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wow, three hours!
  • Well, like many people here who just have to rush and register/post when they have their first success... here I am!.

    I had the week off, so yesterday morning I decided to draw a nice warm bath and try out round 3 of my aneros to see if I could get something major happening "down there". I laid on my back with my head just under the water and my feet pressed against the wall on either side of the tap. It took about 30 minutes or so for me to really start to feel it connecting with my prostate and for me to be able to move it ever so gently around causing me some major WOW moments. Once I got started down that path things just seemed to get better and better. I found that just after having it totally clenched up inside of me, I would let out all the tension in my buttocks/ass and it would sort of come to a gentle stop almost out of me. Then I would concentrate not on bringing it into me, but instead on the idea of it starting to move, but also trying not to move it forward myself (if that makes sense). What I found was as I was concentrating on it moving inward, but not actually sucking it up with those muscles, I would begin the low level waves of pleasure. Then I would slowly start to move it deeper into me, taking as much time as I could to experience the gentle waves flowing over my body and mind. Eventually the feelings would change to a deeper fuller pleasure and it would be almost fully sucked into me. This is where things got interesting. At that point I would start to suck in/clench tighter and tighter until there was no way I could physically put any more pressure on it and found my ass and lower legs convulsing in the most delicious way! Although it was like having a multi minute orgasm every time, I began to notice that the core of my ass was starting to feel something *really* big coming. I can't really describe it, but it felt like whatever it would be, it would be HUGE when it happened. At this point I found my self laughing, moaning, and saying things like "yes, please, more, bigger, deeper, etc" and what I found really weird was that my head was shaking/spasming left and right very quickly (like I was vibrating at 300bpm or something).

    Anyway, this continued for quite a while with the pleasure being on and off in about 10 minute increments. Eventually I realized I had been in the tub for over three hours and decided to bring myself to that point once more and then touch myself for a manual release. Once I came to :shock: I started the long process of cleaning off the 1/4 tube of petroleum jelly off of my cheeks/ass and showered up for the day. It was a real ride, but I hope that soon I'll be able to discover what my ass really wants to show me and feel that release that seems so deep inside of me, but for now remains just out of reach :lol:

    Great fun indeed, but today I am bloody sore! Like I feel as though I did a 3 hour ab and neck workout! I really don't mind the fact that my heartrate was probably up in the 150's for a few hours or that I got a good core muscle workout, but I don't think my neck muscles have ever had a workout like this! Has anyone else ever had the neck spasms I mentioned?
  • Love_isLove_is
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    Hello first_time_pegger,

    And welcome to the forum. :D

    That sounds like an amazingly orgasmic experience!

    How much do you think being in a hot tub of water during your session effected the experience?
    Of course I'm assuming your other sessions were not in a tub. I would imagine the hot water would really make your body relax a lot more than otherwise in air. I'm currently using a glycerin based water soluble lube(Astroglide), so I don't think that I would be able to try a session in the tub. For fear of the lube dissolving and washing away. Yikes! :shock:

    Has anyone else ever had the neck spasms I mentioned?

    I get them mostly in my torso and hips. If I have a long session my abdomen muscles can get a little sore from twitching and convulsing so darned much. From what I've read from other users here, everyone is wired a little differently as far as how their body responds to the pleasure during the Aneros sessions. Sounds like you had a major workout. As long as you are not damaged or bruised, you are getting some exercise in the process. Enjoy it! :D
  • I've had some good session in the tub and many times I have had my head fling from side to side and shake.
  • pnomanpnoman
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    Wow! 3 hours in the tub? Your nipples must have gotten all pruny!