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Am I doing this right? New user questions.
  • First off, I own both the Helix and Progasm. Got them both together for a lot cheaper than they would have been otherwise.

    Anyhow, the first two or three times I used them I mainly stuck to just anal and PC muscle contractions, but that wasn't quite doing it for me. I've moved on to doing some pelvic movement while laying on my bed(either stomach down or on my side), which feels much better, and as a side benefit I also end up rubbing my penis on the bed slightly, which also feels good. Doing this brings me to orgasm, and the last time I was able to separate orgasm from ejaculation: that is, I was able to get to the point where I orgasmed but did not ejaculate, and was able to immediately continue again. I had two or three orgasms and then finally went a bit too far and ejaculated.

    Is this what anyone else does, or do you tend to stick to pure anal-PC contractions with no moving your body?

    Note that my movements are voluntary, not involuntary shaking. It would probably look to an outside observer as if I was shaking though.