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Higher level choices
  • I have recently realised that after the intense nonejaculatory orgasmic phase I have a choice of whether to lie back,relax and enjoy the calm seas superO where all sense of time and place is distorted
    to wake myself up and continue in the physical level of repeated contraction based orgasms.

    The former is less intense physically and gives more prolonged sessions but gives me a higher longer lasting (days) endorphin rush while the latter is more intense, gives shorter sessions and a less pronounced endorphin high.Which of the 2 choices I make depends on how much time I have to hand.

    Both very enjoyable in their own rights!Every day in every way things get better and better!

    Any comments from experts?

  • Interesting, isn't it, how these choices present themselves during a session!

    I find the latter contractual type session can be mixed with the more spiritual one so that your energy contracts - I feel it rather like a force settled above my body that pulsates. The physical contractions seems to give way to this if you keep calm and steady.
  • Rorysmith
    Can you elaborate on your experience of contracting your energy-i dont think ive got that yet but would love to try!