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Is that Aneros can help us open the temporal Lobbe right?
    Introduction of the book THE DIVINE CONNECTION Dr. Melvin Morse

    In exercising my profession pediatrician, I spent fifteen years talking to children who have survived a momentary death in emergency rooms. They spoke to me of a white light which was "full of nice things in it" and welcomes us all to our death. This light is even "more real than real" as I described a little boy. After Unraveling what is hiding behind, I learned that 20% of the human brain was dedicated to this light so that we can test it in our lifetime. Just as we have in our brain area dedicated to logic or an area for music, we also have the "divine point" which facilitates communication with what most people call God.

    The French edition of "Divine Connection" presents a synthesis of recent scientific findings and implications they entail. Indeed, science experiments at the frontiers of death teaches us that we are bits of energy included in a timeless energy complex even larger. These new discoveries is the chance to communicate with the dead, the reality of angels, ghosts, especially the scientific possibility of surviving death. The French edition of my book goes further and explains how we can all experience this "light with a happy face" (as expressed by a three-year) in our daily lives.

    It is the French mathematician and philosopher René Descartes who is responsible for our rational vision of the world: here 350 years, he said that our bodies are biological machines and that our spirit is an intangible force that resides there. But after more than three centuries of scientific progress, and especially since the dazzling advances of mathematical chaos, neurology and physics, this view of Descartes is now obsolete.

    The twenty-first century science tells us that the time and space have meaning only for our personal reality as the universe itself is a mathematical construction in which time and space are not. Better still, we interact and build permanent the universe with our thoughts and actions! For example, recent research by Princeton University shows that students with no prior training may, by their very thought, influence the movements of a ping pong ball in a giant grid.

    The latest research on the experiences at the frontiers of death in this book go even further and clearly suggest that our brain communicates with the universal spirit, or God on a daily basis.

    But we can not use that divine connection between God and us in practical ways as we do not understand the mechanism behind. In this book, I present the case of one of my patients would die as a result of a liver problem. It was a spontaneous remission and with evidence. Previously, the medical profession which I simply put these healings incomprehensible about their mysterious powers of thought. About a century, Louis Pasteur also found himself confronted with things because they also mysterious. Then he proved that germs, bodies imperceptible to the naked eye, were responsible both for the disease as fermentation. It is interesting to note that before his discovery, Pasteur studied the effects of light on chemical compounds.

    Logic therefore whether the French scientists, physicists, biologists and physicians who have instrumentalized the overthrow of the old ideas of Descartes with the theory of elementary consciousness. Louis-Marie Vincent, a professor of biology and chemistry-physics at the University of Paris has stated that the universe has two basic properties: 1) Energy 2) information.

    It has also shown in countless studies that any living organism has a conscience, including at the most basic cells. This awareness "elementary" in every living thing may share information with other cells and organisms, even at great distance. He explained that the time and space are not essential properties of the universe, an assertion that I heard myself regularly children's mouths past "on the other side." A little boy me and said that his experience may have lasted a second or as long as all his life.

    The most daring proposal of this book concerns our memories are not stored in our brains but to a universal memory. The work of Dr. Vincent and his research group support this surprising idea by saying that there are two categories of information contained in this texture that makes the universe: the first is one that combines the genetic information contained in our DNA and the second that keeps the memories we collect during our lives. For me, these theories explain the capacities so-called paranormal as the distance vision and telepathy, two perfectly documented and recreated in the laboratory and prove they are real human capabilities.

    My conclusion from the research experiments at the frontiers of death is that we do not have a soul that is in our body, but that we are a physical body in a soul. From a scientific point of view, the group of Dr. Vincent is in agreement with this definition: "we often confuse our body with the substance. Very precise experiments have shown that the substances that are constantly renewed. What remains unchanged is our form, or body, as if current material constantly passed through an invisible. "

    This explanation, that we are embodied souls, is the major point of this new scientific discovery. The nature of "reality" understood by our greatest researchers is that the universe is information stored in a fuel mix out of time and space. Discrete packets of information, such as those contained in our DNA, become substance which, in turn, has resulted in a biological human being. And it is our right temporal lobe that allows data to pass between our bodies and models in information nature.

    Now we understand exactly how that information can directly from our right temporal lobe that children describe as "the spirit of God." When they experience at the frontiers of death, they often depict a mindset that gives them the feeling of everything, to know everything, including future events. Often, they come back "on the other side" by announcing events that actually, and against all odds, come true.

    Once again, the French scientists who Unraveling the secrets of this communication with "God". Of course, they do not use that word, but the "conscience supralumineuse" or "universal information system." Children who have met personally with the "system" say they feel they know everything that was, is and will, "all mixed with love." The French physicists Regis Dutheil Chauchard and Paul were the first to explain the mechanism of these exchanges that include communications post-mortem and experiences on the borders of death. Dr. Dutheil of the Faculty of Medicine of Poitiers said that this exchange with the "universal information system" is done through subatomic particles called tachyons. As Dr. Chauchard, he was professor of neurophysiology at the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes and conducting special research on how is this exchange between the human brain and this "universal information system."

    Initially, when I started my research, I thought that the brains of these children had simply failed to oxygen or simply that délirait. I was blinded by my knowledge that consciousness depends on a brain in good condition. But after studying the work of Professor Chauchard, I realized that my knowledge was not up to date. I learned to listen to the experiences of these children and not to question what they told me, not because I do not believe it, but because new scientific discoveries support them.

    Yes, a light loving home when we die. Life exists and will always exist in this light. And we have the ability to access it in our lifetime because we are all already biologically wired for God. With this book you will know exactly how you can connect with this energy and how this discovery can literally changing your life. I am infinitely grateful to the Garden of Books because the French edition, by far exceeding the U.S. honors the spirit of what these children of light tried to pass me, not about death but about life.
  • rumelrumel
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    This is a very interesting theory which is not in contradiction with the core belief systems of the worlds major religions regarding the nature of God.

    In Light Meant… = enlightenment?