:27:07] [email][/email]: so to start, to answer your question Rumel, yes we are doing studies about the health aspects of our products
    [20:27:35] [email][/email]: in fact, currently Columbia University is doing a retrospective study
    [20:27:52] Love_is: Neato!
    [20:27:56] [email][/email]: of our products and as put out a first draft of a research paper they are producing
    [20:28:02] jusboy7: hi love is
    [20:28:04] skeeter_g: Oh Wow support..interesting
    [20:28:05] [email][/email]: and it looks very promising
    [20:28:14] Love_is: Hello jusboy7
    [20:28:24] handlebar: Maybe they can include us all in the study
    [20:28:26] skeeter_g: Hi justboy7
    [20:28:27] handlebar: LOL
    [20:28:32] jusboy7: hi skeeter
    [20:28:39] thickmeat: can I volunteer?
    [20:28:44] thhn: should I expect to get a discount on my health insurance
    [20:28:48] [email][/email]: hello jusboy7, can you give us a quick intro?
    [20:28:51] skeeter_g: hahaha :laugh:
    [20:28:56] Love_is: I can just imagine the adverts for test subjects needed... :laugh:
    [20:29:10] rumel: support - Are they going to address the Super-O phenomena?
    [20:29:11] jusboy7: what do u need to know support?
    [20:29:40] [email][/email]: where you are located, age, how long you've been using the Aneros and favorite model
    [20:30:38] [email][/email]: Hi Rumel, this study is only in regards to the health aspects of our products - there is an NIH prostate survey
    [20:31:10] [email][/email]: which asks a variety of questions - like pain/urination/quality of life/etc. the study will document how our products have
    [20:31:16] [email][/email]: helped specifically in these areas
    [20:31:23] thhn: is there info on the study for on line reading
    [20:31:53] [email][/email]: The super-o phenomena is something that definitely should be explored
    [20:32:10] jusboy7: spain(uk),46,2 months, mgx?
    [20:32:28] [email][/email]: we'll have to see how to address that from a research perspective
    [20:32:47] [email][/email]: thhn, the paper has not been published yet but we'll let everyone know when it is out
    [20:32:57] [email][/email]: great, thanks Jusboy7
    [20:33:16] rumel: I think it would be great if an institution like the Kinsey institute could do the research.
    [20:33:26] jusboy7: ok
    [20:33:36] skeeter_g: Yes, that would be interesting support about the super-O...
    [20:34:07] [email][/email]: that actually would be a possibility that we should look into
    [20:34:12] rumel: I think there is a lot more going on in this "rewiring"process than meets the eye.
    [20:34:37] skeeter_g: Yes Rumel, I'm with you.!
    [20:35:15] jusboy7: i find all the terms that people use so difficult to understand
    [20:35:21] Love_is: It's interesting that the use of Aneros effects positively far more than just the physical symptoms mentioned.
    [20:35:33] [email][/email]: rewiring - it's a really unique concept, isn't it?
    [20:35:38] Love_is: It's all intertwined so to speak.
    [20:35:57] [email][/email]: hi jusboy7, the terms do take a while to pick up
    [20:36:00] skeeter_g: It is also interesting why folks can rewire in a couple sessions and others can take months or years, but do achieve super-O
    [20:36:11] jusboy7: ok stop there
    [20:36:19] [email][/email]: but as you read more on the forum and wiki, and participate in these events you'll quickly become familiar with them
    [20:36:24] rumel: There is a deep mind-body connection being established to allow the Super-O to manifest.
    [20:36:45] handlebar: I have only begun the rewiring process.It is an incredible thing
    [20:36:48] handlebar: Only after 3 days
    [20:36:49] jusboy7: ive read all the literature, but still none the wiser
    [20:36:58] skeeter_g: Yes Rumel.
    [20:37:06] Love_is: Agreed Rumel
    [20:37:17] Love_is: And I haven't even reached super-O's yet.
    [20:37:22] [email][/email]: jusboy7 if you have a question about a specific term, just let everyone here know. we'll be happy to answer
    [20:37:54] jusboy7: ok. please tell me in PLAIN english what a super/0 is
    [20:38:52] rumel: Jusboy - read the definition in the WIKI
    [20:39:18] skeeter_g: Love_is, maybe it is time to try a new model and see if that will get you there. I know you have been thinkin about the Proga
    [20:39:25] skeeter_g: Progasm.
    [20:39:38] rumel: The WIKI GLOSSARY will also tell you much.
    [20:39:49] [email][/email]: jusboy, it really is the best place for the definition
    [20:40:13] handlebar: It can be read and understood in only a short time
    [20:40:32] handlebar: The forum has taught me so much in only a week or two
    [20:40:36] skeeter_g: Love_is, You seem to know where you are going for sure..
    [20:41:03] [email][/email]: the super-o is the ultimate combination of both physical and mental pleasure
    [20:41:16] Love_is: Thanks skeeter_g. I don't yet feel that I have hit a limit in my sessions to try a new model.
    [20:41:27] skeeter_g: Love_is, That is great!!
    [20:41:50] jusboy7: well i find the use of so many terms v confusing, personally id prefer someone to talk me thru it rather than read wikipedia
    [20:41:52] skeeter_g: Understand..Love_is.
    [20:41:52] Love_is: Thanks. I still feel like I learn something new about this process every session.
    [20:42:15] [email][/email]: Rumel we definitely need to have a chat event specification related to rewiring
    [20:42:16] thickmeat: looking to learn more about my toy and how to use it
    [20:42:24] [email][/email]: specifically related to, i mean
    [20:42:28] handlebar: Well jusboy7,the forum is the best place,not only the Wiki
    [20:42:34] skeeter_g: That is all that counts Love_is
    [20:42:52] rumel: jusboy7 - we are no talking about Wikipedia but the Aneros WIKI.
    [20:43:01] skeeter_g: Part of the "rewire" Love_is
    [20:43:19] jusboy7: thanks handelbar ,, but let me state again.. id like people online to TALK to me about issues.. i thoughyt that was the
    [20:43:28] jusboy7: purpose of a chat room
    [20:43:38] Love_is: Yup, I agree skeeter_g.
    [20:44:25] [email][/email]: yes, definitely jusboy7, we will have the open discussion section in 30 minutes
    [20:44:31] handlebar: jusboy7,I can chat with you afterwards if you like or just learn herefor the next couple of hours
    [20:44:38] skeeter_g: So justboy7, you can ask some questions...
    [20:44:43] handlebar: There are plenty here that would love to help
    [20:44:52] jusboy7: i did already skeeter lol
    [20:45:23] jusboy7: firstly let me say i found the literature that came with the aneros v misleading
    [20:45:44] jusboy7: the position they suggested did mothing for me at all, and i was v frustrated the first week or so
    [20:46:17] jusboy7: then i read online that some people tried on their back, this produced the beginnings of something
    [20:46:22] skeeter_g: Oh OK.. justboy7
    [20:46:37] jusboy7: skeeter there is NO t in my name lol
    [20:47:04] skeeter_g: sorry dude.
    [20:47:07] [email][/email]: jusboy7, as you can tell from the website, forum, wiki, blogs, and chat events there is a ton of information about the Aneros
    [20:47:09] jusboy7: but nowhere did i read that you should NOT do any contractions ,but let the body completely do its own thing
    [20:47:27] jusboy7: so that was something ive learned for myself
    [20:47:45] Love_is: Sorry folks. Got to head out. I'll be back for the next chat. Later everyone :)
    [20:47:53] jusboy7: adios
    [20:47:59] [email][/email]: there are a myriad of techniques, positions, breathing exercises, etc. which can be used
    [20:48:07] skeeter_g: Ciao Love_is
    [20:48:11] rumel: Bye lov...
    [20:48:14] [email][/email]: and using our products really is a type of self-discovery
    [20:48:17] handlebar: Bye Love_is
    [20:48:35] jusboy7: so ive reached a stage where some things happen, but im not able to get to the next level i guess
    [20:49:11] [email][/email]: there is so much to cover which simply cannot fully be encapsulated on the back of the packaging
    [20:49:18] jusboy7: by not allowing any contractions, other than involuntary, it seems to work much better
    [20:49:36] jusboy7: i would suggest scraping the info on the package altogther
    [20:49:37] [email][/email]: which is why we set up events like this
    [20:49:39] skeeter_g: jusboy7... Some people need to give some contractions, and others do not..
    [20:50:00] handlebar: agreed
    [20:50:13] jusboy7: well thats my whole point skeeter .. how do i know if im doing something wrong or not!!
    [20:50:33] handlebar: Let your body tell you
    [20:50:37] skeeter_g: You dont.
    [20:50:39] handlebar: You will know
    [20:50:59] jusboy7: hang two are conflicting with your answers!!
    [20:51:17] skeeter_g: that is why there is so much out there to read, and hopefully help.
    [20:51:45] jusboy7: just end up being more confused
    [20:52:08] rumel: jusboy - Super-O is an abbreviation of "super orgasm," a term coined by Aneros user Brian Mayfield for an orgasm that steps out
    [20:52:23] rumel: of the normal frame of reference. A Super-O is an overwhelmingly strong non-ejaculatory orgasm that may involve:
    [20:52:41] rumel: durations of minutes at a time; full-body orgasmic waves of pleasure; intense pleasure throughout the pelvic region, particularly a
    [20:52:57] rumel: loss of a sense of reality; strong emotional responses; flashes of color (optical activity in the brain); large muscle contractions
    [20:53:06] skeeter_g: No two people are alike.. what works for one just does may not work for another. jusboy7
    [20:53:14] rumel: (with no emission); protracted involuntary vocalizations, roars or screams; pleasant convulsions; pronounced deep or staccato
    [20:53:26] rumel: thrusting or writhing; a sense of soulful release and relief; a sense of self-redefinition; and, an energized feeling immediately following
    [20:53:31] handlebar: Exactly!! Everyone is different
    [20:53:43] handlebar: I'm a beginner too jusboy7
    [20:53:56] jusboy7: thnx rumel, certainly not reached that
    [20:53:56] rumel: orgasm and being ready for more (as opposed to post-ejaculation lethargy).
    [20:54:06] jusboy7: but some things have definately started to work
    [20:54:07] [email][/email]: jusboy, the answers are actually not conflicting - the point is that you will try different techniques and your body will
    [20:54:18] rumel: From the WIKI.
    [20:54:18] [email][/email]: naturally let you know if you are making progress
    [20:54:24] thickmeat: and I am going to guess that not everyone will feel or experince the same thing
    [20:54:29] skeeter_g: This is not cut and dry unfortunately.
    [20:54:33] [email][/email]: hi Brian!
    [20:54:37] thickmeat: you have to experiment and see what makes you feel good
    [20:54:46] skeeter_g: Hi brian.
    [20:55:07] B Mayfield: Hi Y'ALL !
    [20:55:07] thickmeat: there is no instant gratification button with aneros
    [20:55:11] rumel: Hi Brian,
    [20:55:28] handlebar: Greetings Brian
    [20:55:34] B Mayfield: that was a special reference to my friends down in
    [20:55:45] [email][/email]: thanks!
    [20:55:50] skeeter_g: Side may work, back may work, maybe stomach...
    [20:56:10] thickmeat: standing up
    [20:56:13] thickmeat: or other positions
    [20:56:35] B Mayfield: knealing is good too!
    [20:57:09] thickmeat: looks like justaboy left
    [20:57:18] [email][/email]: maybe jusboy7 will be back - so the question i threw out earlier was have any of you all noticed any other palpable effects
    [20:57:26] rumel: I wanna try a sling position - free floating orgasms!
    [20:57:51] skeeter_g: I have 2 favorite positions... Back for my big Aneros, and stomach for my Peridise...
    [20:57:51] [email][/email]: with using the Aneros, aside from the immediate physical ones
    [20:57:58] skeeter_g: just works for me.
    [20:58:35] skeeter_g: Rumel that sounds good... :laugh:
    [20:58:40] [email][/email]: "renewed energy, increased erectile function, stronger sex drive, healthier ejaculate"
    [20:58:42] thickmeat: I like it for the sensations it give my prostate and how it feels in that is what I was looking for good toy for p-spot stimu
    [20:59:13] handlebar: I agree with thickmeat
    [20:59:16] ichi: stroner sex drive for me
    [20:59:17] [email][/email]: I guess these would be what could be called "secondary effects"
    [20:59:29] handlebar: Even in conjunction with penile stimulation
    [20:59:31] B Mayfield: I'd say a big yes to all of the above
    [20:59:33] skeeter_g: Sopport, you hit it right on the head!!
    [20:59:48] handlebar: Which i know is supposed to be secondary
    [20:59:50] B Mayfield: and add to it a better control urine stream! lol
    [20:59:50] skeeter_g: no pun intended :grin:
    [21:00:02] rumel: Use of the Aneros has definitely improved strength of urine flow.
    [21:00:05] handlebar: that re-wiring is a lot to learn
    [21:00:12] thickmeat: why worry about is it primary or secondary etc just that it works nd feels good
    [21:00:15] ichi: what about the addictive aspect of it or is that just me?
    [21:00:15] B Mayfield: I can right my name in the snow now!!!!
    [21:00:26] skeeter_g: hahaha
    [21:00:34] [email][/email]: :biggrin:
    [21:00:47] jusboy7: it does seem v addictive
    [21:00:57] [email][/email]: ichi, the addictive aspect can be discussed as well for sure
    [21:00:57] ichi: very
    [21:01:11] B Mayfield: seriously...I noticed that fairly early on and it has continued to this day
    [21:01:12] rumel: Aneros use has definetly helped develop and tone my anal and PC muscles.
    [21:01:17] [email][/email]: this is something which has been discussed in the forum and on the wiki as well
    [21:01:30] ichi: I for one find myself wanting to use it more and more.
    [21:01:31] jusboy7: how often do u guys use it?
    [21:01:35] skeeter_g: I'm with you Brian.
    [21:01:52] ichi: I use mine almost daily
    [21:01:53] thickmeat: not often enough!
    [21:02:13] handlebar: Daily
    [21:02:16] jusboy7: wow ido to.. tho i read u arnt supposed to
    [21:02:32] skeeter_g: jusboy7, I try to every other day.
    [21:02:35] ichi: I have actually thought about throwing it away becasue it takes up so much of my time.
    [21:03:02] B Mayfield: as most people know from my posts,...I didn't get into the Aneros for health purposes....
    [21:03:22] jusboy7: im trying to limit it to every other day .. i find my prostrate throbs so much the next day
    [21:03:25] B Mayfield: but I consider them as dividends at this point
    [21:03:25] ichi: I did not either.
    [21:03:56] B Mayfield: how long does this chat last today?
    [21:04:01] skeeter_g: I also did not get into it for health reasons.
    [21:04:12] rumel: I discovered the Aneros while investigating the health aspects of the prostate.
    [21:04:25] [email][/email]: brian, for another hour
    [21:04:27] jusboy7: do other people experience the throbbing?
    [21:04:30] thickmeat: me either just for pure prostate and anal stimulation for masturbation
    [21:04:37] skeeter_g: But it has sure made more sexually aware of myself for sure!
    [21:04:40] B Mayfield: great
    [21:04:44] rumel: I thought the pleasure aspects were a great bonus!
    [21:05:01] handlebar: I wanted a better understanding of the prostate and orgasm after a checkup last month
    [21:05:13] handlebar: And also whether it had any relationship to sciatica
    [21:05:32] skeeter_g: I get the throbbing jusboy7
    [21:05:52] jusboy7: the following day skeeter? to me it almost feels like the aneros is still in!
    [21:06:05] skeeter_g: My prostate wants what it wants.. :tongue:
    [21:06:12] jusboy7: lol
    [21:06:17] B Mayfield: prostatitis can cause lower back question about it
    [21:06:26] handlebar: :blush:
    [21:06:28] thickmeat: mine too skeeter
    [21:06:38] skeeter_g: Understand jusboy7
    [21:06:42] B Mayfield: but sciatica is different....I've had pain from both sources
    [21:06:46] handlebar: I don't have too much lower back pain. But a lot of lower leg pain.
    [21:06:57] handlebar: And after an orgasm,the pain goes away for 15 minutes
    [21:07:03] skeeter_g: mine does not feel so much like it is still in though.
    [21:07:10] B Mayfield: that sounds like referred pain from the prostate
    [21:07:31] rumel: thats the endorphins - painkiller effect.
    [21:07:32] jusboy7: you mean thats a bad thing then??
    [21:07:42] B Mayfield: are having a flare-up now....(prostatitis) ?

    [21:11:16] ichi: well I for one do not get any throbbing
    [21:11:27] B Mayfield: a couple of things can cause this....
    [21:11:44] jusboy7: oh right well i always do
    [21:11:48] B Mayfield: chronic prostatitis ......BPH.....
    [21:11:59] rumel: jusboy7 - what are you specifically confused about?
    [21:12:01] ichi: to be honest, I just want to keep on going....
    [21:12:03] skeeter_g: jusboy7 post throbbing is OK, if it is a good throbbing, and not pain.
    [21:12:28] B Mayfield: best to consult with your doctor on it if this is an ongoing problem....
    [21:12:34] jusboy7: no its not pain .. as i said IT FEELS LIKE THE ANEROS COULD STILL BE IN
    [21:12:57] thickmeat: You get that a lot from any anal play
    [21:13:08] rumel: jusboy - Is this a problem for you?
    [21:13:33] jusboy7: so why does that make it prostitis .. i dont get it?? i didnt feel anything at all until i started with the aneros
    [21:13:59] jusboy7: NO rumel .. i merely asked if other people experinced it. i NEVER said it was a problem
    [21:14:09] rumel: jusboy - It may not be prostatitis.
    [21:14:30] jusboy7: i dont for a second think it is
    [21:15:03] skeeter_g: jusboy you are waking up the senses IMO.
    [21:15:09] rumel: jusboy - Yes , I have experienced it occasionally.
    [21:15:25] jusboy7: yes i agree skeeter .. i only asked if others experienced it!!!!!
    [21:15:39] skeeter_g: ok
    [21:15:53] [email][/email]: hi superH, welcome to the chat event!
    [21:16:26] skeeter_g: Hi superH
    [21:16:28] jusboy7: u guys all from the states?
    [21:16:28] superH: hi i just listening quit arooky you know
    [21:16:32] rumel: Hi superH
    [21:16:42] superH: hi
    [21:17:16] [email][/email]: superH, can you give us a quick intro - age, location, experience with Aneros?
    [21:17:39] superH: i am not from the states
    [21:17:45] B Mayfield: perhaps I misunderstood...I thought someone was speaking about having discomfort with associated back pain
    [21:17:48] B Mayfield: forgive me
    [21:17:56] jusboy7: me too superH .. so dont worry
    [21:18:01] superH: i am just a beginner and locxated in europe
    [21:18:04] jusboy7: thats ok brian i think you got confused
    [21:18:17] [email][/email]: that's fine - jusboy7 is in spain
    [21:18:20] [email][/email]: welcome
    [21:18:21] B Mayfield: won't be the first time lol
    [21:18:22] jusboy7: oh where in europe superH?
    [21:18:28] handlebar: Hi super H
    [21:18:35] superH: hi
    [21:18:44] skeeter_g: Hi Brian, that was handlebar for the pain.
    [21:19:01] B Mayfield: that's what I get for coming in mid session here....
    [21:19:04] B Mayfield: brb
    [21:19:14] rumel: Other than being addictively time consuming, has anyone noticed it affecting your other sexual relationships?
    [21:19:23] handlebar: I don't have pain in any way associated with the Aneros.Just normal sciatica
    [21:19:35] handlebar: And it helps to have an orgasm to relieve pain
    [21:19:52] handlebar: Yes.My wife love loves that i have a new hobby
    [21:19:53] handlebar: LOL
    [21:19:55] [email][/email]: great question Rumel
    [21:19:58] skeeter_g: Understand Handlebar.
    [21:19:59] ichi: I find that I can hold off my climax for longer now.
    [21:20:27] jusboy7: i find i have seperated the two feelings maybe too well
    [21:21:20] rumel: I find there is not a rush to achieve ejaculation, increased willingness to prolong foreplay.
    [21:21:37] ichi: I agree rumel
    [21:21:50] ichi: I seem to enjoy forplay now...
    [21:22:15] ichi: it is no longer a rush to the end
    [21:22:29] handlebar: I agree!!
    [21:22:35] rumel: I'm more sympathetic to the female need for longer stimulation time.
    [21:22:48] skeeter_g: I also agree.
    [21:22:59] [email][/email]: ichi, what I find interesting is how the physical secondary effects melds with mental effects
    [21:23:23] [email][/email]: for example, there have been several posts in the past on the forum about how the aneros has made the man
    [21:23:33] [email][/email]: "a better husband"
    [21:23:51] [email][/email]: and more sensitive to the needs of the female
    [21:24:10] skeeter_g: I believe that support.
    [21:24:20] thickmeat: by learning better to understand his own reactions I bet
    [21:24:23] [email][/email]: we strongly feel that the "rewiring" is a large component of this
    [21:24:34] ichi: well, I am not sure that I would claim to be a better person for using it, but I would say that my selx flife has changed
    [21:24:44] rumel: Absolutely!
    [21:24:55] [email][/email]: because really, sexual health can be applied to both the physical and mental sides
    [21:24:59] skeeter_g: really opened up my eyes for sure!
    [21:25:25] rumel: support - I think they are inseparable.
    [21:25:28] handlebar: And good sexual health almost always leads to better mental and emotional health in my opinion
    [21:25:29] ichi: I have always been attentive to her needs, but now I find that I enjoy the kissing and the touching more
    [21:25:37] jusboy7: its a sure sign we dont know our bodies THAT well
    [21:25:56] handlebar: I agree ichi
    [21:26:35] ichi: I guess you could say that sex was a about the ending
    [21:26:51] ichi: now it is about being together
    [21:26:57] rumel: ichi - being attentive is one thing but being empathically attentive is quite a bit more.
    [21:27:14] ichi: I agree rumel
    [21:28:06] rumel: I think the Aneros experience can rewire us on a deep psychic level.
    [21:28:33] ichi: yes, I think I am more emotionally connected now
    [21:29:26] ichi: perhaps it is because I had to pay attention to the very minor details during a session
    [21:30:11] ichi: compound that over weeks and you really do change because of it
    [21:30:37] handlebar: I think it also depends on how long one has been with their partner
    [21:30:45] handlebar: Time makes us know more
    [21:30:53] ichi: true
    [21:31:11] skeeter_g: I have picked up a lot of extra emotion I did not have previously.
    [21:31:59] rumel: skeeter - or was it emotion you had but did not express fully befor?
    [21:32:47] superH: I have noticed that i am smiling a lot more since using aneros
    [21:32:52] ichi: so when are we opening the floor?
    [21:33:13] [email][/email]: i think we can do that now
    [21:33:13] skeeter_g: And finally after 35 years of Marriage I can understand my wife for who she is.
    [21:33:31] ichi: I have a few questions
    [21:33:34] [email][/email]: okay everyone - open discussion :smile:
    [21:33:41] skeeter_g: Rumel it was not expressed as much.
    [21:33:49] rumel: skeeter - that is wonderful!
    [21:34:17] ichi: How hard should contractions be?
    [21:34:47] jusboy7: i try not to do any contractions
    [21:34:49] skeeter_g: My wife being Italian, and me being kind of a dry American.. it was hard.
    [21:34:56] B Mayfield: this is an individual thing
    [21:35:11] B Mayfield: there is not one prescription that applies to all
    [21:35:16] skeeter_g: Agreed Brian.
    [21:35:22] rumel: ichi - IMHO - not hard at all, Ithink you can have great fun teasing yourself with light contractions.
    [21:35:31] B Mayfield: the one thing that I have found with some consistency
    [21:35:45] skeeter_g: Yes Runel.
    [21:36:04] B Mayfield: is that one should fully explore the power of subtle contraction
    [21:36:16] ichi: what is light? if very hard is a 10?
    [21:36:44] B Mayfield: most of where I'm at is between the 1 to 4 range
    [21:36:57] rumel: ichi - 2 or 3 on that scale.
    [21:37:00] ichi: oh, so very light then
    [21:37:06] jusboy7: my body seems to do its own
    [21:37:11] skeeter_g: I would say 2 to 3 also.
    [21:37:13] B Mayfield: with some 9's and 10 s to shake things up every now and them
    [21:37:37] B Mayfield: really it doesn't take that much
    [21:37:50] rumel: jusboy - that is the "do nothing" technique which can work for people too.
    [21:38:07] jusboy7: yes i try to do NOTHING
    [21:38:19] B Mayfield: it's about the simultaneous stimulation...generating that "positive feedback loop"
    [21:38:29] jusboy7: i havent worked out how to make contractions
    [21:38:53] ichi: next question..can you use too much lube? I seem to get better sensation with no prelube
    [21:38:57] B Mayfield: you mean what intensity and timing works for you?
    [21:39:09] B Mayfield: that comes with time
    [21:39:22] B Mayfield: that's a preference thing
    [21:39:39] ichi: I kind of figured B
    [21:39:45] jusboy7: i was told i wasnt using enough lube last week, so added more in
    [21:39:45] handlebar: I have not had any large contractions yet
    [21:39:50] B Mayfield: some require it to get adequate response from the unit
    [21:39:57] B Mayfield: others do not
    [21:39:57] handlebar: Just minor ones,around a 1-2 level
    [21:40:08] ichi: well that is what makes me wonder
    [21:40:23] ichi: I mean should the helix be able to slide in and out?
    [21:40:34] ichi: relly easily
    [21:40:37] B Mayfield: yes
    [21:40:43] handlebar: Mine doesn't
    [21:40:51] B Mayfield: it should....whether your prelubing or not
    [21:40:54] handlebar: Thats becasue i'm still new to it
    [21:40:57] ichi: or just bob
    [21:41:08] ichi: or pivot
    [21:41:31] handlebar: I won't say it is difficult to put in
    [21:41:32] ichi: Mine does not either handlebar
    [21:41:34] B Mayfield: yes indeed's movement should be unfettered
    [21:41:38] handlebar: Thats not what i meant
    [21:41:54] handlebar: I meant it doesn't fall out easy
    [21:41:59] jusboy7: is mine different to the helix?
    [21:42:18] rumel: IMHO, the lube needs to be sufficient so that your Aneros moves without friction or discomfort.
    [21:42:19] ichi: I mean if I grab the handle and pull on it it will pop right out
    [21:42:37] ichi: no pain or effort
    [21:42:42] handlebar: I try not to pull hard.A little discomfort
    [21:42:43] B Mayfield: yes...Rumel's got it right
    [21:42:52] ichi: but it does not slide in and out on its own
    [21:43:23] handlebar: I might need a bit more lube
    [21:43:27] ichi: even when I really prelube
    [21:43:55] rumel: ichi - that sounds about right, you wantyou musclesto control the motion.
    [21:44:09] ichi: cool
    [21:44:17] ichi: that happens
    [21:44:37] ichi: but it does not move a lot in and out
    [21:44:49] ichi: more of a pivot
    [21:45:09] B Mayfield: naturally the device should not fall out on it's own...but should move easily with any anal contraction
    [21:45:36] ichi: next during a session.
    [21:45:37] rumel: ichi - That's perfectly OK, it does NOT take a lot of movement to generate sensations.
    [21:45:46] handlebar: Mine seems to fit just right,especially that Progasm
    [21:46:07] B Mayfield: the actual amount of movement or "excursion" (the distance in and out) is fairly small
    [21:46:40] B Mayfield: remember this is not like a vibrator or a dildo...
    [21:46:58] jusboy7: no
    [21:47:23] ichi: do you think that watching porn is more of a distraction
    [21:47:25] B Mayfield: when it's "seated" properly....the action of the unit is far more subtle than any of those devices...
    [21:47:35] B Mayfield: again...a preference
    [21:47:58] B Mayfield: if you are easily visually stimulated, as many men are....
    [21:48:05] jusboy7: i likie to concenrate fully on the session and really relax
    [21:48:23] B Mayfield: then it's terrific for amping things up!
    [21:48:27] handlebar: I have not tried porn yet while using it.I want to soon
    [21:48:36] ichi: that is what I was thinking B
    [21:48:40] B Mayfield: for me...more as foreplay
    [21:49:13] B Mayfield: give it a shot....see how it works for you
    [21:49:38] B Mayfield: it won't take you to long to figure out whether it's worth your time
    [21:49:44] rumel: I'm with Brian, porn is great to build arousal before a session but I find it distracting during a session.
    [21:49:55] B Mayfield: yes
    [21:50:06] jusboy7: ive not used it either
    [21:50:13] handlebar: And it can be tough NOT touching yourself
    [21:50:22] skeeter_g: rumel you are correct.. some soft music is better.
    [21:50:24] B Mayfield: unless you're engaging in a totally different kind of session....which we're not really getting into here today
    [21:50:49] skeeter_g: Porn will get you started for sure.
    [21:50:55] B Mayfield: brb
    [21:51:36] rumel: I think instrumental music during a session can be wonderful.
    [21:52:05] skeeter_g: Yes agree totally.
    [21:52:09] jusboy7: any favourites rumel??
    [21:52:11] ichi: next question....when the involuntaries start, should I relax and let them do their thing, or do I continue to contract?
    [21:52:12] rumel: Music with lyrics, I find a distraction.
    [21:52:20] handlebar: As a classical music collector and major,i can understand that
    [21:52:39] handlebar: There are certain pieces,instruments that fit the bill
    [21:52:48] jusboy7: im a professional classical person so kinda interested in your idea!
    [21:52:48] handlebar: yes,vocal solo can be
    [21:52:50] handlebar: Or opera
    [21:52:58] handlebar: but choral can be relaxing
    [21:53:15] jusboy7: i wouldnt recommend opera no lol
    [21:53:19] rumel: jusboy7 - the music I used on "HypnAerosession" turns me on!
    [21:53:22] handlebar: LOL
    [21:53:42] jusboy7: what mnusic is that rumel?
    [21:54:11] skeeter_g: ichi you can continue to contract slightly, if it keeps things moving forward.
    [21:55:01] skeeter_g: Usualy best to let go and see.. if not mild contractions again.
    [21:55:04] rumel: jusboy7 - check out
    [21:55:11] ichi: the girl in the bacground getting off turns me on rumel ;)
    [21:55:38] handlebar: Nothing like an erotic voice
    [21:55:50] ichi: will do skeeter
    [21:56:37] [email][/email]: hi everyone, we are nearing the end of this chat event, we would sincerely like to thank all of you for joining today
    [21:56:42] ichi: should I relax completly or keep that mild contraction?
    [21:57:11] handlebar: Thanks for the chat event
    [21:57:14] handlebar: it was a delight
    [21:57:23] jusboy7: ok no classical composers then
    [21:57:52] skeeter_g: ichi If it continues to build with no contractions then relax.
    [21:57:57] skeeter_g: let loose
    [21:57:58] rumel: support - you indicated some info re: the PERIDISE models?
    [21:58:02] [email][/email]: some product news - we are working on a stainless steel version of the peridise
    [21:58:33] skeeter_g: Yeah Baby!!! support.
    [21:58:34] handlebar: Plenty of composers.Rachmaninov,Mozart,Mahler
    [21:58:38] [email][/email]: we are working with the weighting right now, the right balance is key
    [21:58:47] handlebar: ooo new products
    [21:59:02] jusboy7: ok handelbar .. which pieces???
    [21:59:13] [email][/email]: so more info to come in the near future

    [22:03:22] [email][/email]: right Brian
    [22:03:24] skeeter_g: I dont think aluminum is any worse than plastic for cleanliness
    [22:03:40] rumel: Yes titanium would be good perhaps magnesium as well.
    [22:03:41] B Mayfield: it also has a marvelous cache'
    [22:03:46] [email][/email]: thanks Skeeter
    [22:04:08] B Mayfield: I'm wearing my titanium eyeglass frames as we speak
    [22:04:16] B Mayfield: as we chat that is!
    [22:04:41] [email][/email]: :smile:
    [22:04:41] jusboy7: lol
    [22:04:53] skeeter_g: Titanium is highly flammable
    [22:05:02] skeeter_g: If I remember corrrectly
    [22:05:06] jusboy7: ooer
    [22:05:15] B Mayfield: yes....if it's in a powder form
    [22:05:22] rumel: skeeter - my ass ain't that hot!
    [22:05:34] skeeter_g: Oh Ok brian...
    [22:05:36] B Mayfield: it's used as a catalyst in many chemical reactions
    [22:05:37] [email][/email]: haha
    [22:05:43] skeeter_g: I could not remember.
    [22:06:05] skeeter_g: rumel ... :laugh:
    [22:06:08] [email][/email]: well, the chat room software is scheduled to close here automatically in a few minutes
    [22:06:15] B Mayfield: on the aluminum...I seem to remember that some people have reactions to it
    [22:06:36] B Mayfield: OH....say it's not so.....and I just GOT HERE lol
    [22:06:55] rumel: I believe in formed metal form it is highly heat resistant that is one of the reasons it was used in the SR-71.
    [22:06:56] [email][/email]: i knowww Brian :smile:
    [22:07:00] B Mayfield: my schedule has gone awry today...
    [22:07:24] [email][/email]: if there is interest i can keep the room open for an additional hour
    [22:07:24] B Mayfield: Nurse Funk is that you?
    [22:07:27] B Mayfield: lol
    [22:07:30] handlebar: Thanks for the chat support
    [22:07:41] handlebar: it was helpful
    [22:07:49] B Mayfield:'s wonderful that you guys do this...
    [22:08:01] rumel: I can hang around a bit longer.
    [00:00:00] Administrator: This chat event is ending soon. See you at the next one!
    [22:08:18] [email][/email]: okay the event has been extended an hour
    [22:08:20] B Mayfield: the software is gonna shut us down though
    [22:08:21] B Mayfield: see
    [22:08:51] skeeter_g: So support when do I get my stainless Peridise... any ideas on when they will be finished at this time?
    [22:08:56] rumel: Cool - the Party's On!
    [22:09:19] B Mayfield: it'll probably kick us off pretty soon
    [22:09:33] [email][/email]: skeeter we are working on the prototype
    [22:09:48] [email][/email]: no exact date set
    [22:09:58] [email][/email]: one sec
    [22:10:04] rumel: Well we can always switch over to the Forum and start a thread.
    [22:10:04] [email][/email]: let me fix the locking of the software
    [22:10:17] skeeter_g: OK thanks Support!!
    [22:10:20] B Mayfield: that would be cool
    [22:10:37] B Mayfield: specially for later comers like me
    [22:10:47] [email][/email]: okay, i think the software is okay now - should be good for another hour
    [22:11:10] B Mayfield: LOL
    [22:11:12] rumel: Thanks support.
    [22:11:22] B Mayfield:
    [22:11:30] skeeter_g: Cool support!!
    [22:11:40] handlebar: Thans
    [22:11:45] rumel: jusboy7 - did we get most of your questions answered?
    [22:12:06] [email][/email]: I will be sigining off now but feel free to continue the great discussion here. hope to see you guys at the next one!
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Thank you Support for posting the chat transcript so quickly. It was nice to read what I missed.

    I apologize that I had to leave before it was over, as I would have liked to stay and continue.
    Hopefully next chat I can stick around.

    Good to hear about the stainless steel Peridise being worked on. From what I've read here in the forum, you'll have some very anxious customers standing in line to buy it.

    Love is Peace