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  • It has been almost one year since I started this journey. What a trip. When my mgx came justa fter last thanksgiving last year . . . the next 5 or six attempts afterwards where dissappointing and frustrating. Now here I am one year later and oh man far I have come. Literally! Wow.

    This last 4 months have really been the opening of the doors into aneros and beyond. During this time I have been alternating sessions with and without the aneros. I have learned and grown in capacity and the feelings are now amazing. What has happened is that the aneros sessions have sensitized me to that wonderful organ inside my rectum so that I can now have incredible sessions with nothing inside. What follows is a run down of what happened to me this last friday night. . it is a testimony to how far I have come. This was an aneroless session . . . my last aneros session was six days earlier.

    Spent a couple of hours on line looking at xtube and youporn. By 11 pm I was juiced... underpants were sopping wet. Had not had intercourse or jerked off for 5 days ... result the tip of my penis was really sensitive and eager. I had found that if I can get myself to this point I am due for a great session aneros or not. Wife and I went to bed at mid night. Slept for 2 hours and woke up half way at 2 am. Had a raging hard on at 2 am. As my name says ...I am kind of large erect ...almost ten inches. Should note that both wife and I sleep naked. Also should note that wife is just as hot now at 50 as she was at 22 when we met. Same figure gut and great firm ass.

    Rolled over on my right side and bent my left leg up towards my chest then gently placed the corona of my penis touching lightly on the matress ....we have a really soft down matress. I also held a very gentle mild contraction. The matress essentially caressed the tip of my penis and in a second began to send shock waves (like an electric current) directly to my prostate. During the last year I have become really sensitive to feeling my prostate in its aroused state. Lying quietly I just let the waves build . . . I just relax and try to follow where the experience is taking me. This is critical as I really get into a very zen listening to my body kind of state. It helps to fan the flames so to speak if I fantasize about something really hot.

    After ten or fifteen minutes I can feel my prostate swelling and filling up. At this point it feels the same as a hard on but it is deep inside of me. Once I reached this state I began to do very gentle internal contractions ...rymthically pulsing in time to the throbbing artery in my rectum ...I found this to be very important to synchronize with my intensifying pulse. As I was contracting, the feelings inside of me were building like a friction car toy that is repeatedly run on the ground speeding it up. After maybe twenty minutes of this . . . my insides had the same feeling as a really stiff erection. Its like my rectum was made of wood but it is really sensitive. Then I let up on the contractions and let my body take over. There was a slight lag but then very slowly and steadily the involuntaries became to come ...first they were slow and mild ...but I just relax and let them come. I should add that my wife is sound asleep next to me in a king sized bed. Fortunately she sleeps very soundly. Having to lay quietly and and not stir helps me to do things calmly and not over act on the feelings I am getting. It is a very contemplative - aroused state.

    By now my penis had gone soft. I have discovered that as soon as the internal waves start for me I go soft . . I cannot stay hard. My corona is still very very sensitive. The involutaries really were starting to build and acelerate . . . they were also intensifying. It was about an hour from when I first started now ... and the involuntaries are really getting intense and hard. They felt like a clicking - thumping throb that was in time to my heart beat which was really fast. The pressure had expanded from my prostate to my penis which although it is soft is about ready to explode. My entire pelvis was now in a heightened state with the epicenter on the very tip of my penis. Then the involunaries came so hard and fast and close together that they ran together and fadded, but as they faded they were replaced with a slow alternating uncontrollable contraction of my prostate and rectum; it reverated back and forth between my anus and my penis. It was like a ping pong match of quivering contractions going back and forth beween my ass hole and penis. Instead of subsiding these sensations began to build and build.

    Just when I thought I was going to loose my mind it went into an incredible mind numbing convulsive extended contraction that ended in a pulsing feeling like an ejaculation ...but no cum. It was like flying thru space unrestrained and being supported by these incredible feelings that were rooted deep in my asshole and were gripping my penis like an iron fist and cextending up into my chest. All the time my mind was soaring and time disappeared. These kept up for 10 minutes and then faded letting me down.

    At this point it was 4 am. I rested for 10 minutes and then siddled up to my wife who was on her side . . . knees bent and ass towards me. I took my semi erect penis and nestled it in the warmth of her ass crack. In seconds I was off again on the same sequence but this time .... it went much faster. We stayed in bed until 9 am ... she sleeping and me riding from orgasm to orgasm with slight rests in between. I lost track of time but I must have had 10 of them each one lasting 10 minutes.

    By 9 am my prostate felt like a limp rag.

    My wife woke up feeling really randy. It was a quiet saturday am ... she rololed over and suggested that we fuck. I was really horney and ready. With her hand on my penis I got hard in a second.
    We fucked for at least 15 minutes ...really slow and Igoy=t really really hard. When I finally came I surprised her with the intensity of it. She remarked later that she couldn't believe how much I put into her.

    A few observations which may help others ...if your penis goes soft . . . odds are you will not come pursue stimulation of the tip; it is wired directly to your prostate. Relax and concentrate on laying quietly and listening to your body.

    My aneros sessions are more or less the same as this session a few days ago ...but they require more fantasy. They can also get to involuntaries alot faster.

    Also I am alot more aware of the horney ness of my prostate ...if I don't have a session for a few days gets tweaky and sensitive ... it will thump in small contractions tryingf to cum.

    Also if I don't follow an aneros session to a resolution and finish ... my prostate will be tweaky all day long ...trying to orgasm at very inopportune times.

    That is it. All I can say is that all you newbies need to be patient with yourselves ... it will happen. Trust me.

    happy trails
  • pnomanpnoman
    Posts: 145
    Thanks for the encouragement! I know MY super-o is coming soon!