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used it while having intercourse, questions
  • DocDoc
    Posts: 2
    I am not really interested in having an orgasm by myself, I wanted to enhance my sex life with my wife. I noticed signs of prostate enlargment, which is what brought me to use the helix. I have had about 5 sessions with it, only two alone. I am not used to it, still don't feel great while using it. I'm not sure how long I had it in last night, but I more or less used it as a toy last night....I guess.
    Question: I didn't notice a stronger orgasm last night, and felt like it was going to slip or pop out, which was distracting. Do I just get used to it and have my wife bring me to orgasm after I've used it for a while? I don't want to make this a solo thing, and thougth I was doing these solo sessions as therapy for my prostate. Again, I am ok with this as an enhancement, but don't want to have a solo sex life.
    many thanks and I appreciate your help.
  • I too am a married man more concerned with using the Aneros to help maintain an erection to produce an orgasm. Although at times, if the orgasm just has not happened even with intercourse, I'll later use the Aneros to help bring the orgasm to its completion.
    In other words, I don't use the Aneros every time we have intercourse. And at this point in the action, it's something I have inserted first, in the anticipation of sex, rather than for my wife to insert it during sex.
    I have several models. The Progasm is too big for me and, as you say, feels like it's ready to pop out. The SXG is too small, and the MXG (I can never remember if I'm getting the letters right, or if I'm talking about some annoying food preservative) is better.
    I would like to order the Peridise. In fact that's why I was on the website today to read a little more about it. It's just money I'm not willing to spend right now. All the money seems to be going for gas.
    I know that my wife experiences powerful orgasms when I use my finger to hit that magic spot in anal play.
    I am very nterested in this new design for myself, and think my wife would be open to it, since my happy middle finger has helped to bring about increased pleasure for her.
    It's an ongoing journey.
    But aren't we glad that our Creator made sex so fun?!
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi Doc and daddeo

    Good to have other couples practioners here on the Forum! I was drawn to Aneros instantly;! love at first understanding for three reasons: BPH treatment (chronic and have seen too many problematic surgeries), erectile enhancement (due to cardiac medication), and my wife and I had just become empty nesters and discussed and plotted our next adventure in sexual freedom together; mutual G-spots/prostates orgasms (I have been a periodic solo prostate massager since my teens)!

    So, couples practices and priorities can be significantly different than solo, but the rewiring is essentially the same. My first Super-Os can far too easily, the first time mrs. a put her middle finger in and onto my G-spot and my practice has been mostly together with her. She still produces the very best Super-Os in me, but the aneros rewiring training has contributed greatly. My solo practice is further explorations and enhancements along with the BPH treatments, although mrs. a is developing a good techniques for those therapeutic massages too!

    Doc, it takes many of us several sessions for the aneros (I began with an MGX and that was my only model for the first year plus) to start to feel "natural" and to feel its particular form of contact with the prostate through the rectal muscle wall. Patience is a virtue here. The key is listening for (being sensitive to) the slightest tingles and energies, muscle twitches however faith, both during your sessions and the day or two after. Don't mentally chase these feelings, relax, breathe gently but deeply into your abdomen, just allow those feelings to be and do what they will. Gradually through more sessions and reading the Stickie threads at the top of the Forum, and reading the Wiki, your responses increase, synchronize, amplify and you are on your way.

    daddeo, because this practice and the rewiring route focuses on the journey to the Super-O and beyond and the central fact of that is the penis is not active for that generally although there are numbers of exceptions. One of the great joys for one erectily challenged is finding that for great intercourse focused on your wife's G-spot and some other variants too, a semi-erect or leatherman penis is PREFERABLE! Nice to be appreciated in all our inflation rates! In my experience the aneros in early in our times together can aid erection firmness but that disappears as the prostate stim drives the rewiring responses. What has become a feature of our lovemaking is finishing off after an hour or two of gentle prostate play and ecstatic voyaging (see my blog at: ) is the renowned Super-T! We do this with either my wife's finger or my aneros of choice (mainly Eupho!) and, having gone through the rewiring and learning to trigger ejaculation by choice, we opt for the flying fluid finish! We are older (early 60s) and still a bit traditional. :lol::lol:

    Hope this is of some help. For us the rewards have been life-changing, particularly discovering the Calm Seas Orgasms above and beyond the Super-Os, which has led to an astounding realm of ecstatic energies whole being orgasmic sailing that bring you together into the most amazing bliss and energy. Aneros is a magic key to the orgasmic energies slowly gained in years of discipline in Tantra, Tao and sacred sex traditions. As many here have, I heard about the Key Sound approach to multiple orgasm skill development ( ) and added that to my practice in the first couple of months. I find it and aneros to be wonderfully productive complements to each other, while still exploring the full potential of each individually.

    all the best to both of you couples

  • What is a "leatherman penis."
    And why would I want one?
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Some wonderful replies by daddeo and artform.

    What is a "leatherman penis."
    And why would I want one?

    I believe artform is using the term as slang, to mean a flaccid penis. As you become more experienced in the use of your Aneros, you will find that during sessions, erections take away your focus from concentrating on the new sensations coming from your anus and prostrate. And can also sometimes make it difficult to allow yourself to completely relax.

    I am not used to it, still don't feel great while using it.

    I've found through my own experience that you will not feel any, or much of any pleasurable sensations until you can allow yourself, and thus your anus, to relax enough so that you don't feel uncomfortable or "invaded" when the Aneros is inserted.

    I haven't used the Aneros in a couples environment yet. So I'm unable to answer any of your questions regarding how to use it with your wife. But there are plenty of married guys here who use it with there wives. And I am sure they will post some more ideas and thoughts, in addition to daddeo and artform.