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Just missing the spot
  • I've had my Helix for a few weeks now and thanks to Rumel and Alana's HypnAerosession we've had some mind melting times.

    The only thing is that I never felt as though the 'P button' was pressed. It's hard to describe something that isn't happening but it's as though my prostate isn't quite contacted directly by the Helix.

    Last week I bought a Eupho and a Progasm and they're both the same. Although all three units are wildly different in sensation and feedback I still feel as though my prostate (poor thing) is just missing out on the direct punch.

    Orginally I thought I needed a longer unit but now, having read a few more threads, I wondering if it's the forward angle that needs adjusting.

    Any help and ideas on whether to chop the tail or bend the P tab would be appreciated. I think I'd prefer to work on the Helix to start with.

    Whilst I'm not made of money I would certainly buy a replacement if I ruined this one. The stock Helix is fantastic but I'm just searching for that elusive something that's missing.

    Cheers all.

  • I also have a progasm and am having the same problems. My GF can bring me to a rock hard orgasm with the crystal gspot wand ... but this has so far not worked.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,435
    Hi straight progasam user,

    Welcome to the Forum.

    The frustration you are experiencing is a very common phenomenon with new Aneros users. For men who have experienced prostate massage either manually with fingers or through use of devices such as the Crystal Wand prior to their use of the Aneros massagers may, initially, find the very gentle massage action too subtle for them to become excited, because they are expecting the much greater pressure exerted by those other methods. Part of the “rewiring” process frequently described in these posts, involves you focusing upon the subtlest of sensations and tuning into them. Be patient as you mentally encourage them to grow, observe and experience them. Aneros use, IMHO, is more a mental phenomena than it is a physical exercise in stimulation and arousal. I believe one needs to tune into a finer spectrum of sensations to fully appreciate the experience.
  • Hi Rumel

    After reading your follow up to 'straight progasm user', I wonder if I shouldn't be expecting the direct contact experience I was missing.

    I certainly experience the waves of intense orgasmic pleasure so something is working right, I was just expecting a direct 'on the spot' type feeling as well as the all consuming pleasure I receive now.

    As so many have modified their units I think I may bite the bullet and start taking the tail down in sections to explore the possibility of further pleasure but aside from that it would be nice to create a unit that will be comfortable whilst sitting.

    I had also thought about buying a Dr Joel Kaplans prostate massager but now wonder if that might be counter productive towards my rewiring.

    I'd also considered buying a competitors Aneros style product with a built in vibrating bullet but a doubt inside me says to keep with Aneros instead.
  • bobby45bobby45
    Posts: 17
    In my experience, once I began to rewire with the aneros manual stimulation just doesn't work for me at all! I too really feel that the reason I'm not hitting that supero is because I'm missing a direct hit on my prostate, so I went out and bought an njoy pure wand which I've heard rave reviews on for prostate and gspot massaging. i tried using it and, even though it felt good, I could not reach orgasmic levels much less reach a supero.

    i guess rewiring with a certain method kind of leaves you in that stage, and "may" force you to rewire again if you want to use opposite product (manual vs aneros).
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,435
    Geezer UK,

    I’ve modified all my models slightly in ways to suit me in a comfortable manner. I straightened the K-tab on my Progasm because it was more of an irritant than a stimulant. I’ve cut the handle /tails off my MGX, Helix and Eupho models to increase their mobility and make it possible to use while seated in a soft cushy lounge chair. These are significant mods but they are still in keeping with the basic philosophy of hands free usage inherent in the Aneros design and they made the units more comfortable for me.
    I don’t like the idea of having to manually manipulate a device like the one you mentioned and I agree with B. Mayfield’s reasoning on the con’s of vibratory units.


    While I share your findings with regard to manual manipulation, I have a slightly different opinion as regards to the Aneros rewiring. I agree that once you get rewired utilizing the manual tools you may be stuck with that particular method unless you rewire again to another method. By rewiring with Aneros you are actually freeing yourself from dependence on any device. There are many instances of men reporting orgasmic levels of pleasure sans Aneros on this Forum. Now, I have not yet experienced a Super-O without an Aneros but I have experienced a couple of “chair orgasms” as first described by ‘Hlaser99’ without having an Aneros in place. This is because the psychological rewiring has occurred sufficiently to allow the communication between brain and prostate to flow at will. As I continue the rewiring, hopefully, I too, will be able to have Super-O’s without the need of the Aneros massager. I will continue to use them however for their other health benefits.