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Odd (but fun) behavior since using my Aneros
  • As mentioned in previous posts, I started playing with my Aneros again about a week ago. Nothing really serious mind you, just some forced pulsing sessions followed by great penile orgasms.

    Well I noticed something strange happening at night that has intensified since Monday. Thought I would share it with everyone and see what their perspectives are. On Monday I found myself utterly tortured by a desire I could not fulfill. This desire was met by allowing the Aneros to have its way with me. Relief came and has now been replaced by a steady (now growing) desire for an intimate session with Mistress Aneros- but that is not the odd part. (Mistress Aneros pretty much had ideas of her own while I was engaging in my penile sessions.)

    The past four nights I have awoken several times to someone tugging on my scrotum or flicking their fingers across my nipples. That someone was me! Apparently I have taken to these manipulations while asleep so aggressively that they actually wake me up. With more visits to my Mistress, these seem to be happening more often. I never had this happen before Aneros use. Anyone experience this? (This does not seem to be bothering my sleep though. I am less tired than I have ever been.)

    Second, I am becoming “plagued” with more and more erections. When I first started to use the Aneros last week, I noticed more of these at night, but now these are happening more frequently during the day! Thank goodness I have a desk job! Anyone experience these? Do they tend to go away or do I need to start wearing really loose pants?

  • I haven' had those types of results but I find it is VERY easy to get chair/dry orgasms. They are so much fun. I've had my aneros for now 3 weeks and so far I've had 3 super O's and a lot of smaller ones. I'm definately getting re-wred.

    I would like to experiences those nocturnal manipulations, sounds like fun.

  • I get slight chair orgasms as well. Just very light pleasurable waves radiating out from somewhere down there. For that alone I am grateful! I find I can intensify these with manipulations of my nipples, something I do regularly while in my office. Men can get away with it even if our nipples remain erect for a very long time. Most women on the other hand find it embarrassing. On a side note though, I have to say that even as a very cautious married man, I cannot help but look at a woman’s erect nipples. There is something their that absolutely demands the males attention or maybe as my wife says, I am a pervert.

    It has always been an enigma to me though how women can avoid constant stimulation of their nipples. I shared that once with my wife and she laughed. I told her that if I was a woman, I would constantly be playing with them! She laughed again and said it’s different when growing up with them, then she called me a pervert and we laughed some more. But I digress.

  • pnomanpnoman
    Posts: 145
    Your wife is right. You are a pervert. You enjoy sticking a phallic-shaped piece of plastic up the kazoo. If that's not perverted I don't know what is! But you are in good company here. Welcome to the pervert club. We encourage you to bask in your pervertedness!

    Now begin the flames...who you callin' a pervert?
  • Lol, "a phallic-shaped piece of plastic?" Well yes I suppose it is. But form follows function. It's not like a pyramid shape would work. I can see the advertising on that one now!

    "Aneros introduces it's latest product, the Pyramainia."

    Seriously though, I think my wife will accept it. Ever since she accused me of copping her vibrator, things have been more open to discussion about my sexuality. Before that, she never talked about my rear end and I never offered. But if she is going to accuse me of borrowing her vibrator, then that means she thinks I might use it. She found the vibrator, right where she left it.... I am very careful to put it back where I found it!

  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hey JeffTech!

    Great post!

    How do I sign-up for this "do it in your sleep" technique???

    Sounds awesome!

    I sometimes wake up with involuntaries and a throbbing Prostate and I
    always grab my Super-O kit, which I keep at arm's reach from the bed!
    (towels, Kleenex, lube and bag of all Aneros models)

    These sessions are usually the best of the best and start as soon as the Aneros
    is slid-in place!

    Later, Hlaser99
  • You know honestly I don’t know how in the world my hands mange to do that in my sleep. Just lucky (or desperate) I suppose.

    But here is the funny thing. Since Friday and my first Super-O, I have stopped waking up pulling at my scrotum or tweaking my nipples.

    I can’t say the action actually stopped, because I was not in control of it in the first place! But I can say that if it is still occurring it does not wake me up.

    Honestly though, I think these session have been replaced by the ability to Super-O. A fairly equitable trade in my opinion! I think these were buildups to actually having Super-O’s. Call them the Mistresses training sessions if you will.

  • I've been getting weird dreams lately...well by weird I mean awesome. Suddenly my dreams got a lot more intense and sexual...which is pretty cool. Anyone else have that happen? =D
  • Perhaps an effect of rewiring? I do not see why not. Just as my manual stimulations in my sleep were physical effects of rewiring, so your intense dreams are mental effects. Enjoy!

  • JeffTech said:

    Perhaps an effect of rewiring? I do not see why not. Just as my manual stimulations in my sleep were physical effects of rewiring, so your intense dreams are mental effects. Enjoy!


    I was thinking that too. It also could be an effect of my obsession with the Aneros since I got it, I do admit that it has driven my sex drive through the roof...which doesn't bother me in one bit =P