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Total backfire, looking for help
  • so my Helix came today, and I was pretty stoked. Had some time, was feeling good, bowels empty, everything seemed right. I've done anal play but it never really did anything great before, so I was hoping this would get me going. Boy, was I wrong.

    Now, I kept my expectations pretty low. I knew it wasn't going to be an instant miracle. But it seems like everything it was supposed to do, it either didn't do it, or it did the opposite. I followed the directions as closely as possible - lying on my side, relaxing for 15 minutes first, then starting the contractions. First of all, I felt like I needed to urinate, which the instructions said was normal. So I relaxed, and it felt fine, everything was great. Then I started the contractions and... nothing. Not even the little "tickle" or "itch" I'd seen people talk about. I mean, I might as well have not been using the Helix, that's how little it did. So I said, ok, let's keep trying, relax, it'll work soon. Mix up the technique a little, try a few different positions... nothing. Eventually I decided to try and make myself erect to see if that help (I'd been flaccid the whole time). So I got erect, but - and partly this may have been feeling like I needed to urinate - the erection seemed weaker than normal. I tried all sorts of contractions and positions and stuff while I stimulated my penis to keep it erect, but no good. Eventually I gave up and just went for the orgasm, hoping to see some effect there, but still none. It didn't feel any different than using a standard toy or a finger - the orgasm was mediocre at best and I only noticed the helix because of the orgasm-contractions hitting it. Like I said, same as when I've played with toy or fingers.

    So I'm stumped. I followed the directions as closely as I can, and after 45 minutes of experimenting I'm left with nothing. Has this happened to anyone else? Is my prostate actually missing or something? :P At this point it seems like I would have been better off with a $10 butt plug.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi kueller and welcome to the forum.

    When you said,

    Now, I kept my expectations pretty low.

    What did you mean by that?

    It sounds to me that you were expecting great things to happen on your first time out. Take it from a supposed "expert", I went quite a long time over countless sessions and had nothing to show for it. I can still read through my blog about those early days and still feel the frustration. I am sure that you have done some reading on the forum so you must know that what you experienced is normal for most guys. What I can tell you without question is that the sensations that you will feel will be beyond anything that you have felt before. It is worth the price of admission.

    It is going to take some steps in the process that could take some time. Be patient and realize that you are in the same boat as a very high percentage of people here.

    Good luck to you.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460
    Hi kueller,

    Welcome to the Forum,

    ‘Buster’ , as usual, is correct for pointing out you really did have some expectations going into your session, otherwise there wouldn’t have been much reason for you to post anything to the Forum. Your post concentrated on stating what you “… didn’t feel …” rather than on the things you did feel. You did mention the urge to urinate, this is a sure sign your Helix is engaging and stimulating your prostate. You’ve just gotten your first positive feedback sensation, please don’t discount these subtle sensations, as they constitute the foundation upon which all future prostate pleasure is based.
    You need to go through the process of “awakening your prostate”, see - for a short discussion of that topic.
    If you’ve done much reading at all on this Forum, you know that a butt plug does not, can not and will not accomplish anything near the potential pleasure of your little Helix massager. This is a journey of self discovery, give yourself a chance to really explore the infinite territory of sensuality you’ve entered. As 'Buster' stated "Be patient ...", let yourself become enthralled in the mystery of discovering what is inside you!
  • MmoOmgMmoOmg
    Posts: 4
    I had my doubts the beginning. Just a feeling of pressure, but it really was like a part of my body woke up one day. One day nothing, then the next time a little feeling, and so on and so on...Still getting more intense feelings and orgasms each time I use it. It is like learning a piece a music, you have to practice and your body has to start to memorize the new things you are trying out.
  • You have to be willing to put the time into it.
    I have had mine for months and have just gotten to the point where I can get involuntaries. Like they say on the board's a journey. Read the wiki and 'B's Keys to the Backdoor'. Good luck.
  • PromassPromass
    Posts: 84
    I honestly believe he had higher expectations then he thinks. Too even have the word expectations in your mind you already ruined the first session. I would recommend for starters to avoid the contractions until after you have done several sessions it seems boring but you frustrate yourself doing the manual contractions.

    I tried that the first session i was like you about to quit. Then i started just letting it sit there "completely" relax every muscle in your body. In time which will probably take a little longer since you have these expectations in mind your body will begin doing the contractions you tried involuntarily. This is how i do my sessions i hardly manually contract the muscles.

    Everyone is different but i think this technique will drastically surprise you when the first involuntary kicks in. I even tried something different last night i masturbated at the end of a 2 hour session to orgasm/ejaculation then kept it in and 20 minutes later i masturbated to a 2nd orgasm/ejaculation and a 3rd time 40 minutes later.

    So i had 3 orgasm/ejaculations in 1 hour i never in my life though i could do this. This was not hard either i was still very erect and my prostate was ready for round 4 but i had to get some sleep was a work day and it was 3 am lol.

    Just keep with it remove the expectations from your mind start over and you will be in joy.
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself my friend. I bought one of the original Aneros devices six years ago and only now has my hard head been gotten through to. The only differences between you and I is it won’t take you six years! That and the fact that you can now communicate and receive encouragement from other users who have tread the same path as you. I don’t think there was a forum back when I got mine.

    Just insert your Aneros, lie on your bed and relax. Try to not think of anything in particular. Deep breathing exercises mentioned here in this forum might help. Once you get that first unexpected pleasure wave, however small, you will be rewarded for your effort. Before long you will find yourself having lots of little pleasure waves all day long. Just remember to relax. I got frustrated just like you and gave up on using my Aneros for anything more than a “butt plug.”

    Now I know better and Mistress Aneros taught me some hard lessons in what she is capable of. Submit yourself to relaxation. Resign your expectations. Then the Mistress will make an appearance- not before. Demand nothing of her and wait upon her patiently. Otherwise she will leave you wallowing in a pile of mounting frustration.

    I feel for you friend! I went through the same thing. Now I have learned my lesson and wait upon my Mistress. This sounds crazy, but the Aneros is not a tool, it is a relationship!

  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    Your expectations messed you up. You also expected to feel something right away, or at least some thing you could recognize as pleasurable (type that you are used to) right away. The feelings derived and developed by the Aneros are really different and at first are very subtle, or could be construed as subtle. Plus this was your first time. I think you'll have to try this a number of times and change variables each time based on what you like. Rewiring likely takes longer for some than others. It was quicker for me, but I am not the norm. I actually thought I had nerve damage for about a month only to find it was massive rewiring going on. You might also need to work on priming your brain for orgasm, by proper orgasmic diet.

    There are so many variables: There is position of body, breathing technique, proper lube, state of mind, awareness of sensation, nipple massage, diet, environment, amount of time for session, number of distractions in environment, how comfortable you are while using the Aneros, Aneros model, whether it hits your perenium, and your techniques while using the Aneros such as contractions or not. These are some of the things and all these variables can make a huge amount of difference. There are a lot of other things as well. Yes, read the wiki and other tips on here and opproach with an open mind - no expectations... be patient.
  • Sounds like ur trying too hard.everyones experience is different so if u start evaluating each sensation against a "normal" it won't work.just treat each sensation with curiosity and say "oh,now I'm feeling this"rather than trying to guide ur responses to a goal.
    Also get hypnaerosession by alana. That's what did it for me!
    Good luck
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi kueller,

    I too Welcome you to our Forum!

    Buster, Rumel and others have already conveyed my feelings on your progress, or lack thereof???

    I just want to add my voice of support to the others here and just say that I was where you are
    and I did not give up . . . and I am so glad that I didn't!

    There IS a learning curve here for your body and it is usually called a "re-wiring period" here at the
    Forum. Your body needs to awaken to an alternative way to orgasm (dry orgasms) and your body
    must be prepared for these new and different feelings!

    Hang in there, Man!

    Later, Hlaser99