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  • Hi, All.

    I'm a relatively new user, a couple months now. Still no real progress, I hate to admit. I'm a healthy 62 year old guy, good libedo and no problems with sex or erections. Love porn, and masterbate regularly as my wife is pretty unenthusiastic any more.

    I started with the MGX and had no problems from the start. I enjoy anal play, and enjoy the sensation of insertion and removal, but my prostate seems unresponsive to date.

    I decided that the action of the MGX was limited and I cut off the tail and smoothed it out. I also adjusted the P-tab slightly to tip the MGX a bit forward. This helped, but not much.

    So...I decided to get a bit more agressesive. I bought a Progasm the other day. took a bit of concentration and lube, but man...nice fit! I like it.

    BUT...after two sessions, both admittedly brief...I know, I know, patience and time, patience and time...I still don't really feel much.

    Is my prostate insensitive? Do they ever "die" to manual stimulation? Do any of you other guys have an experience like mine. I really don't get any buzz to speak of, not even with a little manual manipulation.

    I'm getting bummed. I need some encouagement here. It just seems that I should feel something more. I must admit that I'm becoming a bit more cognizant of what's going on down there, and can now actually feel the tip of my Progasm working back and forth with contractions, but the sensations that others report don't seem to be happening for me.

    So....whatcha say?
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,353
    no, i don't think your prostate is insensitive.

    it remains a deep mystery why some guys respond immediately, and some take a long while. my own suspicions are that it has to to do with how guys hold tension in their pelvic musculature, both physically and mentally. the aneros requires relaxed and strong pelvic floor muscles. some men lock their musculature in varying states of tension.

    i would suggest two things (i hate to recommend throwing money at the problem, but, here i go):
    - get the peridise beginner set
    - get rumel's Hypnaerosession CD or download.

    the peridise is a better choice than the progasm to awaken your nethers if they haven't been easily responding to the standard aneros models.

    the hypnaeroesession will open your mind, which --i know you won't believe me-- is a huge part of the equation.

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hello Cockadoodle,

    And welcome to the Aneros forum! :)

    Is my prostate insensitive?

    Yes and no. Yes it is probably insensitive like most men, from never being stimulated in this fashion before. No it is not insensitive, as your body and mind need to be re-trained to learn to experience pleasure from this area. This is a process we call "re-wiring". And until you start to go through it, you won't experience much, if any pleasure at all. For myself, I found that my anus became more sensitive, and generated pleasurable sensations through involuntary anal contractions long before I started to feel much of anything from my prostrate. Learning to concentrate and feel pleasure from my prostrate is what I am working on now. Be patient, relax your body and mind, make no expectations of your sessions, notice every little sensation the Aneros makes within you, and allow yourself the time to learn these new ways of feeling pleasure.

    Rumel should have sent you a private message when you first registered and logged in to the forum. In it there is some links to important information to help you understand the process. But I also encourage you to read as much as you can here in the forum, and ask questions as they occur.

    Do they ever "die" to manual stimulation?

    Not that I'm aware of. But I'm no expert by any means. I think the gist of what you are asking here was answered in the previous question.

    Do any of you other guys have an experience like mine. I really don't get any buzz to speak of, not even with a little manual manipulation.

    I did, and for a little over a year of infrequent usage due to frustration, I got no results until a few weeks ago. Keep practicing regularly, and you will see results sooner than later. Also, make sure that you put enough time into your sessions. I think for beginners, 60 to 90 minutes is recommended. But if you feel like going longer, by all means. Part of this has to do with allowing your body and mind, in addition to your anus, the time to completely relax.
  • Just good to know things are progressing...I hope.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    They are! :) Have faith and patience in the process.
    You can't learn something new unless you are open to the idea of it, and the learning process.

    Hang in there and keep practicing. I find for myself when I get disappointed, or frustrated, I will go and read other guys success stories here in the forum to inspire me to keep going. It really helps and encourages.