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Peyronie's Disease / Curved or bent penis
  • ffd71ffd71
    Posts: 93
    I have been using the helix now for about a year now and have noticed some changes. The O's are fantastic but I have noticed what seems to be a much harder and longer penis when it is erected.

    At times it seems that it gets so hard that it almost hurts.

    I am not complaining but I have noticed that my penis seems to be bent and curved when it is erect. I mean it is more pronounced than before. Near the base, about 1" up, I have noticed a small indention on the sides, like it doesn't fill with blood like the rest.

    I was wondering if anyone else has any experince with this and if so what can be done about it?

    I have done some research on the web about this and it appears that a recommended procedure is a traction device.

    Anyone with any experience on this issue or device?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    I am sorry to hear of your predicament and can fully sympathize with you, as I developed the same condition about two weeks after getting my penis bent during an enthusiastic “cowgirl on top” session with my S.O. The treatment that was prescribed for me back then (about 6 years ago) by my urologist was ultrasound sessions for a couple of weeks, unfortunately there was no improvement and length of erections was subsequently reduced by approximately 1/3. I don’t know if the traction device will work, although there have been some clinical trials with mixed results. As far as I have been able to determine, in most cases, the damage is permanent and non-reversible. Thank goodness we have our wonderful little Aneros massagers to provide an alternate path to pleasurable orgasms.

    Here is a good link to find more detailed information about this condition, see -
  • VoyagerVoyager
    Posts: 199
    I have a similar problem.
    There is a hard spot about 2/3 of the way.
    When erect there is a prounounced curve towards my body.
    I think it is or was caused by the "cowgirl" as it is her favourite position.
    To be honest it does not cause me any difficulty or embarresment.

    I did look it up in the net.
    There was a horiffic picture of an operation. :shock:
    Another reccomended a vacuum developer.

    It reminds me of a little ditty I once heard.

    "There was a man from Kent
    whose tool was exceedingly bent.
    When he got it inside
    and went for a ride
    Instead of coming he went.

    Humour is the best medicine. :D
  • Hello ffd71,

    What you describe doesn't sound to me like Peyronie's Disease to me. My penis also curves upwards a little more now that it gets much harder than it used to. That is the way it should be. It is only severe bending that is a sign of a possible problem. And like yours, my erections are also longer than they were before. Remember that much of the penis is inside the body, so now that the whole penis is longer, some of the extra length you see comes from what used to be inside. So now my penis is widest around the base, but then narrows a little away from the base and then widens up again in the middle. It sounds to me that your penis is perfectly healthy.

    By the way, Voyager, I heard that limerick when I was in college in Manchester England around 1965, but with small variation:

    It caused so much trouble,
    He put it in double, and ...

    Best wishes to all,

  • ffd71ffd71
    Posts: 93
    My penis bends downward and is very pronounced! It is a lot worse now than before. It seems that the base is narrow and and then widens as it goes up the shaft. It really looks kinda strange! :shock:

    MY wife doesn't seem to mind even though she has noticed it and hasn't really said anything, but it has made me more conscious about it.

    Grandtiger, what you describe is opposite than what I have. I wonder why?

    Maybe being more pronounced will rub my wife's G-spot better, but only in the doggy position, I dunno :D
  • That is strange, I've no idea why that has happened.

    While I'm enjoying my Peridise, I spend quite a bit of the time massaging my erect penis on each side between my fingers and thumbs, about an inch at a time, gradually moving from base to head and then back again over several minutes. I'm pressing the top surface with my thumbs and the undersides directly below with my middle fingers. My forefingers are pressing underneath, but a little forward, so this creates a small upwards bending force. I never thought about it until now, but perhaps this has helped to give me a pleasant upwards curvature. Maybe this exercise would be good for you. It will probably take at least a few weeks of regular exercise, but I bet it will help. Also there is VIP cream that I used to use because it feels so good for masturbating. It contains lots of good herbal ingredients for a healthy penis.

    I think that doing the massage with this cream will be good for you. They claim it is good for curved penis.

    Best wishes,

  • VoyagerVoyager
    Posts: 199
    Thats what I like about this site.
    You think that you are the only one with a particular problem or mindset or way of doing things.
    Then you find that you are not alone.

    Now I find that I have a disease LOL.
    I would prefer if it were called a "disorder" or a "condition".
    Disease conjours up words like "contagious" or "fatal" but I am not a medic.

    Grand Tiger I bow to your rendition of the ditty.
    You heard it 5 or 6 years before me.