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New guy..with questions...of course
  • I got an MGX the other day, it was the only model the store had and honestly it was the only store I found after looking through several that even carried it so I was quick to buy it. Of course I tried it as soon as I got I am having a couple of issues though.

    I have chronic severe pain so I have taken several classes in meditation/relaxation techniques and can do quite well at that but if I am "concentrating" on relaxing how am I also supposed to concentrate on erotic thoughts, images, or videos?

    Is there supposed to be an erection accompanied by use with the Aneros? I read that I should start aroused, which I do...with an erection but by the time I insert it the erection is gone and never returns. I was having issues with the tab causing a lot of pain and I almost wanted to give up on it because it hurt so much but then the other night I thought about trying to place it further "up" towards my scrotum instead of more towards the anus and going for maximum penetration. This seems to have "hit the spot" as I get a much more pleasurable pressure instead of sharp stabbing/ripping pains...which helps in feeling aroused and I have had a better time since them but still no erection and still nothing major to report.

    I have some occasional pleasurable moments but thats it. I am not going to hang myself up on needing to achieve something by any given time. I know I fall pray to probably killing good things by contracting harder when something feels good but that should just be some time and mental retraining. Anyway, any comments on the erection question and the relaxation and erotic thoughts, etc question would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • rumelrumel
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    Hi OpenMind,

    Welcome to the Forum,

    It is unfortunate you have to endure any level of chronic pain but if you are able to cope with it through meditative/relaxation techniques you have already developed some excellent powers of concentration and focus which will serve you well in learning to employ your new MGX.
    First, I think you need to understand the term “aroused” as used in this context does not refer to your erectile state. It refers to your mental state as in being lustful, sexually excited, and desirous of sex, enjoying sexual fantasies and wanting sexual activity.
    While some men do view erotic images or videos during their sessions, I find them distracting myself. However, I find them to be effective at raising my arousal level before embarking on a session, so in that respect they can be a very good tool.
    The question of erections is frequently asked here. Some men get them, some don’t, either way you can still enjoy your way through mini-O’s, dry-O’s, full body O’s, MMO’s and Super-O’s. It is not something you need be concerned about.
    As pointed out in the WIKI, see - there are methods for reducing the P-tab discomfort. Any pain is likely to curtail the possibility of intense orgasms.
    Very few men experience the joy of a Super-O right out of the box; most of us have had to go through a learning period of awakening their prostate and “rewiring” their neuro-pathways.
    The fact you have already experienced “… pleasurable moments…” bodes well for your future progress. In your sessions, once you have reached a relaxed state of body and mind you can then focus your attention on the inner sensations your prostate will begin to emit. Those sensations when fueled by your arousal and the reinforcing action of your massager eventually build the feelings into orgasmic waves of pleasure.
    I hope this and the PM I sent you clarify the basic approach and will get you started on your journey of pleasure.
  • Hi OpenMind,

    Welcome to the Forum!!

    As a new user it will take some time for you to get accustom to the MGX and this type of play.
    This is very normal for all the things you have mentioned.

    As you are new to the Aneros your mind and body will need to "Rewire", or, learn what you are now asking it to do, this is very normal.

    It is also very natural to loose, or not have an erection at all during use of the Aneros.

    It is important that you are aroused, If you like porn and that helps good, but like I have said, if you have an erection, and it goes away during use this is OK and normal. You are not looking to have a traditional penis orgasm, and Aneros O's can be very different.

    You must relax, and not have expectations, or you will not get where you want to go. It sounds like you know how to relax because of the pain, but you must be able to feel the sensations that will come when you have an Aneros session.

    The Tab you are mentioning, is also an issue with a lot of new users, but you should be OK, It sounds like you have found your sweet spot, and that is cool. Any pain you may have now with the tab should go away with time and use.

    Have fun, and DO NOT push the whole process, it will come soon enough!! :D
  • Well, I gave it another "go" tonight. Hmmmm...a little better if I had to qualify. I was much more aware of internal feelings. I have never felt my prostate throb with a pulse...especially so intensely. It felt really good, and was sometimes accompanied by an erection (not that that really seems to matter). It seemed to happen most when I relaxed my tension on the MGX though which seemed counter intuitive to the instructions to keep constant pressure and contract. I think that is a step in the right direction though. Just wanted to share and get opinions.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    I am glad to hear you had some really good feelings from your prostate and you are becoming more aware of the internal feelings, these are important small steps in the rewiring process, you are definitely moving in the right direction. However, there is one comment I would like to make here, you used the word “… instructions …” may I suggest you think instead in terms like “suggested techniques”. There really aren’t formalized instructions. There are different lines of travel on this road to the Super-O, your path may not coincide with mine even though we are on the same road with the same destination. While there is a certain commonality to these experiences they remain unique for each of us, therefore the methodology we each employ will also be unique. Part of this journey’s adventure is experimenting with different techniques to find the combination which most suits you. I would suggest that you give yourself permission to vary a little from the “instructions”. There is also a technique called the “do nothing” method in which you do not try to perform contractions or hold sphincter tension, you just passively monitor your feelings as your body moves the massager on a sub-conscious level. This method has not worked for me but it has for a few others. I only mention it to demonstrate that there are many variations to this practice and so you won’t get hung up on a particular protocol.
  • Hi OpenMind,
    I'm 100% in concurrence with rumel. He has some great advice for you!

    I also cannot utilize the "do nothing" method, as it just does not work for me. I have always used some mild contractions to make things happen, and have never turned back on my own personal process to the super-O!
    About "Instructions"... never been much for reading instructions, only as a last resort. :D

    rumel, it is so funny we both did our first posts to OpenMind exactly at the same time and minute. :D