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OMG! And I should have bought the MGX first.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Edit: 11/4/2008 - I want to update where I stand on Aneros models at this point. Since not everyone is going to want to read all of my posts in this long and ongoing thread. As it stands now, as I have become more experienced in Aneros usage. I now prefer to use, and get better results from the Helix. For me it provides a more firmer and direct prostrate massage than the MGX. But I am very thankful for the MGX really kick starting my journey. If the subject of this thread caught your eye because you are trying to decide what would be the best model to buy for yourself as a new user. Then you should know that generally either the MGX and/or the Helix are considered good choices for beginners.


    Hello People,

    It's been a little over a year since I bought my first Aneros. Based on the polls and suggestions in the forums, I opted to buy the Helix. I tried many times with it and getting little to no results. And then would not use it for months at a time out of disappointment, and probably some frustration in getting any results.

    As of a few weeks back I started using it again after doing some more reading in the forums. The results were about the same. Then in my experimentation in trying to get it to work, I found that I could get some very pleasurable feelings from manually shaking/vibrating the helix with my hand. And even more so from changing the shaking to slightly pulling it in and out once the pleasure starts and the muscles relax enough to comfortably allow this.

    The good thing about this, is that it made me realize that the Helix model does not seem to rub, or hit my prostrate in the right spot. The other thing I noticed is that the P tab is also to high and does not press anywhere near as hard as it should, even it it were in the right spot. With this in mind I ordered the "new" MGX model recently, and immediately noticed a incredible improvement and difference. Read on...

    For me, the MGX touches and massages my prostrate in the correct area that is pleasurable. On top of this, the redesigned P tab on it is in the correct location and presses very firmly against my perineum. Also the ribbing of the shaft I think is important difference. It provides that extra bit of stimulation that I do not get with the Helix. During my first session with the MGX I received incredibly pleasurable sensations through contractions of the anus and PC muscles. And was able to achieve an almost hands free wet orgasm by getting myself halfway there through masturbation. And then letting the the MGX do the rest. I had the most intense orgasm that I could remember in years. During the orgasm my body and hips convulsed of their own will as the MGX was moved by what I assume are involuntary contractions.

    The funny thing is that at the tail end of the orgasm, the MGX slid out of my rectum. And in the throes of passion I remember feeling how hot it felt coming out against my skin, and immediately thinking, "Oh my God! I just pooped myself in my bed!". LOL And then 2 seconds later, not caring as I was feeling to good. Thankfully no poop was involved.

    So now I feel like I am on the correct path to eventually, hopefully sooner than later, achieve a super orgasm. Thanks to the MGX. Perhaps as I become more experienced I may find the Helix to be pleasurable. As lot's of people here seem to talk it up quite a bit. But right now it is of no use.

    A point of criticism though for the MGX. If the new ball ends on the tabs of the Progasm are as good as people say they are. Then Aneros needs to put those ends on the other models as well. I say, this because after only two sessions in one day, my perineum is quite sore. So I'm going to have to try the suggestions to soften the P tab to alleviate this problem.

    Some observations I've made in this short journey so far:

    One of the most harmful thoughts I've had to purposely remove while using the Aneros prostrate massager's, is the deviously embedded idea that enjoyment of any anal play as a straight male, makes you gay. Getting past this was a big step in learning to enjoy the sensations. Which further solidifies the concept in my brain that our thoughts create our world and how we perceive it. Which leads to my next observation...

    Other less extreme, but still helpful thoughts were to convince myself that I am safe and able to completely relax during the session. While taking many deep breaths during this process.

    I've noticed that for me, using to much lubricant, as in squirting some directly in the rectum, as opposed to just lubing the MGX/Helix and my anus, is not helpful and takes away from a certain amount of pleasurable friction at the anus. I think this is why I like the ribbing on the MGX. As it stimulates that area even more. Too much lube, and I don't feel the friction of it moving in and out of my anus.

    The position that works good for me is lying on my left side with my left leg straight, and my right leg slightly bent and forward of the left. This position also involuntarily transitions into my lower torso twisting to penis side down when I start to get really pleasurable feelings and my body starts to shake.

    It seems that the majority of time during a session, my penis is not erect at all, unless I manually stimulate it. As it seems to me that that is not where the pleasurable feelings are coming from, unless you happen to masturbate during the session.

    The amount of pre-cum coming out of my penis does not seem to be more than during a normal masturbation session for me. But that is irrelevant to me as it doesn't seem to have any connection to the results necessarily.

    I think that I have noticed a correlation between being in a good mood and generally happy the day after a session that had some pleasurable success. If this is the case, then this is an unintentional side effect that I would be overjoyed to consistently have! It kind of reminds me of the that next day ear to ear grin you get after you get laid. But more peaceful/blissful.

    One other thought...
    I'm amazed at the number of people posting here that talk about reaching super-o's through just completely relaxing and doing nothing. I guess I haven't reached that level of experience to understand how that could work. But I'm completely dedicated to finding out and getting there, now that I've had some really nice results with the MGX. I remember actually saying to myself in the first session with the MGX that I actually love this toy! Imagine that! LOL

    So for all of you people who have not had any results yet, or think this is a fraudulent product, or a scam. I can assure you it is not. I'm just a regular non-endorsed customer that continues to get happier and happier with each Aneros session.

  • skeeter_gskeeter_g
    Posts: 240
    Hi Love_is,
    Welcome to the forum! A very good post!
    You have some great observations, and insight!!

    It is good to hear that you decide to continue your journey by trying another Aneros, some models just do not suite everybody.

    Keep it up.. it gets better, and better! :D
  • thommothommo
    Posts: 4
    Hi. Two thoughts. Firstly, I've noticed too how the P-tab on the Helix starts 'high' and only gradually comes into contact with the peri as the session goes on and the contrations bring it forward. The MGX is in contact from the start though, and from my perspective was definitely better from a beginners perspective when the contarctions are more 'manually' controlled or controlled consiously.

    Point two. The technique of 'doing nothing' i've come to realise, worked best after I had completed the oft mentioned process of 're-wiring'. I would some up re-wiring by saying that this represents the point at which your consious responses to sentsations become 'sub-consious' i.e. your body responds automatically rather than you having change anything. That way you can relax, 'do nothing' and simply concentrate on the feelings you are experiencing, and then wait for your body to respond in the way you have 'taught' it to do.

    Great posting. My first here after using the MGX and Helix for 2 and a half years. Certainly one of the best discoveries of my life.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hello skeeter_g,

    Thanks for the welcome and the compliments.

    Keep it up.. it gets better, and better!

    I plan on it!


    Hello thommo,

    Thanks for the insight, and welcome aboard.

    So what you are saying about the Helix is that after I've learned to create involuntary contractions, and go through the re-wiring process, I might find it to work well for me? As opposed to just the MGX right now?

    I definitely appreciate the explanation of re-wiring. I've read a fair amount about it on the forums, so in general understand the idea. But I found that as I was reading your post I was asking myself, "What exactly is re-wiring?" And then as I continued to read, I found that you answered my question. Thank you! :)
  • thommothommo
    Posts: 4
    Exactly what happened with me...I bought the MGX and Helix and for ages the MGX was definitely my favourite, as it didn't take much of a contraction for the me to 'feel' it working against my skin/prostate. The trouble was, in my opinion, the MGX limits the amount of contraction you can take as it's already in contact with you peri at insert, and the bottom of the stem is already against your anus. So when you get a BIG involutary contraction (like those that can happen leading to a Super-O), I could only last a short while before bailing out as the MGX start to press a little TOO deeply to peri and anus causing me to ache quite a bit (ache rather than pain....but definitely 'not comfortable'..and the relaxation 'went').

    Now the Helix of the other hand, has a little spare! Both at the stem and the P-tab, so even though the larger head gives just as much contact to the prostate, the prospect of longer, deeper and jaw jerkingly intense Super-Os is much higher. It does however, need more relaxation and less expectation of an immediate effect.

    So whereas before I dismissed the helix as being inferior. It's now much my favourite, and it's the MGX that takes the back seat.

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hey People,

    Some more follow up on my journey.

    I had another session tonight. Nothing spectacular, but had some really nice feeling sensations. I've noticed that as of the last few sessions that I've reversed my view on not pre-lubing my rectum. It seems that by pre-lubing both the anal canal, rectum, and in particular the last ring of muscles before entering the rectum, I have a much more comfortable experience with insertion. And that makes it much quicker for the muscles to relax back there and accept that there is a foreign object inserted. I guess I'm still a bit of a tight ass. LOL
    Perhaps when, or if I get to a point where I have better control and ability to relax that last ring of muscles before the rectum, then I might be able to go back to just lubing the Aneros and most of the anal canal. It had not occurred to me before that even a mild amount of discomfort on insertion makes the session that much more difficult, if not impossible.

    So at the beginning of each session after I've gotten to the point where the MGX feels comfortable inside me. I've tried just relaxing and doing nothing, while taking deep breathes. And nothing has come of this yet. I usually end up getting bored and impatient waiting, and start doing some anal and PC muscle contractions. So far, this has been the only way that I've been able to get some pleasant sensations. Usually with very hard PC muscle contractions, and mild to hard anal contractions. One good thing that I have done(according to the more advanced users), is that starting with this session I have not allowed myself to touch my penis, or have a traditional orgasm during or after the session. I hope it makes a difference in the upcoming days of sessions I will have. It was not as difficult as I thought it would be. And here I am after the session, and I have no desire to masturbate. We'll see how it is after more days. A curious experiment.

    So my question is...
    What did you do to overcome the boredom and impatience of just laying there relaxing while waiting for pleasant sensations to occur? Is there something else I can try? From everything I have read, relaxing and waiting has been the key to reaching high states of pleasure, and eventually super-O's.
    Thanks. :)
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,443

    IMHO, you may be approaching your session with an illusory attitude. Arousal is a key ingredient for pleasurable sensations to flourish. Your Aneros massager is more of an arousal amplifier than an arousal generator. If you start a session expecting your model to get you excited and produce pleasure pumping sensations you’ve set yourself up for real disappointment. If you start a session horny, excited, full of wanton sexual desire, in other words fully aroused (not referring to penile erection here, but mental condition) then your session will not have any boredom to be overcome. You will be anxiously awaiting the P-waves to manifest themselves.
    Impatience arises from ones expectations not being met in a timely manner.
    To answer your question “Is there something else I can try?”, in my opinion, Yes. You can try dropping your expectations. Drop the expectation that your MGX is the source of your pleasure and drop your expectation that you will receive pleasant sensations in any particular time frame. You can also try to build your arousal level before attempting a session.
    Building arousal is an often discussed topic on this Forum with many factors influencing its development such as hormones, drugs (prescription and recreational), diet, attitudes (social religious, individual) and eroticism in general. Establishing a high arousal level involves you balancing all these factors in a comfortable manner before you even begin a session in order for that session to have a pleasant outcome.
    Relaxation is important to allow you to tune into the initial subtle sensations which later grow into strong pleasure waves. The “waiting” is a condition of observation with intent and desire to nurture whatever feelings arise and to stay focused sufficiently enough to not allow minor distractions to occur.
    For what it's worth, that is my view of the some of the notions you may wish to consider in your journey of self discovery.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Thanks rumel,

    I appreciate your thoughts on the matter.
    I don't think that I have gone into the last few sessions sufficiently aroused. I certainly need to let go of any expectations. But understanding that the Aneros is an arousal amplifier, not a generator, goes a long way for me to know how and when to use it. I suspect my decision to not masturbate will increase my arousal level. I've also been looking into taking Flax seed oil, or algae based omega 3 supplements as a vegan alternative to fish oil. Maybe the horny goat weed that people have been talking about here also.

    So here's a good question...

    As a relatively inexperienced user, should I not bother to have an Aneros session unless I'm extremely aroused?

    I kind of figured that practice make perfect. Most people here seem to agree that the more you use it, the faster you will find your way to super-O's.
    Thanks. :)
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,443

    Yes, I agree with you that extending the interval between masturbation sessions will increase your arousal level. The dietary supplements may or may not help (individual body chemistry affects this).
    IMHO, it is foolish to begin a session unless one is a least moderately aroused. I don’t think you need to be “... extremely aroused ...” as that may actually hinder, see - , but it can also help.
    Becoming adept at any skill usually requires repeated practice, plus time to fully absorb the lessons learned. I believe learning is most rapidly accomplished in a supportive, positively reinforced environment. If your Aneros sessions are too frequent, there may not be sufficient time for your body rewiring to fully take hold. If you have a session where you are not sufficiently aroused to enjoy yourself, this may negatively impact your learning curve. If you try to force yourself to learn at an accelerated pace, it may seem more like work than play and your body may sub-consciously thwart your conscious efforts. This activity, the journey toward Super-O’s, should be one of unfettered enjoyment for the experience itself. There need not be any timeline or particular “rules” to be followed.
    Regular use of your Aneros may facilitate your learning and hasten the eventual attainment of a Super-O, but what then? It is the journey of learning that is the real joy and value, the Super-O is a ‘Gold Star’ you bestow upon yourself for lessons well learned.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Thanks again for the information rumel. :)

    I don't think I've ever gone into a session not being aroused. But certainly some sessions I have been more aroused than others. So I think that I am ok for the most part. I think the next session I will try distracting myself from the Aneros by reading some porn during the session and see what happens. And also, I realized that in almost all the previous sessions, I would try and get aroused by looking at some porn, then shower and get ready for the session. So by the time I'm ready to start the session the extra arousal had worn off. So I'm going to change that around so that there is no time for the arousal to wear off before starting the Aneros session.

    I bought some high potency Flax seed oil today. (8g - omega 3, 2g - omega 6, 3g - omega 9 per serving. Recommended serving 1 to 2 per day.) I will try this in addition to adding some fresh ground flax seed into my diet. I'll post here if I see a difference. It was a pretty inexpensive option to try. So I'm not bothered too much if I don't see any positive results. At least it is a healthy supplement.

    I'm aiming for Aneros sessions every other day. Assuming I feel well and rested, and am at least some what aroused.

    Wish me luck! LOL
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Wow! Wow! Wow!

    I had an incredible session last night! About 5 hours long! Where did all the time go????

    And let me say this first:
    thommo you were absolutely correct! The MGX got me really started on this journey. But now my new love is the Helix. As it does not press to hard on the prostrate during hard contractions. The funny thing is, the P tab hardly even touches, and I could care less! LOL

    So anyways, last night I made the mistake of looking at porn first, then showering before starting the session. But it didn't seem to really matter as I was pretty charged up from not having masturbated for a few days. I pre-lube with the applicator and started with the MGX. Once I got relaxed and comfortable enough. There was some very pleasurable sensations. But I was so horny that most of the sensations were from my penis. It wasn't until a little ways into the session when the sensations from my penis fell away that I started to feel some really nice sensations.

    As I relaxed, and also over the course of the last few sessions, I've noticed that there are different levels of relaxation of the anus. There is that first point when you first put it in when it is a bit uncomfortable. Then the next where it's not uncomfortable anymore, but it still feels like a foreign object is intruding. Then the last where you hardly notice that something foreign is in you. It becomes a part of you. A very pleasurable part of you! And when I finally got to that point is when the involuntary contractions started to happen! Wow! They would happen for short amounts of time. And would mostly happen as I entirely relaxed my anus to the point were the MGX felt like it was halfway out. And I then noticed that they were the smallest of contractions. And sometimes I could jump start the process by making an ever so small conscious contraction.

    One thing that also seemed to help immensely, was reading some porn/erotic stories during the session. I started doing this when I got to the point of being bored just laying there relaxing and breathing. This really took my mind off of the process and the involuntary contractions really started kicking in more often and more powerfully. I got the idea from Morns' post:

    I completely agree when he says: “ I found that the focus being away from what I was doing unlocked the door. “

    As I had many many mini orgasms I frequently had to put down the book while I convulsed in pleasure!

    And then at about four hours into the session I realized that I was getting to much pressure on my prostrate when I had hard contractions. (This is starting to sound like a birthing room story! LOL)
    So remembering thommo's advice, I switched to the Helix. I was surprised by how long it took to get completely relaxed again. As the Helix is definitely larger in diameter than the MGX. But when I did...
    WOW!!!! I was able to have all kinds of contractions with no discomfort on the hard ones. And about 45 minutes later I exploded into an amazing and completely hands free traditional wet orgasm, while my penis was flaccid. The amount of cum that came out was considerable. But I don't know if that was the result of the Aneros massaging the prostrate, or just from abstaining from masturbation for a few days.

    A few observations I have:
    Taking my mind off of thinking about the process and getting more aroused from reading porn was super helpful in allowing myself to relax more and just let the involuntary contractions take over.

    Not allowing myself to masturbate for a few days and also during and after sessions has been incredibly helpful. In that it forced me to focus on other pathways to pleasure. The anus and the prostrate.

    As the involuntary contractions started to happen quite consistently, I quickly found out that trying to take control of them by contracting harder to find a higher plateau of pleasure often had the opposite effect.

    I'm amazed at how much my upper torso convulses as the involuntary contractions occur. I recognize that I'm going to have to find a way to relax my body more and not interfere with the contractions to allow the pleasure to climb higher.

    I'm pretty sure that I caused the super T orgasm by eventually taking conscious control of the Helix and contracting harder(I couldn't help it! It felt soooooo darn good!). Had I just relaxed, I bet I would not have had one. It seems like there is this fine line between relaxing and consciously contracting. What I suspect is that the relaxing route eventually get you to the super O. Where as the other gets you the super T. But I don't know for sure. I'd love to hear some other guys thoughts about this.

    I have no idea what effect the fresh ground flax seed, and flax seed oil have had on me at this point as it has only been a few days. I'm inclined to say that at this point, not masturbating was more helpful than anything else so far.

    I'm so charged up and horny from last nights session. That I don't think that I can wait until tomorrow to have another session. As per my plan to do them every other day. My prostrate is aching to be massaged again!

    So I'm just going to post this and run to my bedroom and stuff that Helix right up my butt hole! LMAO
  • zanebluezaneblue
    Posts: 224
    Hope you don't mind me jumping in, but I have some tips. Flaxseed oil is a total waste of time for libido purposes. Flax has ALA. It's primarily DHA (and also EPA) that helps with libido. ALA will convert to DHA, but the ratio is like 60 to 1, so unless you were drinking cupfuls of the stuff (NOT recommended) it won't have an effect.

    Omega-Zen is the only worthwhile vegan product to try, and even with that one capsule has only 300 mg of DHA. For a 170-lb male, you'd have to take like ten a day. It's kind of expensive.

    Marine oil is cheaper, although not much for some strange reason. It's made of krill rather than fish, so lower on the food chain. It's like eating insects, if you look at it philosophically.

    You may want to bite the bullet and go non-vegan for a couple weeks just to see if it works or not. Men respond to the diet much faster than women. If it works, then you can switch to a more vegetarian source and try to replicate.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hiya zaneblue, :)

    Thanks for the info. I actually did a search on your forum for just that information yesterday and found the post regarding vegan alternatives for fish oil. Unfortunately for me, that was after I bought the flax seed oil. But it wasn't all that expensive at about $8.00 USD. So no big loss for me. I prefer to stay vegan in my choices of food and products. So I think that if I were to try it, I would go with the Omega-Zen-3. But it appears that I am having success with the Aneros through abstinence of masturbation. So perhaps it's not even necessary.
    Thank you for posting though.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hi zaneblue,

    I'm hoping you get a chance to read this. As I should have asked this earlier.
    I'm wondering if your diet changes within your book can apply to, or be converted to a vegan diet. (With the exception of the fish oil alternative, since we already discussed that.)

    You see, I might consider purchasing your book at some point.
    But if I cannot apply it to the way that I live and eat as a vegan, then it won't be of any use to me.
    Thanks. :)
  • zanebluezaneblue
    Posts: 224
    It is possible, but very difficult. The main thrust of my book is the fish oil, and that's an issue. I say no soy products, no tofu. I also say protein at every meal and cut back on starchy carbs.

    To be honest, when I get questions from young women wondering where their libido is gone, the first thing I ask them is "are you vegan?"
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hi zaneblue,

    Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.
    From what you are saying it sounds like your book and diet is not very compatible with the way that I live and eat as a vegan.

    To be honest, when I get questions from young women wondering where their libido is gone, the first thing I ask them is "are you vegan?"

    I find that to be a very interesting observation on your part.
    My own experience has been that I am physically the healthiest feeling I have ever been as an adult since I went vegan. Even lost a bunch of weight without trying. And my libido is still the same as it was as a younger man. I can only wonder if these women you talk about are not well educated on how to eat properly as a vegan, and/or are junk food vegans. Just because someone is vegan doesn't mean that they automatically eat a balanced diet from healthy non-processed whole foods. The downside to this is that the amount of time I put into cooking has increased many times over what I used to do as an omnivore, as the majority of my meals are made completely from scratch. But I enjoy it. So it's ok. :)
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Ok, so I had another session last night.

    It wasn't anything spectacular. But I got some nice feelings from it. I had some small amounts of involuntary contractions from it. Much less in frequency and intensity than in previous sessions though. And I don't even think that I had any mini-O's this time. Part of me thinks that I was just too horny to have much success. Most of the session I was at least partially erect, and a few times fully. So it made it difficult to both relax, and concentrate on pleasant feelings from my prostrate and anus. Where as in my most successful sessions, erections don't happen unless I stimulated myself there.

    I suspect that being overly horny ties in to the relaxation part I believe. It took me a much longer time to feel relaxed enough to enjoy the sensations compared to previous sessions. And even then, I could not get relaxed enough to allow the involuntary contractions to really take off like I had experienced before. The session lasted about 4 hours, which I found surprising considering how un-dramatic it was. I guess I was trying to be persistent.

    The other thing I noticed, was that it was difficult to be patient and not have any expectations of the outcome of the session being in such an extreme state of arousal. Rumel mentioned this as a problem in a previous post on this thread. Now I truly understand. It is certainly an interesting journey learning all of your body cues and the subtle details of Aneros usage.

    In hind site, I should have just masturbated last night and left it at that. The interesting things was, while I had absolutely no problem getting erect during the Aneros session. When I called it quites and removed it, and decided to masturbate, it was very difficult to achieve an erection. But as I recall in past sessions, whether it was intensely pleasurable or not, after the session I would not have any erections and really no desire to masturbate. It's not till the next morning that my erections return. But it is probably good that I did clear out the pipes, as I ejaculated a hell of a lot of cum.

    It's a learning process. I'm not discouraged. Just more informed of what it takes to have a good session.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Ok, more updates about my Aneros journey.

    I had another session last night. I wasn't particularly horny going into it. So I felt much more relaxed, capable of relaxing more, and I didn't have much expectation of great things to come(cum? LOL).

    I looked at a little bit of porn first. But like I said I wasn't all that much excited. Then showered, pre-lubed with not quite 3cc of astrogilde, lubed the MGX, inserted it and began. I relaxed for a bit doing nothing, then I read some porn. That really seems to work well for me. I started to get some really nice sensations, but once my anus got completely relaxed, I felt like the MGX was not large enough, or aggressive enough in its bumps to get the massage and sensations I wanted. So I switched to the Helix and once I got completely relaxed again, things really took off. I was rather surprised how good I felt. As I was almost expecting a dud session considering my lack of horniness. I had many dry mini-O's and was surprised how they had that similar feeling of peaking and then a releasing sensation as a super-T. The session ended with the most amazing to date, not quite hands free, multi-orgasmic super-T. :D :D :D There was several waves of amazing orgasm within that one and the amount of cum that came out was immense compared to what I normally put out. And I was completely flaccid while it happened. That was one incredible session even though it took close to 5 hours. I've got to start earlier in the night. I'm short on sleep today. :(

    The interesting thing is that even though I had to get myself partially there by masturbating. Once the Helix started doing it's magic, I was not able to get erect from masturbating. It was more like just needing to rub behind and below the head, and sometimes just touching there was enough. The touching part kind of reminded me of what I had read about the KSMO procedure that some guys here practice. And then I stopped and let the Helix take me the rest of the way.

    As I practice more with the MGX and Helix, I'm starting to recognize the different sets of muscles in my anus that I have to relax so as to achieve involuntary contractions, and what it feels like when they are relaxed. This also helps A LOT with insertion and removal. It seems the more I practice, the more I'm able to remember what it takes to relax those muscles and recognize the feeling when I have.

    One thing I noticed from last nights session though,.. I was able to get the involuntary contractions to occur for me for more than just a few seconds intervals at a time by just trying to relax as much as possible through them. But the contractions never get any stronger so as to increase the pleasurable sensations. I reach a plateau and stay there, unless I consciously make really strong anal and/or PC contractions.

    Is this more a matter of just continuing to relax and observe the sensations to allow it to get stronger in intensity? Or is this possibly the anus muscles needing to strengthen from practice before I see stronger involuntary contractions?

    The other question I have is, I'm wondering if anyone else here has found it possible to keep your body from convulsing during involuntary contractions? I'm starting to find it to be annoying and distracting from relaxing and concentrating on the sensations of pleasure. And I also found that my abdominal muscles started to get pretty darned tired by the fourth and fifth hour. But I guess it is a pretty good workout. Maybe I'll have a 6 pack stomach after a few months! LOL

    Thanks for reading. And thank you in advance for any advice and comments. :)
  • VoyagerVoyager
    Posts: 200
    My Helix arrived first which was only a week ago.
    The MGX arrived 3 days ago. I did not intend having 2 models
    in such a short space of time.
    The Helix has had the most use for obviovs reasons.
    I feel that the MGX hits the spot.
    The position that gives the most sensation is seated in a soft chair.

    Last nighti hit the jackpot.
    While seated I can wiggle my hips slowly which teases the tip across my prostate.
    After about an hour of occasional wiggeling and walking up and down the stairs
    I felt the feelings get stronger.

    At first I thought I was urinating or passing some sort of fluid.
    All is washable so I carried on.
    I dont think I was moving or was afraid to move(in case I broke the magic spell).
    After 20 to 30 seconds the sensation stopped.
    I was flaccid during this experience.

    Next my erection built and built.
    When fully erect I started to orgasm.
    I was not a normal pump, pump, pump orgasm.
    It was a slow and sustained orgasm which lasted 30 to 40 seconds.
    It was a feeling unlike any other I have ever experienced.

    The times are just a guess as time does not matter or count when you are in Aneros country.
    I thought I would have a mess to clean up but no, completly dry apart from 2 drops of pre cum.
    Suprised ? You bet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
    I will be there again tonight hoping.
    I dont know what type it was. A UFO ?(Unidentified F****** Orgasm) LOL
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    Hey that's amazing Voyager!
    I'll get there eventually.


    So I had yet another Aneros session last night.
    But first things first. I finally got the nerve to cut off the handle/tail right at the T from my MGX and Helix. It was ridiculously easy and quick. Two seconds each with some snips, and they were gone. I did find though that it will be necessary for me to round off the sharp edges at the cut, as it kept poking into my inner butt cheeks creating a pinching feeling that distracted me a bit from concentrating.

    Not having the handle/tail allowed me to try laying on my back. Unfortunately it is still not a position that does anything much for me. Plus it seems to allow me to relax too much so that the MGX popped right out without even pushing. I'm gonna try sitting in a chair position next time, and see how that works. I find it slightly more difficult to insert and remove them without the handle/tail. But probably only because I have to change my technique and/or how I hold it.

    So I tried some new ideas this time. I focused more on the feelings of the prostrate, and doing anything I could to massage it. This is in contrast to previously focusing on relaxing and involuntary anal contractions. It made for a different session. Not quite as intense as some of my previous ones. But still quite good feeling in slightly different ways. I'm not sure that this is the path to follow, but it was worth trying. Basically I didn't bother with allowing involuntary anal contractions to occur all that much. What I did was constantly rock my hips so that the tip of the Helix was rubbing against my prostrate. And I would apply some moderate to really strong voluntary anal contractions to help out while doing that.

    I did read a bit of porn, but after a while I found it easier to just concentrate on what my prostrate was feeling like, and to also run some hot fantasies through my head. It was quite interesting that I could feel my prostrate both swell and deflate in size many times at various points throughout the session. It did seem to appear that the swelling correlated to my level of arousal. And that it would decrease in size after a small peak in pleasure, and then feel very wet and juicy back there for some reason. Kind of weird, but whatever. Also, the act of rubbing my prostrate as I became more aroused made it feel very hot in temperature, and even a little sore, but in a good way. This technique seemed to encourage erections more so than concentrating on involuntary anal contractions, which got a little bit distracting.

    Towards the end of the session I got very worked up and needed some release. So with a very small amount of stroking behind and below the head of my penis while it was flaccid, I was then able to just concentrate and apply very strong voluntary anal contractions to get a super-T. It was interesting that the orgasm initially felt like it was all in my prostrate, and I didn't think I was going to ejaculate as I was peaking. But then after the initial peak, my penis must have rubbed the bed just a little bit, but enough to change the focus of the orgasm to the penis, which caused me to ejaculate while flaccid. It was a good feeling orgasm, but no where as good as the one I had two sessions back that was really intense and had multiple waves of pleasure. I'm not sure if I'm doing myself a disservice by orgasming/ejaculating at the end of the session, particularly as they are not always completely hands free, and I do not believe them to be super-O's. But it sure is difficult to not want to when you are that worked up.

    It's interesting that as I type this I can feel my prostrate getting all nice and tingly feeling and swelling a bit. Makes me want to put the Helix back inside me so it will rub it good! :D

    I suspect from what I have experienced so far, that a really good session will have a combination of both involuntary anal contractions, and prostrate rubbing. Although the involuntary anal contractions should be rubbing the prostrate, I guess I just either need it to be stronger, or concentrate more on what it is already giving me. I imagine both together will be orgasmic! Weeeeeeeeeee! :lol:
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    Hey Everyone,

    I just rounded off and smoothed the cut ends from where I removed the handle/tail on my MGX and Helix. But I'm going to post the details of how I did it in the following link so as to group similar information together.
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    So I had another session tonight, even though it was supposed to be my off night. My prostrate was aching and pulsing in a good way all day today, and it just felt like it needed to be massaged some more from Mistress Aneros. :D Which makes me think that perhaps what I did in the prior session woke up my prostrate to these feelings and was not a dead end.

    I used just the Helix this time. And I tried sitting in my computer chair with it, then on a soft couch. I didn't like the feeling of sitting with the Helix inserted in either of these chairs. My body must be shaped differently than others. It just feels like I'm sitting directly on top of the Aneros and forcing it up my bum. So my anus muscles end up clenching it hard. Very uncomfortable. I did try on my back again though for a little bit. And I found that I had somewhat better results than previously. So I may experiment more with that position in the future.

    I tried laying on the couch watching TV. That was a no go as I quickly found out, because it did not make me aroused. I'm finding it is important to either be aroused before starting and/or also watch or read something arousing during the session. At least until your imagination can take over.

    So back to bed I went. I found that I was able to combine more of the involuntary anal contractions and rocking my hips together, to get the Aneros to rub my prostrate more firmly. The sensation in my prostrate seemed to build slowly more and more if I just concentrated on the feeling of the rubbing and relaxed as much as possible. But the feeling only got to a certain point and would plateau for a bit, or fall away as I lost concentration. So it never sent me over the edge. I was extremely tempted to have a super-T to end the session like have the last number of sessions. But now that I'm noticing these wonderful new sensations in my prostrate, I really want to work with them and build the feeling. So I opted to not have a super-T. Which was ok. Because after I removed the Helix, I lost all desire to do so anyways.

    I'm gonna try and take tomorrow off, and have another session on Wednesday. To give me a day in between.
    Interesting journey it is.
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    I just cooked up a batch of all natural sex lube!

    I'm going to write about it in the following link so as to group similar information together,
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    Hey people,

    I had another session last night. 5 hours! I started with the MGX, but pretty quickly switched over to the Helix as it was not massaging me the way the Helix does that I like so much. I wasn't especially horny prior to the session. I didn't initially have much results, I suspect being tired from a long day played a part in that too.

    Here's the really interesting part, I ended up falling asleep on my side for somewhere between 20 to 30 minutes. I was woken up because my hips were pumping like they had a mind of their own!!! Weeeeeee!!! That was a trip in itself! :D From there on I was able to stay awake, and the pleasure was very, very nice. I think a short nap, plus the total relaxation that occurred because of that made a world of difference.

    I'm now thinking that the pleasure I've been experiencing in previous sessions was not mini-O's, but P waves. As toward the end of the session I ended up having a short low intensity orgasm that was dry which I had never had before. I assume it was a mini-O. It reminded me of the feeling of edging while masturbating, and you edge to far and start to orgasm a little but you try and hold back somewhat unsuccessfully. I liked it, but I can certainly see the potential for that to go further and more intense! :D As much as I would have liked more "completion" in the session. I did not allow myself to have a super-T. It's certainly difficult to make that decision during the session. But after ending the session and removing the Aneros, it is not hard at all. (Pun intended) So it's been a number of days since I last ejaculated. Hopefully this keeps my mind and body focused on separating the pleasure of orgasm from ejaculation.

    My last session and this one, my focus was on the feeling of the Aneros rubbing my prostrate by rocking my hips, and also including the involuntary anal contractions into this. I now believe this is the right path to follow for the time being. I feel like my prostrate is starting to become more sensitized during these sessions, and the day after also. I also feel like observing both the growing pleasure in the prostrate as it is rubbed, and the involuntary anal contractions sort of feeds each other back and forth to increase the pleasure and take it higher. It's a really nice feeling!

    I've also noticed that once I get to a certain point of relaxation, and probably horniness within the session. I no longer need to read any porn. It becomes more of a distraction at that point. So I close my eyes and concentrate on the sensations from my anus and prostrate. And then as I'm able to, I imagine some really hot fantasies that take me even higher. The more risqué and naughty, the better! Woooooooo Weeeeeeeeee! It's making my prostrate tingle and yearn for Mistress Aneros as I type this! :lol:

    More observations...
    It seems for me, that at the moment doing a session every other day may not be enough. As I find that the more time off between sessions, the more difficult it is for me to remember the sensation of a completely relaxed anus so I can easily do it on command. Part of why this occurs to me is because, one of the reasons for my sessions being so long is the amount of time it takes to become completely relaxed. If I can learn to completely relax sooner, then I can shorten my sessions by at least an hour if not more. Also, it seems that the wonderful buzzing and tingling in my prostrate goes away at some point during the next day. And I'm wondering if this make it more difficult to get that feeling again in the next session.

    I'm finding it to be more helpful for me to not go into a session really aroused. Meaning, I've stopped watching and reading porn prior to an Aneros session. I find this useful because it does not put my focus on the pleasurable sensation from my penis. But once I start a session, it seems almost mandatory to do something to get me aroused. In my case, I read porn.

    That's all for now.
    Feel free to speak up if you have any comments and/or suggestions.
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    Hey People,

    I had another session tonight. And I used 100% pure refined shea butter as the lube. You can read my thoughts about how it worked in the link I posted earlier. So I'll just concentrate here on the how the session went.

    I finally did it! :D Not quite super-O's, but stronger than mini-O's, assuming I have the terminology correct. I had three separate events. They all felt like a conventional ejaculatory orgasm minus the ejaculation. Even the duration was the same. Although they were not as intense feeling as what I typically experience for a conventional ejaculatory orgasm. I think part of the problem may have been that during the orgasm, they felt so much like I was ejaculating that I kind of held back a little and kept checking my penis to see if I was. Thus distracting me from just relaxing and really enjoying the feeling. I think the first one was the most intense. I can remember the Helix plunging in and out of my anus on it's own as it occurred.

    I also recall that leading up to it, and during the orgasms, my prostrate felt the most swollen I've ever felt it with an Aneros inserted. It also felt like it was on fire to the point of almost painful as it was massaged. But then it would calm down as the orgasm subsided.

    I remember giggling after the first orgasm happened. I'm not really sure why I did. The whole session was nice, but not super incredible amazing. Only great in the sense that I finally experienced an orgasm of medium intensity without ejaculation. Even afterwards, I wasn't particularly excited. It just felt nice, and I enjoyed it for what it was.

    So the million dollar(insert your local currency here) question is.... How did I do it?
    It seems that I required just a slight amount of stimulation on my penis to sort of jump start the process. Contrary to the general recommendation to not touch or stimulate your penis. And when I say slight I mean it. It was just a little bit of rubbing my penis for a few seconds, or just holding the head between my thumb, index, and middle fingers. It also worked by rubbing it against the bed but somewhat off to the side to avoid complete and over stimulating contact. I also have not masturbated or ejaculated in a number of days now.

    Of course this was in addition to having involuntary anal contractions, rocking my hips to get some more direct rubbing of the prostrate, reading some erotica/porn, and some occasional conscious clenching of the anus and PC muscles. Although not necessarily at the same time.

    Now I really can't wait for the next session! :D
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    I forgot to add one thing about last nights session.

    Early into it. I felt an uncomfortable rubbing/pinching sensation. So I went to grab the P-tab arm to remove the Helix to see if it needed more lube, only to find that for the first time ever, the P-tab was pushing firmly into my perineum. Although still a bit high. But it was doing the job, and I certainly could feel the sensation it was making. I don't know whether my anus muscles have strengthened to allow this. Or the shea butter provided better lubrication to make that happen. It was pretty neat though! After thinking for all this time that the Helix P-tab arm was not designed correctly for my body. And now it works just fine. Makes me wonder if the P-tab making firm contact with my perineum played a part in getting those 3 dry orgasms. Fun to wonder and speculate. But I'm not going to pick it apart to much. The pleasure spoke for itself. :D
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    So I had another session last night. Rather short compared to previous ones, at somewhere between an hour, and an hour and a half. But I think this has to do with the success of using shea butter for a lube. As it inserted so easily and with no discomfort that within a few minutes I was able to start having involuntary anal contractions. I didn't even have to read all that much porn to get really going. So basically the whole process was sped up.

    I had a number of very brief low intensity orgasmic feelings. Some a little more than that. Then towards the end I started to have a mini-O, using the technique I mentioned two posts ago of applying a slight amount of stimulation to my penis. It started out great, as the orgasm kicked in. But then I must have applied too much stimulation, as the ejaculation response started a bit after the orgasm. Oops! :lol: I then made the mistake of trying to hold it back. Which did not work and made the rest of the orgasm not all the intense. Kind of a bummer, as it felt like I wasted the orgasm. I thought of trying to continue the session, but I was spent.

    I think I'm going to have to reconsider my new technique, as there seems to be too much potential to cause ejaculation which is what we are trying to avoid with the Aneros sessions. Ah well, nothing ventured, nothing gained. :D

    Love is Peace
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    So I tried a morning session today. I liked it very much. I found my mind and body was already very much relaxed. So it took very little time to get really aroused and have some really pleasurable sensations. I just had to read one short porn story, and I was off and running. I was really getting some great involuntary anal contractions, and they seem to be getting stronger now. :D Unfortunately I was interrupted 30 minutes into it, and had to stop! :x

    Ah well, there's a reason for everything. The whole day I've felt rather sexually charged, as I did not feel like I got the amount of pleasure from the session I wanted because it was cut short. But anyways, I ended up getting a phone number from a really nice, and good looking woman that I knew from a few years back while I was at the laundromat. Yeah! :D
    So actually, it's been a really good day.

    I'm gonna try for another session tonight that better not get interrupted! :lol:
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    Hey Folks,

    Since this thread has basically become on going. I've decide to start a blog and continue there with my experiences.
    Here's a link.

    Love is Peace