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Lost in my journey, seeking advice
  • Gentlemen,

    I feel like I am lost in my Aneros journey. Like the winds are blowing me first this way, then that, taking me nowhere. Might I share my story with you and the strange sensations I am experiencing?

    Many years ago I bought one of the original Aneros devices. I think it is the first one made for the US market. I have used it off and on over the years, sometimes sneaking it into my rear end during a love making session with my wife. The orgasms it delivers are certainly superior. I cut the loop handle off as I did not want my wife to see it. Further, I use to wear it all day, just to see what might happen. Over the years though, I pretty much gave up on the super-o, seeing the Aneros as a way to add powerful additions to regular orgasms.

    Still, I have always held out hope for this little wonder and have never totally given up on it. About a year ago I was using my Aneros alone and had a wonderful sensation. It spread across the bladder area of my groin and felt like pure joy. Really hard to describe other than pure joy. It was a feeling to die for but only lasted a few seconds. I am not sure what this was, but I don’t think it was a super-o.

    Since then I have had off and on sessions with small waves of pleasure passing across my rectal area. Everything from sphincter pleasures to pleasures deeper inside I assume could be called mini-o’s.

    My problem appears to be that my device does not fit me. The big problem seems to be in the tab. It simply does not come up high enough. I am convinced of this now, because my wife has recently taken an interest in the area below my balls, but above my anus. Massage and play in this area produces lots of pleasure and well, mini-o’s. Last night my wife licked this area for the first time and today I am going nuts with “leftover” sensations. I know where this area is and the tab on my old Aneros comes nowhere near it.

    Exploring the Aneros sight, I saw a drawing of a man crawling up a mountain. At the bottom, where the man has just started, is a flag that says level 2. At the top far in the distance is a flag that says level 9. The man is absolutely desperate to climb but is moving so slowly. I know what this man feels! I am living this now! I know there is so much potential trying to be unlocked inside me but I am dying at the lack of progress!

    For the past week I have really worked with the Aneros. I use to be able to get involuntaries just by inserting the Aneros and waiting. Maybe a few controlled pulses and off it would go. Due to lack of use, I can’t produce involuntaries anymore, but with practice I think I could return there. I am going to mod mine along the lines of the directions on this site, as the frustration of almost “being there” is taking its toll. I have to do something, I need to break through. I am going to mod my Aneros tonight, following the directions on this site.

    Even though I am frustrated, strange but wonderful things are beginning to happen to my body. My nipples seem to be aching for touch and seem to be connected to the area that the Aneros touches (or should touch) with its tab. My nipples have always been sensitive, but this is a new level. Just moving around in my shirt causes them to come to life. They become erect and each time the shirt touches them, I get a jolt “down there.” By “down there” I mean inside me, not my penis.

    They still feel joyous when I touch them but now seem to be making new connections “down there” on top of their own joy. While driving to work today, I could not help but touch them through my shirt. That’s not normal for me. Even less normal was that sensations in my nipples were being felt down there as well. I must have looked crazy to the other drivers! I can't imagine the look on my face!

    I am gripped with thoughts about down there. It actually aches inside me. I know what it wants but I don’t seem to be able to offer it. Even when I urinate I can feel it pass through something down there and it feels good! Certainly that’s not normal! I am stuck like that man crawling up the mountain. It is not normal for me to constantly think about pleasure, to feel these things at my job. Work is work and I have always been able to separate the two, but not today. Not after last night. Is that normal? Did any of you ever go through this? Will it go away or do I just walk around forever in pleasure dementia? Even walking I am starting to feel waves down there. They make me want to wiggle! Now that has to be not normal. I don’t wiggle of course, because someone might be watching, but I sure want to.

    I don’t seem to be able to concentrate for the pleasure aches down there and my nipples begging for touch. I know that sounds weird or maybe gay but something down there really has me frustrating “up here.”

    I am going slowly insane. Something inside me is begging for release. If my modified Aneros does not work, should I try another model? Which one? The Progasm? I need a model that reaches up higher, more towards my balls.

    Lastly, it is not like me to share intimate details with strangers. But I am desperate for help. I feel like something inside me is soooo close that if it does not find relief it will burst.

    Hopefully you won’t think me weird or silly for such a long post. But I need some help from longtime Aneros users. What am I doing wrong? Which model do I need?

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,355
    all this sounds very good.

    you're close. relax.

    invest in a new model. mgx, helix or eupho. doesn't really matter, as nobody can predict which will be best for you, but, any will be an improvement.

    and, *definitely* invest in the HypnAeroSession CD or mp3.

    congrats on your wife's interest in the area. wonderful.

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
    Hi Jefftech,

    Welcome to the Forum,

    First off, you are not gay, weird, silly or doing anything wrong, some of the things you describe are completely “normal” to the Aneros rewiring experience. I like to use the term “normal” in its broadest sense, incorporating a very wide range of human behavior patterns, I hope what you are labeling as not “normal” is really an expression this is not your typical behavior and not a thought of aberrant behavior (which it most definitely is not). Your most recent usage is leading you through the “prostate awakening”, see - . You’ve described a number of sensations that correspond well to those identified as ‘Milestones’, see - .
    You’ve fallen into the trap of frustration due to unfulfilled expectations. You need to understand as you go through the continuing rewiring process you are evolving into a new YOU, one who is capable of experiencing greater sensual pleasure than you have ever experienced in the past. This evolution of self will establish a new normalcy and even that will continue to evolve.
    Don’t worry, you’re not going insane. Do you recall my PM when you first joined? F.) You should be aware as you start upon this journey towards the Super-O, the use of the Aneros can be very addictive once the “rewiring” begins. Mistress Aneros' siren call can torture you with pleasure during your journey while consuming large blocks of precious time as you remain under her seductive spell.” Some of us have had to go through a period of adjustment as we incorporate Aneros use into our lifestyles, and I am confident you will make the appropriate adjustments as well.

    It is obvious to me the pleasure boundaries are expanding for you, you just need to let go of some self imposed controls to let the pleasure flow.
  • Thank you Gentlemen for your advice and replies. Things have greatly calmed down and progressed since I posted here first. I can see my level of frustration was quite high in this first post. I made a good deal of grammar errors! LOL! See my latest post called “Aneros Progress Report” if you would like an update.