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  • Hi all, I just had to share my experience tonight because it was so amazing to me. I used my Aneros (Helix) for the fourth time tonight. It is the only toy I own (I’m 23), and I’m glad it’s the one I decided on. When I used my Helix tonight, I managed four distinct orgasms…I seem to get better with it every time I use it. The first was a miniature dry orgasm that was purely prostate driven, after that I went on to have three very distinct, very INTENSE ejaculatory orgasms…the first two within 60 seconds of each other, and the third five minutes later. I absolutely could not believe it! Here I thought multiple orgasms were something reserved only for women! Imagine my surprise and absolute pleasure at being wrong! And not only did I manage multiple orgasms, they were much more intense than orgasms without the Aneros, and as I write this I’m completely and totally satisfied sexually. I’m convinced I made the best choice for my first toy…this is more than worth what I paid.
  • jsharkjshark
    Posts: 3
    Congrats with your experience. I'm 27 and have had my helix for about 2 years so far, and have found that the feelings will intensify more and more everytime. Try nipple stimulation, I think that it enhances the experience.