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My first night with the Helix
  • Well i finally received my Helix and Progasm from Amazon. I was giddy s i waited for the night to end and I could have some alone time to give it a try. So I lubed up and let the Helix slide in.It was a great feeling to start. I relaxed as far as one can and let the time pass as I tried to feel what I could.I did feel the pressing on my prostate and a slight feeling or pressure. It was nice yet nothing spectacular.
    I tried to squeeze the muscles and let things progress with a little better reaction.But nothing wonderful.I know this is the first session and I might have a long ways to go but I'm committed to trying this and look forward to tonight's session as well.

    I will try to post my sessions as they progress.


  • Good post Jim,

    One suggestion, don't try and squeeze to hard when you do contractions, only do them about 1/4 and hold them for about 15 to 20 seconds. You may start to feel a little bit of a buzz when holding, then you can release and do it all over again. :D
    keep us posted for sure!! :lol:
  • Thanks!!! I will try that out!

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Nice handlebar! Keep at it, and don't let yourself get discouraged.
    Everyone here in the forum will be your cheering team!
    Give me an O! Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :lol:
  • Day 2 has arrived.After a long day at work,I was ready for relaxation. So when time to go to bed struck the hour,I brought myself up to an excited mood and lubed the Helix.
    I have been working those stomach and PC muscles since the suggestion from skeeter.
    After about 15 minutes of light squeezing,I started to feel some slight pleasure. As if i wanted to slide into an orgasmic contraction but very slight. I didn't touch my penis either.I want to rewire myself the right way.
    But after an hour of trying,maybe too hard,I decided to give the Progasm a try.
    OH BOY!
    Tallk about a full feeling! And it certainly hit the prostate better. I didn't have any more contractions or orgasmic feelings though.
    But I know it will take time.So i figured I would stroke a little and see what a penile orgasm would be like with the Progasm inside. Amazing!!! Yes,I was not supposed to touch.But too far gone means it's time.LOL So I did and the extra help of the Progasm was very nice.
    Needless to say,I slept reasonably well when my sciatica was not waking me up :x

    Day#3:Morning---I decided to try the Helix again this early morning. Same result as last night. Giving it a rest until tonight or tomorrow.

  • Hi Jim,
    Your doing fine..! Keep us posted... It is OK to not have anything happen so soon. Some folks take longer that others.

    It does sound like you had a good time with the progasm. :D

    Never have any expectations. Don't push for the feelings, and remember to relax. 8)
  • After a few days of trying the Helix and not having a lot of success,I decided to try it in the bathtub.
    I took a few days break from using either the Helix or the Progasm.Maybe this would help.
    So after getting the water nice and warm,relaxing,inserting the helix and laying down,i started to dream away. I admit i felt some stirrings.But nothing really took over. So after 1/2 of the Helix,i put in the Progasm.That was better.A much fuller feeling that pressed a bit better on the prostate.
    I went back to fantasy land,hoping that i would have more success. Nothing else.I admot it felt good but nothing that coul d be classified as close to an orgasm.
    I did get hard a few times and refrained from touching my penis AT ALL.
    Being that not much good was resulting from this session after almost an hour,I decided some penile stimulation was better than nothing at all.(I know,I know-I should have kept from doing it)
    The resulting Super T was amazingly wonderful!! I ejaculated of course but much more than usual and am still coming down from the high almost 20 minutes later.No regular orgasm is THIS good.
    I hope to sleep well tonight,as i don't usually get more than 5 hours a night.

    So I will keep on trying to relax more and give it some time.I have read the Wiki through and will try again from now to this weekend to not masturbate.Maybe then something will spark.

    I will update then.

  • Hi Jim,
    Keep it up!! It will take some time.. not everybody has super-O's within weeks, some take longer, and that is OK. There is no rush to get to the big O.

    It is good that you had such a great Super-T, that is a start, anyway you look at it :lol:

    Continue to keep us posted on the quest...
  • Last week I used the Progasm as it is really a better feel for me with very little in the way of results except quite a bit of pre-cum. That is a good sign.
    So i decided to take a short break from either in hopes that maybe i was doing it too often.
    Tonight I will try it again at bedtime and post a report.