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questions from a newbie
  • ch0719ch0719
    Posts: 1
    I did the first try with MGX yesterday, I have noticed some interesting sensations, but nothing really pleasuable or sexual, I'll give it another try sometime later.

    My question is that I have a gf right now, and by using aneros will I gradually feel less aroused when having sex with her? As many members here have described the feeling of prostate orgasms is much sensational than regular orgasms, will this lead to possible decreased sexual drive with a female partner, instead for the most time just want to 'play with myself'?

    Some members have described experiences of the day after effects, my other question is that will the experience of involuntary orgasms during the day without using aneros be annoying and dangerous? For example, when having the day after effects at work place or while driving in busy traffic. Will the day after effects be more subtle or it will likely be interfering with other activities. I don't want to have a super-O in front of everybody while giving a presentation to boss... lol

  • skeeter_gskeeter_g
    Posts: 240
    Hi ch0719,
    Welcome to the forum!

    If you already noticed some sensations, you are going to be right on track for all the rewiring needed to get to the big O.
    Be very patient, relax, when you have sessions, and also dont expect to have super-O's tomorrow, unless you are one of the extremely lucky ones. :D

    Even if you have a GF or not, it absolutely will NOT stop you from wanting to have sex with her, if anything it may enhance it! You may start wanting more sex and prostate play!

    The day after effects does happen, but not everyday, it is manageable and will not be dangerous to you. yes it could interfere with other activities, but that is up to you, and if you let it or not. :D

    I have had them in the work place, but I have always been able to push them away if necessary, or when I had to have conference calls! lol

    You will be fine! :)