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Length of session and spacing of sessions
  • DaneDane
    Posts: 5
    I am just beginning my journey. I recieved it today and am alone for a week while my wife travels so have time to start learning. I was amazed at how my anus swallowed it so easily when I pressed it part way in the first time. I look forward to more sessions. While I did not achieve anything like an orgasm or even an erection form it I did enjoy the sensations of it moving inside me.

    I used the Helix for about an hour or so twice in one evening. the next day I was a bit tender so I have the following questions

    Many have talked about how long before they experienced an orgasm using the Aneros.

    Could anyone tell me how long a typical session might be on the journey to the super O?

    Is it necessary to use it everyday or every other day to develop an maintain momentum on the journey

    Any help is appreciated,

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,423

    I would recommend a minimum of 1-2 days off between sessions and longer between ejaculations (to heighten arousal).
    I encourage you to view the member Polls regarding these topics about session frequency and duration, see - & .