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  • OH!!OH!!
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    That's about all I could say in between wimpers and whines on my last session ~ 1.5 hours! :lol: Yep kids it was a great session. As typical for me I primed my body with all my fish oil, calcium, magnesium, zinc, dark chocolate, ginseng, tribulus, ginko biloba. I had had a session yesterday as well so thought I might be burnt out, but apparently I was just super primed. I knew it was going to be good when upon insertion I could immediately hear my pulse / heart beat in my head. That's a sign that my body is really getting into it. I got into my regular on the back position, pillow under rear and legs extended up over a small dresser (3' or so) - pillow under head as well and usually arms to the sides of head or above head. I started with Helix and once I began a big orgasm in earnest I switched to a higher gear by putting in the MGX. I rode that to a great super O with navel and forehead (third eye) chakra orgasms, and then put in the Progasm! At this point I was simply on auto pilot. All I had to do was just enjoy the incredible ride. I had another long 'third eye' orgasm that lasted 10 to 20 minutes. The whole time I was 'in my head' and my body was spasming / orgasming and feeding the orgasm in my head. It was mind blowing and SO SO nice! I believe I was even near one of the top of the head chakra orgasms... my scalp was tingling and an orgasm was going crazy in the upper part of my head, but it never escaped / released cause I was interrupted and had to stop.

    Amazing thing these orgasms! Hence I had to write about it again. Let me say about Tantra that I don't necessarily really believe in the spirituality of the concept, but there definitely seems to be something to these chakras and chakra orgasms. Apparently these really are nerve centers where at least orgasmic energy may be focused or concentrated and even released. Whether this has anything to do with my spiritual connection to the Universe can be debated. I just love the orgasms. Maybe there is something to the kundalini rising concept too as I have really improved health wise, energy wise. Even seems my mind is sharper / clearer after this near top of the head orgasm. I can remember details and names of things like authors, books, etc better.

    Have any of the rest of you noticed these chakra orgasms and played around / enjoyed them? What are your experiences?
  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    From 'Hands Off???????':
    [quote=B Mayfield]Perineal massage is an often overlooked form of stimulation that can again, be used alone or in combination, to great effect. Most Aneros users are familiar with the P-tab (abutment tab) and it's role in contacting the perineal acupressure point (Sweet Spot). The truth is that this area can be stimulated and aroused to the point of orgasm. For me the spot has always been about a half to three quarters of an inch up from the anus. Although I often do this myself, it's nice to have a partner provide this as well. A finger tip, working in a circular pattern about the size of a nickel has been my method of choice. Add focused breathing and varying levels of anal contractions into the mix and look out! If you're so inclined, fantasy and visualization can be powerful amplifiers here as well. (Visualize the massage as gently nudging and caressing your prostate. )

    When the area becomes stimulated, subtle changes can be felt in the underlying tissue. And as some engorgement occurs, very often a small indentation appears. This is best described as a triangle with a yielding center. When this soft area is worked into, wonderful sensations abound. How does this work? Perineal massage stimulates the pudendal nerve that runs from the penis to prostate,

    Ah, I forgot I used to orgasm using this alone. So thanks to this reminder by B Mayfield last night I decided to try and remember how good it was. For some reason last night I was 'primed'. I don't know what was causing it. After having a couple of beers earlier and some light dinner I grabbed a Starbucks decaf about 10:30. They marked the cup decaf and I didn't notice being 'jacked up' on caffeine. However later watching a movie I did notice that my heart beat was stronger than normal. I got to bed around 1:40am, laid on my side and began pressing 'the spot'. It immediately felt really good, and my heart beat quickened. It took me a few minutes to find the exact center though. When I did and pressed waves of orgasmic pleasure began washing over me, and the heart rate seemed to just take off. For me the spot is an indention and nerve bundle just about 3/4" or so north of the anal opening. There is a slight depression there. I found out when I orgasm and am really turned on this area is almost like a small hole and I can feel the hard nerve bundle at the bottom pushing back. In a way it kind of reminds me of a female's clitoris.

    Anyway, I pressed and held light to moderate pressure for 1 to 2 hours of ever increasing better cycles of orgasms similar to when using the Aneros. I don't really massage or do light circles. I've found just the pressure here is all it takes. After switching sides and arms numerous times and nearing probably 4am I decided I likely needed to sleep. I got up, went to the restroom, washed up, and laid back down for some much needed rest. However I found my body was still primed for sex. I forgot that pressing the perineal spot will later keep me awake. I always have echo orgasms from this. I was still and tried to sleep, but my body kept trying to orgasm. So I decided to concentrate on this feeling and let it go. Without pressing, or Aneros, or anything I just started having orgasm after orgasm and they were getting more intense. I felt as though someone was having their way with me. I wasn't doing much except enjoying the delicious ride!

    This kept me up all night pretty much. Around 8:00am I finally slept a couple of hours until 10 then was awoken by a neighbor mowing their lawn. So, awake again I decided to roll over on my belly and see if I could pull up some more orgasms. I could, and it didn't take long for it to be feeling good again. Here for some reason I remembered the 'sacred spot' in women which is just north of their butt crack and along the line. Out of curiosity I began lightly carressing first along the upper part of the crack, and that felt great! I then moved up just a hair while still having these everything free orgasms. I was moving and holding very lightly. At times I wasn't even in contact with the skin. At times I could just perhaps feel a hair, or some electrical energy between my finger and that spot on the skin. My orgasms erupted, and it just sent me over the top in bliss. Hard to describe this, but I was actively pumping precum at the same time as the whole body was convulsing! Incredible!

    Anyway, I wanted to pass on this experience related to the perineal spot. As B Mayfield mentions it can be incredible, and it is one good way to learn to orgasm without anything else, even finger contact later. It's incredibly nice, and you should all definitely try this and practise it.

    Also, this spot along the upper butt crack / lower back, spine is amazing! I think you have to be really primed and possibly into a mild orgasm at first for it to be sensitive enough to work. It's kind of like a kundalini spot, but really better. It seems to be the center of your whole lower body nerve contact to the upper and it will affect your whole body in good ways if you learn to enjoy it.

    Wow!!! Here's wishing the rest of you great orgasms!!!