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Still going at it
  • NatNat
    Posts: 90
    I made a thread about a month ago saying that I was able to get some sensations, but not much progress to even a dry 0. Since then, I have tried a few more times, but with even less success than I had previously posted about. Because of this, I decided to lay off the Aneros for awhile, and return to it at a later date.

    I have always been interested in the effects of sleeping with the Aneros inside, but could never get myself to do it. This morning, I woke up at 5am with the erge to attempt the Aneros again after a week or so time off (I have had the Helix for about two months now). My intention was to fall asleep with it inside, and see if I had better results when I woke up. However, I automatically got into it. I was laying on my stomach, and started feeling slight sensations and leg movements. But shamefully, the door bell rang.

    When I returned to bed, I was immediately able to get back in the grove. But this time, I was getting no results at all on my stomach. I turned to my side, and received much more progress. For the first time I was able to achieve full body movements (which now I wonder how that happens and why). This was a neat feeling, but never gave me any pleasurable sensations like I have seen in posted videos. The weird thing was, after I was fully relaxed, I returned to my stomach again and still had no results.

    I rode out the session for awhile, thinking that if I was patient and open minded there would be some type of climax. The only thing I got was slight sensations when I moved into a doggy style position. Sadly, after 2 hours I gave up.

    What am I doing wrong? Is there a position that you are supposed to be in?
  • I have the same issue from time to time. Once i was in the grove of involuntaries and shaking good stuff but phone rang it was sister. I talked for a minute or two went back at it in a whole hour after i had nothing. Rather than frustrate myself i took it out and just went on about my day mostly doing house stuff. That night i had another session and it was a good one.

    I think that its more of a mind thing when you are interrupted the urge to restart kills it. You are better off just trying a little later. Just try positions that make you feel most relaxed that all muscles can relax and you hold that position without any manual control so you dont have muscle fatigue you basically can have better results if your whole body is relaxed. The best positions for me are my side with legs bent that hold me on my side without having to use my arms to support me and on my stomach i get similar success.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    I agree, it has to be a mind thing.
    If your attention is upon the experience of having had to answer the door. Or anything else that does not keep you relaxed and in a state of arousal. Then you won't get very far when you re-continue your session. Either try a session later. Or find some way to get yourself relaxed and aroused again. For example, you could spend sometime just taking deep abdominal breathes with your eyes closed, and then watch or read some porn. But that still does not guarantee your session will start feeling good again. You do have to be willing to let it go and try a session at another time if nothing is happening.
  • Hi All,
    IMO it is not good to try and have an aneros in your bum when asleep, then hope for an orgasm. This may work for some but probably not for most users.

    You must be in good mood, horny, have a wide open mind, no stress, have no expectations, and don't force it! Just let what happens, happen.

    If you have interruptions, and when you go back and it all seems to be gone, it probably will do you no good to stay there for anther hour or so. chalk it up... just try it another day. good call Love_is...

    This is not a race to see how fast one gets to the super-O, take your time, enjoy the feelings you get!
    if it takes a few months it is OK, you will get there!!