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another newbie.
  • ZingoZingo
    Posts: 2
    Hi everyone, discovered Aneros and this forum 3 weeks ago and after a lot of reading decided to purchase the Helix, I am a 42 year old divorced man who is not in a sexual relationship and hasn't been for 2 years (since marriage ended).
    I have had my Helix for 2 weeks now and have used daily without much pleasurable success, right from the beginning I've had involuntary contractions but they don't lead to anything, I think I know what it is supposed to feel like, when I was younger from about age 11 I used to get wonderful orgasmic feelings whilst sleeping, more powerful and far more pleasurable than anything I've had from intercourse or masturbation, after reading this forum I realise that the sensation I was feeling was actually coming from my Prostate, I would love to discover this feeling again but awake. I have ordered two cd's recommended on this site, the Hypno' one and Ecstacy but they will take time to arrive from US to UK, I hope they will make a difference, I would like to ask some questions, hope this is o.k.

    My involuntary contractions which I always get almost immediately after insertion, is it just a matter of time before they will develop into something or should I be doing something else? if a matter of time, how long? I am willing to be patient, if it takes months then fine, just don't want myself being "pissed off" because "nothing's happened yet"

    How long should I persevere before buying a different model?

    I am very down and lonely at the moment, took my marriage ending badly, it was a tremendous disapointment, my sex drive is extremely low, I am on no medication whatsoever, can the aneros work if you are down and have poor sex drive, when I am happy my sex drive is fine.

    Can the aneros help lift your mood? I'd be keen to hear if anyone has been down and the aneros and it's sensations has lifted their mood and improved their life, as I say I am down at the moment but have no plans to visit my doctor and get "pills".

    hope I can get some help and answers................Thanks
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,421
    Hi Zingo,

    Welcome to the Forum,

    It is absolutely OK to ask some questions, this Forum exists to share information about Aneros usage in an open, honest, supportive format so that you and the rest of us can maximize our enjoyment of these unique little devices.
    Your questions are frequently asked by newbies, I sent you a PM with some tips for reading information I hope you will follow up on. Please understand my answers to your questions are an expression of my opinion only, other members may have differing but equally valid opinions for you to consider as well.

    “My involuntary contractions … is it just a matter of time before they will develop into something or should I be doing something else? “ Involuntary contractions are often the pre-cursors to mini-O’s and Super-O’s, continue to encourage them, ride them and let them lead your feelings where they may. It is difficult to say how long or even if they will develop into something. There are just too many factors that can influence any one set of phenomena to predict a probable outcome.
    The process of “awakening your prostate” and beginning the “rewiring” process is time indeterminate, it can take weeks, months, perhaps even years for one to develop Super-O capability. Every individual is different, but I can tell you this “... being pissed off because nothing’s happened yet ...” is a sure formula for failure to advance. Your attitude and approach to this journey need to be open, adventuresome and patient as you learn about yourself.

    “How long should I persevere before buying a different model?”
    While different models do have slightly different characteristics and thus your interaction with them is likely to be slightly different. I think you should give yourself 4-6 months of regular usage of your Helix before considering another model. Give yourself a chance to learn the nuances of sensation you body is capable of producing from any form of stimulation. It is important to understand your Aneros should be considered an arousal amplifier not an arousal generator.

    “…can the aneros work if you are down and have poor sex drive, …” Probably not, mental arousal, heightened desire for sexual activity and sexual tension all contribute significantly to full enjoyment of your Aneros massager. If you are not sexually excited or are preoccupied with distracting thoughts it is highly unlikely you will have a pleasant session with your new toy. Developing the ability to surrender yourself to the pleasure generation within your body will allow the Aneros to amplify that pleasure to new heights but the original generation must come from within you, it will not come from your Helix.

    “Can the aneros help lift your mood?” Just as the Aneros is more of an arousal amplifier than generator, so it is with moods. If you are sad the Aneros is not going to make you happy, no external objects can do that. Psychological states may be manipulated with drugs or medications but rarely by physical objects, IMHO working through and resolving the reasons for your depression with or without professional counseling will greatly facilitate you ability to fully enjoy the Aneros experience. I fear you will continue to have frustrating experiences with your Helix until substantial resolution of those other issues is accomplished.

    “I'd be keen to hear if anyone has been down and the aneros and it's sensations has lifted their mood and improved their life,… “ After being diagnosed with prostate cancer , I experienced my own extended period of depression but the hope of eventually being able to experience Super-O’s again as well as the support of my caring friends and family, buoyed my journey through treatment. This Aneros community and the Aneros experience inspired me to create “HypnAerosession” to help other newbies along their individual journey, so I would have to say the Aneros experience has contributed to improving my life in significant ways.
  • RePeteRePete
    Posts: 7
    Excellent reply, rumel, and welcome to the forum, Zingo. I hope things look brighter for you, soon. I'm just starting this erotic journey also. Hang in there and visit often.