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Back with the Aneros.... and Happy! (Newbies: Read)
  • Well... sometime last year I ordered a Progasm with no prior butt experience!!
    I know, it was bold. I stuck with it for probably 30ish sessions... at the height of which I had involuntaries for maybe 5 minutes. I also experienced minor tingling around the anus during and afterward. At the time, it was nice... but not 60 dollars nice!
    Then I found a girl.
    The little rewards I was reaping with Aneros were certainly not worth time I could spend in bed with her.
    We just began our final year of university and we are both busy... our sex life has slowed down to quickies 4ish days/nights a week when we have free minutes... literally... minutes.

    Recently, I decided to give it a try again. My initial results... lackluster.

    BUT, I've been lurking recently and found Hypnaerosession. I was skeptical... but the more reading I did, it sounded like the real deal. Most of the big wigs around here were speaking highly of it, and I remembered how knowledgeable and credible these guys are. To be honest, it was too big of a hassle to order the CD, wait for it, rip it to my iPod, and burn the packaging before my roommate sees it. There's no way. Then I saw you could download it! And save $5! (Decoy pricing gets me every time.)
    Anyway, I sat down with Alana today... sexy, right? (I imagined a smokin' high school teacher I used to have...)

    I'm very happy with the purchase... Today, I had feelings in that region I've never felt before. Nothing extraordinary happened... Quivering and very hot! (like I had too many jalapenos...) I just kept thinking, "Oh my god... this what they were talking about."
    I ended up repositioning myself at the height of it and lost the vibe I had going.

    So this is getting long... I guess I feel like I have hindsight now and would like to pass it on...
    If you are new and have read everything this site has to offer but still frustrated... get with Alana.
    God bless all of the Aneros pros who explain everything... but I can remember thinking: "Ok, B Mayfield says to relax if you want to get in the backdoor." If you're anything like I was, you probably don't know how to relax to the extent of which they're speaking. We're talking 60% coma.
    Alana will show you... Thanks rumel!
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,443

    You are very welcome and thank you for having the faith to buy, try and endorse our little aural excursion. From the very beginnings of “HypnAerosession” , we (Brian Mayfield, Darwin, Hlaser99, Pan and myself) wanted to create a truly useful tool to help men (especially newbies) get on track by learning to relax both their body and mind and then get them to pump up their arousal level to the point their mind would carry that boost forward. I make no claims this will get you to the Super-O but I do believe it will smooth the pathway in that direction. I believe repeated listening will make it easier and easier for you to get into the relaxed mind and body space that makes the Super-O increasingly possible. The recording is full of positive reinforcements from the beautiful voice of ‘Alana’ both audible and subliminal.
    I loved it when you said “I sat down with Alana today... sexy, right?” YES indeed, I have listened to her voice probably more than anyone on this Forum and her voice is truly magical, I never tire of it. I hope you continue to let ‘Alana’ lead you right to where you want to go!
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi mcnasty!

    Welcome aboard again and congrats on your recent progress!

    It sounds like you are on the correct path this time and using Alana's coaching to get there! Nice! She is indeed the librarian I used to fantasize about in study hall! LOL!

    I only hope you have the time available to travel this path and reach your goal! (only to find that this is just the first of many rewards to be found on this path to enlightenment!)

    I can't help thinking that you might consider a smaller unit to switch over to, as I and others often use multiple Aneros units during a session or to give a change of pace or variety to other sessions!

    Just a thought!

    Please keep us in the loop on your progress . . .

    Later, Hlaser99
  • Thanks for the feedback rumel!

    hlaser: I have given another unit some thought... what would be the best companion?
    eupho? helix? mgx? peridise?

  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi again mcnasty!

    I always recommend the mxg . . . it's P-tab is aggresive and it is pretty agile! I also like the way it moves
    and the head hits my prostate sweet spot and causes the most pre-cum for me!

    My 2 cents!

    Later, Hlaser99
  • Yes her voice! ”Hello my sexy friend..” struck a cord within me the first time I heard her listening in at CD Baby, it was like a small electric charge running down my spine. I was quite surprised a voice could do that, of cause I had to buy the mp3 download and give it a try.

    I must agree with mcnasty, the level of relaxation is beyond what a lot of us are used to, it’s an eye-opener. I think this is a great tool especially for those who tend to get impatient. But don’t get hung up on Alanas words if you don’t experience what she says, focus on the relaxation part, “Sliding deeper..” and the sound of her voice.

    As a married man with two small children it’s hard to block out the noise and focus on the feelings trying to sneak a session early weekend mornings. But with Hypnaerosession in my mobile headset I can do it. My wife thinks I’m listening to my favorite music, and I am, sort of..