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Could you describe the pleasure?
  • I just ordered the helix and was wondering if you could describe the pleasure these things give? I mean people have talked about tingles, and rooms spinning and such...

    I mean does it feel like the intense pleasure you feel just before orgasm, but instead of cumming it just stays there at that moment for a long time or what?
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Welcome to the Forum Oy121431341!

    The pleasures start small, even whispers and can then grow in many different ways for different people. The key thing is patience, no specific expectations, and listening and allowing the early funny little things to take hold and grow however they will...

    Age, any past anal experience, health, levels of stress or muscular tension: all these and many more factors can effect the journey...

    Patience while your body does its own version of the rewiring process is essential to your ultimate full spectrum success! Check the Stickies threads here in the Forum and the Wiki; there are lots of varied descriptions from others' experiences. Find a poster or posters you resonate with and follow their blog if they have one.

    all the best as you begin your journey here – and let us know how you do as you move forward